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Alternative Medicine and the Whole Person

by Janice Tait


This paper was written for English 103, instructed by Cynthea Preston.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger of Gardnerville, Nevada recommended its publication in the TL/DP.

A-I-D-S. Four simple letters that when combined stir up feelings of fear, depression and ultimately, death. The definition of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) has been updated within the last eight years. A positive human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) test must be accompanied by any of 26 opportunistic infections (infections that take advantage of a suppressed immune system). The Adult HIV?AIDS Confidential Case

Report includes candidiasis, cytomegalovirus (with loss of vision) lymphoma (primary in brain), M. tuberculosis (pulmonary), recurrent pneumonia within a 12-month period, wasting syndrome and several other AIDS indicators.

Many scientists, doctors, and researchers believe AIDS has been around a lot longer than is currently believed by the general public. They think that it is not the new disease that has been reported, but that the virus has been found in the f frozen blood of people who died earlier in the century. AIDS has a progression that is debatable. According to HIV Disease

Progression: An Overview, the acute retrovirial syndrome is the first stage and begins within one to three weeks of a viral infection with such symptoms as fever, swollen lymph glands, headache, and sore throat; or there may be no apparent symptoms. From

there the disease progresses to asymptomatic HIV positive where a person appears healthy, but the immune system is gradually weakening. In the next stage of symptomatic HIV positive oral Candida, night sweats and skin problems are among the symptoms. With an advanced HIV disease (AIDS), the immune system is no longer able to do its job, and opportunistic infections, illnesses and other syndromes invade the body.

Contrary to popular belief, the assertion that HIV is the cause and precursor to AIDS is refuted by Dr. Robert Willner, author of Deadly Deception: The Proof That Sex and HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS.

He states that nearly 500 of the world's top scientists are now challenging Gallo's hypothesis that HIV causes AIDS and the list is growing daily. Every statistic, every valid scientific observation, and even the test of time now proves Gallo wrong.

Robert Gallo is the man who patented the HIV test the day after the discovery of the so-called AIDS virus, Willner points out. Prescott cites Willner's book as revealing that AIDS is the greatest fraud in medical history. Gallo is now a multimillionaire.

Willner goes on to say that 60 to 93% of all AIDS patients that were used to create the AIDS hypothesis were HIV negative. In quoting Peter Duesberg, a world renowned retrovirologist, Willner asserts that in opposition to what many doctors tell the public about HIV being a dormant virus, slow or latent viruses do not exist!

He explains that a virus must duplicate within hours or days in order to survive because retroviruses (viruses that use RNA instead of DNA for their genetic material as defined by Root-Bernstein) can only be reproduced by the host cell making reproduction contingent on the life cycle of a cell. Willner, along with other doctors, believes that HIV is simply unlike numerous other retroviruses that exist in our body at any given time. It is harmless, and is simply incapable of doing anything that Gallo claims of it.

In a letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Representative Gil Gutknecht asked, How do you explain HIV- free AIDS cases (I am told there are over 4,621 on record)...? Dr. Frank Shallenberger, a licensed medical doctor and a homeopathic doctor, does not believe HIV is a cause of AIDS, and that statistics are only a correlation and not a result. He affirms that some people have AIDS but no HIV antibodies (molecules that respond to eliminate viruses, toxins, etc.).

He believes it is a multifactorial disease, and when the immune system is shifted out of balance, illness results. He adds that parasites are a big cause of disease, including AIDS. Differences of opinion is as common in medicine as it is in any other field, and this difference is reflected in how patients are treated by their medical practitioner.

Down through the decades there has been a chasm between Western or orthodox medical doctors and unconventional or alternative doctors in the United States. This is unfortunate as there is a great deal of knowledge on both sides of the medical issue. Conventional doctors have provided an increase in the understanding of medicine and relieving a patient's symptoms.

Technology has been a useful tool in their hands. This is where many doctors stop, and they do not treat patients as whole people. Prevention and root causes of a disease are left more in the field of the alternative doctor, along with more natural and nontoxic treatments. Today, more doctors are seeing the positive results of treating a person as a whole being, and getting to the root cause of a symptom of disease.

Granted that there are numerous research projects, and a variety of beliefs and changing knowledge in the pursuit of an answer to AIDS, the bottom line is what really works and improves a person s health. Whether the cause of AIDS is HIV or other cofactors, since alternative medicine treats the whole person and searches for the origin of the symptom, rather than just treat the symptom only, alternative medicine may offer a far better quality of life for the person with AIDS.

