AZT: DEFENSES BY WELLCOME Wellcome, Ltd. cites numerous studies to substantiate their claims that AZT both "prolongs life" and "enhances its quality." An analysis shows an overwhelming concern of impropriety of data based on one simple fact: all studies that tout AZTs benefits are made possible, either directly or indirectly, by grant money from Burroughs-Wellcome Foundation. Studies that show impartial data are done so without the influence of Wellcome, Ltd. and indicate that AZT neither prolongs life or enhances its quality16,17. The US original Phase I and II clinical trials of the safety and efficacy of AZT were patently fraudulent and criminal in their application18. This information clearly demonstrates that the US FDA is criminally liable for violating the very laws that they are entrusted to enforce.

WELLCOME'S DECEPTION The failure of Burroughs-Wellcome and the US FDA to disclose the facts that the use of AZT will result in the patient's premature death is not just restricted to the US. Throughout the United Kingdom Wellcome's propaganda continues to cite unfounded promises of hope in an outlandish breach of truth in advertising. According to Wellcome's information pamphlet, "Positive Benefits: There are no life threatening side effects associated with zidovudine." Meditel, a London based medical television production company, filed criminal complaints against Wellcome with the Medicines Control Agency (MCA) in England. This action was based on the breach of Section 93 of the Medicines Control Act by misleading claims of the benefits of AZT in Wellcome's advertising in the UK19. As a result, Wellcome filed a complaint against Meditel for libel with the Broadcast Complaints Commission. However, they ceased their action when Meditel demanded clinical registry information on persons who have lived longer than three years on AZT. Since Wellcome was unable to provide the required data they retracted their complaint.

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