On behalf of myself, the wholistic health community, and the environmental community, I am writing to voice our profound concern regarding the vision purpose and goals of The Monsanto Corporation, and other major multinational corporations; who appear to be committed to genetic engineering as a means of resolving humanities projected food shortages. . .

Having learned of Mr. Shapiro's (C.E.O. Monsanto) presentation and sales pitch at the recent World Forum in San Francisco, I feel that it is essential that the wholistic perspective regarding our current ecological and food challenges, be presented...

Mr. Shapiro, though well intentioned in providing humanity with the key (genetic engineering/biotechnology) for our collective salvation is fraught with danger... I might add that the "way to hell is often paved with good intentions..."

He is sincerely asking us to entrust Monsanto and other multinational corporations to serve as vehicles for creating adequate food supplies for an evolving humanity... While well meaning, Monsanto and other multinational corporations, have not earned the trust of the global community. . . To the contrary, an objective study of Monsanto and other multinational corporations track records leaves (to put it mildly) much to be desired... We are demanding a detailed accountability regarding their future strategies and potential ecological impact(s)...

As a wholistic/naturopathic physician, I am more than weary of these companies modus operandi... For over 20 years we have been on the forefront of educating the lay and professional public in regards to naturopathic medicine, the importance of organically grown foods, etc. today we see a dramatic increase in health awareness, and a definitive movement away from the allopathic medical model (drugs, radiation, surgery).

Todays Number One health problem is due to environmental pollution and lack of access to vital organically grown foods. May I suggest you read John Robbins important book, "Diet for A New America. " A major key in resolving our man made health crisis lies in ensuring an abundant supply of ewbgicaRy y~ ~ aur problem is not one of supply, but one of ignorance, and the over consumption of processed foods. Research indicates that if we, as a nation, chose to embrace a vegetarian/semi vegetarian diet, and thereby eliminated and/or curtailed animal factory farming, we would see the creation of a super abundance of vital healthy food supplies... Which, in turn, would lead to a dramatic increase in the health and productivity of the good people of this country and throughout the world. . .

It is all so profoundly simple, and yet wholistic medicine, homeopathy, eco agriculture, the advancement of radionics to detoxify soils, have consistently been thwarted by powerful economic interests (The multi trillion dollar medical/military/industrial complex)... Granted, the world's problems may seem overwhelming, yet the intelligence and know how to successfully resolve our current socio economic and ecological challenges is available (to learn more visit our web site at In light of our current awareness, we need to proceed very slowly (if at all) in the field of biotechnology... the main problem here is Wall Streets apparent fascination ($$$) with biotechnology and genetic engineering.

We, in the wholistic community, will do everything in our power to alert the general public as to the potential hazards which the "men in the white coats" are concocting in their well funded laboratories... the keys to good health are simple clean water, clean air, sunlight, exercise and the under consumption of living rather than genetically engineered foods... An Unsprayed Apply A Day Keeps The Doctor Away...

While many people on Wall Street salivate ($$$) over the coming "Bio tech century" I can assure you that we in the awakening wholistic health community are envisioning something entirely different...

In Service To Humanity

Da Vid, M.D.
Medical Director
The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation
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Mill Valley, CA 94941 1928
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