That alternative medicine is becoming the more prevalent choice of Americans seeking medical attention is reason to learn more about it. More Americans are seeking non-conventional health care than ever before. In a national telephone survey conducted by D. Eisenberg, et. al, they found that in three respondents reported using at least on unconventional therapy...

Believe it or not, adults in the United States make more visits to providers of unconventional therapy (425 million in 1990) than to all the mainstream primary care physicians combined (388 million in 1990). It appears from their survey that of those who use this therapy, most are nonblack persons from 25 to 49 years of age who had relatively more education and higher incomes...

Alternative medicine includes numerous methods of health care with natural, nontoxic therapies. It includes a variety of treatments from Traditional Chinese Medicine which encompasses the mental as well as the physical aspects and treatments of the body; blood boiling where a catheter is inserted in the groin or chest, the brain is chilled, and the blood in the body is heated to 106-108 degrees to destroy the HIV virus; and a machine invented by a Greek physicist that changes the coding of the HIV virus... with more energy and improved T-cell counts as additional benefits.

Add to this, homeopathy (minute doses of a therapy that would normally cause symptoms of the disease in a healthy person); alpha-interferon which has shown great promise in alleviating AIDS symptoms and even changing the status of eight patients from HIV positive to HIV negative in a study; nutrition and diet. Also included in alternative medicine is oxygen/ozone therapy; thymus therapy; DNCB ( a color photography chemical used to sensitize the immune system and bring it into balance with minimal toxicity); neurotherpay ( a form of acupuncture). Supplementation with vitamins A and C; shiitaki mushroom therapy; aloe vera plant therapy and exercise are also some of the more common alternative methods of treating AIDS. In his article C.R. Caufield's encourages Persons with AIDS (PWA s) to take responsibility for their treatment, since average physicians continue to prescribe ineffective, mainstream therapies.

One of the more popular areas of alternative health care is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Included in TCM is herbal therapy, dietary therapy, massage and manipulation, therapeutic breathing exercises and meditation, and life-style counseling. Acupuncture plays a major role in TCM.

Because it covers a broad spectrum of therapies, TCM is versatile in meeting the needs of many illnesses, whether they are physical or mental in nature. It is important to remember that one s mind and thoughts are very powerful, and can be used to enhance life or destroy it. Chinese medicine s greatest strength is in regulating the immune system by reinforcing what is normal. ...leading to an increased sense of well-being and ability to fight internal and external pathogens (agents that cause diseases), thus often minimizing the need for pharmaceuticals (Surasky).

The nontoxic aspects of Chinese medicine are counted as among the advantages of its contributions. (US Dept. of Health, Cohen). The use of herbs as a medical treatment is finally coming full circle. The Chinese have used herbs for generations, and the people in Europe and the United States are using them with more frequency and finding positive results. Herbs are safer and less costly than pharmaceutical drugs. Japan and China have shown the medical world that modern medicine and traditional herbal medicine can be united to reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life for those with HIV-related illness. Practitioners praise the contribution of the essence of flowers in the emotional healing provided by Bach Flower Remedies.

Studies have shown the potential the herb, astragalus, has in regulating and restoring the immune system , and reducing HIV symptoms. Prunella is another plant that a research team in Davis, California has isolated an anti-HIV compound...from the plant. As a tonic, blood purifier and antitoxin, herbs are an excellent source in improving one s health. Along with herbal treatment is the beneficial aspects of acupuncture.

Acupuncture has been used for 2000 years, but until 1972 it was a relatively unknown treatment in the United States. Acupuncture is based on the premise that there is an energy level which animates life and drives and maintains the processes of metabolism. What a person does to his body in the areas of sleep, eating, stress, the temperature, toxins and infectious agents creates an energy that is in motion and flux.

This energy is called qi (pronounced chee ). When this qi is out of balance illness results, and readjusting this energy with a TCM treatment plan restores the balance needed in the body to heal itself. Many of the symptoms of an HIV patient that relieved are insomnia, depression, fatigue, gastrointestinal disturbances, diarrhea, constipation, night sweats, pain syndromes, afternoon fevers, nausea, light-headedness, shortness of breath, coughs, frequent colds and flu.

