Studying the use of

alternative medicine

in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

In 1994, Bastyr University was awarded funding by the National Institutes of Health Office of Alternative Medicine to establish the AIDS Research Center. The purpose of this center is to conduct a nation-wide study on the use of alternative medicine for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. The study consists of several components.

These include collection of data from HIV/AIDS patients on the outcomes of alternative medicine therapies, development of a national resource for alternative medicine information, distribution of grant funds for alternative medicine research, and the development of further educational opportunities at Bastyr University.

One important task of the AIDS Research Center is the collection of prospective data from HIV/AIDS patients. The collection process consists of recruitment of eligible participants, distribution of study materials, and collection of completed questionnaire packets. Eligible participants are being recruited through their alternative medicine providers as well as through self-referral. Participants are asked to complete an extensive questionnaire every six months for up to two years. Compensation is offered for each follow up period. To become involved, read on.


Mission Statement

The AIDS Research Center has/is:

  • Established and surveyed a network of collaborating alternative medicine clinicians who treat HIV/AIDS patients
  • Recruiting 1500 HIV+ men and women and collecting longitudinal clinical, laboratory, and quality of life data.
  • Provided over $100,000 in funding for pilot studies in alternative medicine and HIV/AIDS.
  • Developed a library of resources on alternative medicine and HIV/AIDS for use by patients, clinicians, scientists, and the public.


Completion of these goals will allow us to fulfill our mission to:

  • Describe forms and patterns of use of alternative medical therapies for the treatment of HIV/AIDS.
  • Screen and evaluate therapies from five program areas of alternative medicine (nutrition, traditional and ethnomedicine, energetic therapies, pharmacological and biological therapies, and bioelectromagnetic medicine).
  • Provide consultation and support in the scientific evaluation of alternative therapies.


How To Become Involved

People who are currently using alternative medical approaches to treat HIV/AIDS are encouraged to contact the AIDS Research Center. Clinicians who treat patients and who are willing to help the research center staff recruit eligible patients may contact the Center by phone or mail and request information about the study. HIV patients who use alternative medicine and would like to independently enroll in the study may also contact the AIDS Research Center by phone or mail to request study materials.

Eligibility criteria for participants are:

  • At least 18 years old
  • HIV positive (any stage)
  • Using alternative medicine or treatments
  • Able and willing to give informed consent and independently complete study forms.

People who are using a combination of alternative and conventional therapies are also eligible.


We appreciate your interest in this project and hope to hear from you.






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