Working Together, Through The Power Of Synergy, Invocation And Prayer We Have An Unprecedented Opportunity To Transform And Transmute HIV/AIDS Into A Benign Condition...

Modern science is now confirming that consciousness has the inherent ability, when directed through pure intention (prayer, invocation), to dramatically facilitate healing... In light of this awareness, we urge you, your friends, and colleagues to participate in the AIDS TRANSFORMATION PROJECT...

A Suggested Invocation

In The Light Of Oneness, Under The Law Of Grace, We Call Forth From The Heart Of God,
Archangel Michael, And The Blue Flame Which Liberates And Strengthens Our Will, And Aligns
Us With Divine Will... We Also Invoke The Healer Of God, Archangel Raphael, With The Emerald
Flame Of Healing, To Heal All Of Our Bodies, Physical, Mental, Emotional, And Etheric; As Well
As All Levels Of Awareness: Conscious, Sub-Conscious And The Higher Consciousness: And The
Entire Endocrine Gland System... We Also Call Forth Archangel Zadkiel, Lord Of The Violet
Flame, To Transmute With This Violet Fire, And Transform With The Purple Light Ray, All Cause,
Core, Effect, Record And Memory Of The Thought-Forms, The Energy, The Consciousness Of That
Which Is Called AIDS...

We Bless And Welcome, Heal And Forgive All Those Who Brought Forth HIV/AIDS Into Our
Reality, And We Call forth Mercy And Justice Within The Judgement Of These And Give Thanks
For The Lessons Learned, As We Release It, Now And Forever, From The Consciousness Of
Humanity; Personal/Impersonal, Individual/Group, Collective and Total And Return It To Its
Source Of Emanation And Seal It Therein In Its Own Light Permanently...

We Now Invoke Through The Spiritual Power Vested In Us, In God's Most Holy Name, "I Am That
I Am," And Also "I Am This I Am," And "I Be These I Be," Through The Law Of Grace, A Maximum
Expansion Of Love... Peace... Light... Freedom... Joy... Abundance... and Compassion... To
Manifest In And Through The Vibratory Core Of All Beings, In All Planes, And In All Dimensions,
Right Here!, Right Now!... And Forever More!... For The Highest Good Of All... And According
To The Will And The Glory Of God... In Right Action In Cosmic Law And Light! I Am... Amen!
Selah!! Allelujah!!!


Thank You For Transforming The Frequency Of Fear Into The Frequency Of Freedom!...

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