Qingcai Zhang and Hongyen Hsu noted that the severity of some opportunistic infections, such as Pneumoncriptis carinii pneumonia, Crypotosporidiosis, Candida albicans, along with viral infections like herpes zoster and herpes simplex, may be greatly minimized with a combination of orthodox medicine and TCM. In addition to the beneficial elements of TCM is the basic role of nutrition.

Nutrition is crucial to good health, but especially to a person with AIDS. As Hippocrates once said, Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food. Jon Kaiser, a medical doctor, has put together a comprehensive treatment plan in which he has seen great improvement in the health of his patients. He gives case histories of patients he treated between 1987 and 1992, most of whom were symptom-free of AIDS by 1992.

He uses antiviral drugs like azidothymidine (AZT) sparingly (any medications are in addition to his healing program and not in place of it, and his immune enhancement diet is of utmost importance. He promotes eating lots of whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruits (organic if possible), natural soups, teas, adequate protein, limited dairy consumption, no alcohol, sugar or caffeine, no raw clams, oysters, fish, rare meats or undercooked eggs, and the use of high quality oils such as sesame and olive oil.

Combining and balancing foods in a manner that is healthful to the body is important. The right amount of protein, a balance of the necessary mineral and vitamin content, and the discreet use of appropriate fats is crucial to good health. He also encourages nutritional supplements, herbs, exercise and stress reduction as well as emotional healing.

Charlotte Gyllenahaal of the University of Illinois, Chicago, speaks of the antibiotic, anticarcinogenic, antifungal and antiangiogenic properties of some common foods like garlic, anise, beans, cabbages, cinnamon, cloves, peppermint, radish, hops, and soybeans. Other therapies that she includes are the use of omega-3 fatty acids as immune modulators to suppress tumor necrosis factor...and low fat and vegetarian diets to increase killer cell activity.

As a nutritional supplement spirulina is almost a complete food in itself. In a double-blind study comparing this algae oil extract (D-sg) to AZT in the treatment of HIV-1 positive patients, the study showed the greatest statistical improvement regarding T-cell proliferation, and reported fewer side effects than those on AZT. Pycnogenol, which is a natural flavonoid, may reverse the damage done by free radicals that are produced by HIV and cause the most cellular damage in AIDS. As an antioxidant Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ) increases antibody levels and is needed to produce energy in all cells.

Many doctors believe strongly that nutrition plays an important role in maintaining a strong immune system, and it is well-known that the breakdown of the immune system is what allows so many foreign substances to begin damaging our bodies, and ultimately, may lead to death. In his monograph, Konlee reports his finding from four years of research, and he theorizes that the colon harbors certain bacteria, fungi and parasites that HIV lives and grows in.

He believes that without these cofactors, HIV will not develop into AIDS. Colon cleansing and a strict vegetarian diet will encourage the growth of helpful bacteria which will produce lactic acid and kill parasites and HIV. In addition to this, exercise and other healthful lifestyles have brought people to the point where they appear cured. It is the simple and natural diet with fresh organic foods that is most suited to achieving ultimate health.

If diet played in their health, and more people made a good diet a part of their daily lives, there would be far less disease. Also, if and when a disease became manifest, with proper education in an appropriate diet, health would again become possible in most instances. As important to good health as nutrition is the mental attitude of a person.

If people understood the importance of their thoughts and self-talk, they would try to never harbor any negative thoughts in their minds. Mental thoughts and images are powerful. According to research done by Dr. George Solomon, a psychiatrist at UCLA, and Lydia Temoshok, a psychologist at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, assertiveness, tough-mindedness and less negativity in a person may be related to the improved immune function, fewer symptoms, and slower disease progression in HIV-infected individuals.

In agreement with this is Dr. Kaiser who writes that: Psychological distress has often been shown to precede the occurrence of a major physical illness ...and it has been shown to alter T-cell subsets and depress the overall strength of the immune system. In general, T-helper cells play a crucial role in enhancing the immune system's response toinfections...Psychological distress lowers the T helper cell number and raises the T-suppressor cell (type of cell that controls the activity of the T-helper cells) number, effectively lowering one s resistance to disease.

Dr. Kaiser gives as an example the case of his patient Jim, who had been living a very healthy lifestyle while diagnosed as HIV positive, but his T-helper cell count continued to drop. After he began to attend a support group for his addiction (addiction not made clear) and sharing his innermost feelings, his T- helper cell count began to improve, and even doubled, and has continued to improve. He had made no other changes in his program. Kaiser reinforces this by stating that, feelings of calm,joy, satisfaction, forgiveness, and love help to create a peaceful emotional environment that, through the direct action of your brain s neurotransmitters, encourages the immune system to remain strong.

Surgeon Bernie Siegel believes that the body and mind are a unit, bound together via nerves and messenger molecules. Love, hope, joy and peace of mind have physiological consequences. Niro Asistent, a long-term AIDS survivor who went from HIV positive to negative, thinks that this was accomplished by telling her TV audience, When you live in your heart, magic happens.

In studying long-term AIDS survivors, now called non-progressors, Temoshok and Solomon, along with other researchers results, have come up with a list of personality traits that strongly contribute to AIDS survival: a sense of meaning and purpose in life, a sense of personal responsibility for one s health, an ability to express one s needs and emotions and a sense of humor. These same individuals are researching the links between learned emotional patterns and illness, and have defined what Solomon calls an immuno-suppression prone personality in people with AIDS. Temoshok, who has worked with cancer patients, has observed that susceptibility and progression of the disease may be due to a great degree to their personality of compliance, conformity, self-sacrifice, denial of hostility or anger, and non-expression of emotion.

Siegel predicts that chemicals we produce in our own brains will become the basis of many therapies of the future. Peptide T (a clone made of a natural chemical and produced in the laboratory), is already being used in AIDS patients with very effective results. Chuck Newport, Educator and Antibody Counselor for the South Lake Tahoe public health department, asserts that the mental state of an AIDS patient plays an enormous role as an AIDS cofactor.

Dee Smith, a person with AIDS, notices that when she feels angry, she feels acidic and unhealthy. Yoga, meditation and imagery are transforming and empowering elements for her. She added that having a pH (acidity/alkalinity) balance that is alkaline is antiviral in nature. A documentary video recording emphasizes that a positive attitude is the single most important factor in improving the quality and quantity of life. A positive frame of mind is a pillar in the framework of a healthy and happy way of life. A positive attitude can help alleviate disease and symptoms, and needs to be part of a medical doctor s education. Learning positive mental attitudes as a child through positive role models would help ensure its place in the lives of individuals. Lack of proper nutrition and a negative frame of mind may lead to illness, and this along with other factors, may ultimately lead to the manifestations of AIDS.

There are numerous manifestations and symptoms of a person with AIDS (PWAs). Candida albicans is one of the more common. It is a fungus that appears normally in the intestines along with other organisms. The weakened immune system allows fungus to spread throughout the body. Another symptom is lymphoma which is a cancer of the lymph cells. These cells make up a part of the immune system. In PWAs lymphoma grows more rapidly, and may be found in other parts of the body outside of the lymph glands. HIV dementia is usually found in the late stages of an AIDS patient, and is a mental deterioration that has not other known cause. It is a result of HIV infection acting directly on the brain. These are only a few of the opportunistic infections that accompany AIDS. A healthy immune system can help to alleviate them or prevent their occurrence.

It is the immune system that is attacked by HIV, or any of the other causes of AIDS being researched, thus allowing AIDS to become a part of a person s life. The immune system is like a fort in the body to ward off the enemy invaders that cause illness and disease. When the immune system becomes weakened it is unable to destroy destructive organisms. Most people have organisms in their bodies. These include viruses, bacteria or protozoa which are one-cell organisms that proliferate in a person whose immune system is weakened. The result is opportunistic illnesses which are opportunistic because they take advantage of a person's weakened immune system.

This system is made up of numerous cells that identify and destroy the invading viruses, parasites, fungi, etc. Lymphocytes, the white blood cells that are produced in the bone marrow, and help the immune system to function properly; are made up to two major classes of cells, the B cells and the T cells. Dr. Harvey Bigelson cites that a baby s immune system is influenced by its mother s immune system during the first two years of life, and is extended to four years if the baby is breast-fed. He believes this could be the reason for a baby going from HIV positive to HIV negative. Not only is a mother responsible for her own health but that of her baby s as well. A healthy immune system is damaged, there is still the possibility of restoring its health or at least living in a manner that has some quality and meaningfulness in it.

An example of what alternative medicine can do for the quality of life in a person with HIV/AIDS is Dee Smith. Diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1986, she went through the acute stages but with no long-term prognosis. In 1988, she became interested in the holistic approach. She has had no need for antibiotics since November 1994. Her cell count has improved, and she says that physically, I feel like I could fly or climb mountains.

On the phone she sounds very upbeat and vivacious. She has been a vegetarian for six years, is a vitamin pusher, works out daily, does creative visualization and imagery, belongs to a support group and sees a private counselor. As Smith puts it, her best medication is her volunteer work with children and her speaking engagements. She receives acupuncture once a week unless her symptoms are more acute, and then she receives more treatments for bacterial infection, fatigue, depression, headaches or digestive changes.

She explains that the ear and the forehead between the eyes are two acupuncture points in relieving depression. She is 32 years old now and says that everyday is so sweet. She lost her husband to AIDS last year. He spent $78,000 in medical bills with portions covered by insurance. He was a strong believer in conventional medicine and treatment of AIDS. After diagnosis he lived for about three years. Smith believes it is important to take responsibility for the health of your body. In her words, AIDS is an industry now, and the millions of dollars the pharmaceutical companies are making is rape in my eyes.

Remarking that AZT was a cancer drug put on the shelf, she feels it is a poison and unconscionable when used as a treatment for AIDS. (As Dr. Bigelson points out also, the pharmaceutical companies have a trillion dollar a year business.) Bryan Ellison, a UC Berkeley researcher adds that scientists and researchers who question the mainline beliefs of AIDS and its causes do not receive grant funding for their projects.

When asked about how others treat her with regard to AIDS, Smith says smaller communities still tend to ostracize people with AIDS, whereas larger cities are more accepting. None of her friends of the 1980s, who followed the orthodox medical path for AIDS, are living now. Smith blames the media for helping to facilitate the disease process of AIDS. They usually offer no hope, with death as the normal result. Of herself Smith says that a person would never know she has HIV disease. She looks at AIDS as chronic rather than fatal.

Dr. Shalleberger also offers hope for the person with AIDS. Although most of his AIDS patients come to him after they have already entered phase two of the disease, where he says that the immune system balance is irreversible, he has had only three out of 100 patients die. Death should not be looked at as the only result after a diagnosis of AIDS. There are choices and comparisons to be made. Decisions need to be based on truth, an individual s needs and with the healthiest, least invasive methods of mind.

If a person is considering costs when making a decision as to which method of treatment to use conventional versus alternative it is interesting to note that in many cases the cost of alternative treatment is less expensive than mainstream medicine.

Once diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, insurance companies are not interested in giving medical coverage to these people. As was previously discussed, one person's treatments cost $78,000 for three years with part of it covered by insurance.

Dr. Chatfield states that the average cost of an AIDS patient's visits of four treatments per month plus herbs run from $200-$300 per month. He affirms that this is less costly than conventional treatment of AIDS. Although insurance companies do not cover most costs by TCM, there are people willing to pay.

Supplements and counseling are important parts of TCM, also, and must usually be paid for by the patient. There is some funding available through AIDS task forces and the Ryan White federal grant. This grant is federally funded and is channeled to each state. From there the state is allowed to decide where the need is the greatest, and the money is dispersed to consortiums and AIDS patients as needed.

Newport revealed that 70% of AIDS patients end up on Medi-Cal. He believes that alternative medicine does work. It is the quality of life that should be the greatest indicator in making any decision regarding AIDS.

There is enough information available now for a person making a decision about the type of treatment to follow after a diagnosis of AIDS. There is still a lot of research being done, and new information being produced almost daily that may contribute to a person s quality of life. It is quite readily available as well, and with a little common sense on the part of the individual, the use of this information may result in a healthier body.

In speaking of what many drugs do to our bodies, Tindikahwa emphasizes that the most unfortunate thing about most pharmaceuticals is that they tend to be directed against symptoms of disease rather than cause. These drugs tend to mask the real cause of disease.

In Frank Prescott s interview with Willner, Dr.Willner quotes Dr. Duesberg as saying: AZT is a random killer of infected and non infected cells. AZT cannot discriminate among them. It kills all cells. AZT is a chain terminator of DNA synthesis of all cells, no exceptions. It wipes out everything. In the long run it can only lead to death of the organism and the cemetery. AZT is a certain killer.

Willner goes on to expose the side effects listed on the package inserts of AZT. These are: Cancer (Lymphoma), Hepatitis, Dementia, Mania (madness, frenzy), Seizures (epileptic), Anxiety, Anemia, Leukopenia, (standard laboratory evidence of immune suppression), Impotence, Severe Nausea, Chest Pain, Insomnia, Ataxia (loss of balance), Depression, Muscle Atrophy (wasting) and this is only half of the death sentence list of side effects that AZT causes.

Does this sound like AZT adds to the quality of life or does it sound like what it really is: AIDS!

Another drug used for AIDS patients is Didanosine, also called ddl, and has serious side effects, also. In comparison with this is TCM. Dr. Chatfield contends that, along with improvement in lab tests, a better T-cell count, he has seen symptoms and discomfort give way to an improved immune system that contributes in killing the virus. He has worked with long- term survivors, and though he does not claim a cure, his patients feel better than they have since diagnosis and live a better quality life.

There is no toxicity in the therapies he uses, and no side effects from drugs since drugs are not a part of his therapy. Also ,since TCM works with the whole person, the mental as well as the physical is dealt with and improved.

It only makes sense that what people put into their body, whether mentally or physically, is going to have an effect on them, be it positively or negatively. The longer a person abuses the body ,the longer it may take to remedy the situation that has been caused in AIDS or any disease.

The human body is wonderfully designed, but it can take abuse only so long. Michael Ellner of HEAL (Health- Education-AIDS Liaison) states that if a person s immune system is healthy, there should not be any concern of getting AIDS. Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein argues that treating all AIDS patients in an identical manner, particularly treating them exclusively for their HIV infection (when present), is a tremendous mistake. Many other modes of treatment and prophylaxis (measures used to prevent disease or restore health) should be effective, specifically protection against or elimination of as many immunosuppressive agents as possible.

Drugs are a prevalent part of the gay lifestyle, and contribute to immuno-suppression. Bryan Ellison, the researcher at UC Berkeley, confirms this stating that 90-95% of AIDS patients have been using drugs in enormous quantities for 10 years. Also a part of this lifestyle is the contamination or introduction of foreign germs, viruses as well as objects, that damage the body, and with continued use, destroy it.

Because the male body acknowledges semen as a foreign substance, the immune system tries to ward it off. Also, anal sex is hazardous to the body as the anus is not functionally constructed like the vagina. Root- Bernstein adds, In short, semen has multiple immuno-suppressive actions, and anyone who engages in activities that promote repeated or chronic immunologic exposure to semen antigens is likely to develop measurable immune suppression.

Dr. Bigelson feels that the A in AIDS should stand for accumulated rather than acquired, as people put so much into their bodies that is unhealthy and harmful. So much sorrow, pain and illness could be avoided if people were more aware and educated about the causes and alternative treatments for AIDS. However, beyond education is the need to follow through on what is known to work. As Dr. Kaiser asserted so clearly: The majority of PWAs (people with AIDS) who have survived for greater than five years, as well as most individuals who have achieved complete remissions from serious illnesses such as cancer, have listened to their body's signals and made major changes in their previously unhealthful and out-of-balance lifestyles.

Each person must take responsibility for their own health by using common sense and the information available. Individual research may be very enlightening as well.

Despite the lack of agreement about what causes AIDS, what AIDS really is, and if certain therapies will eventually be labeled as cures, common sense and enlightenment show that the approach of alternative medicine convincingly offers a much better quality of life once diagnosed, than does a solely conventional medical approach.

In treating a person with AIDS it cannot be overstated that the whole person must be treated in order to restore balance. If treated for AIDS without including the mind and emotions in the process, healing will be slower and possibly not at all. As previously pointed out, the mind is powerful, and with the brain s connections to the rest of the body, it is of utmost importance that positive, life-building thoughts are in control. It is then that alternative medicine will achieve its greatest results.

Supplementation, counseling, acupuncture, herbs and the various components of Traditional Chinese Medicine meet the body s needs without causing more trauma; in fact, they enhance and help the body do what it normally does naturally if it is in good health. Alternative medicine treats the whole person and the origin of the symptom, or the root cause, rather than the symptom only.

The alternative approach to medicine is gaining recognition and popularity as its benefits become acknowledged and accepted. As people become more educated about their bodies and how they function, and the effect os toxic drug treatments, our nation as well as the entire world will be a healthier place in which to live. Insurance premiums, hospital stays, funerals, sorrow, pain, anger and despair will not play such a dominant part in our culture. Instead, we will live really live!


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