"The American Holistic Health Association's Complete Guide to Alternative Medicine" (1996, Collinge) consists of nine chapters dealing with nine comprehensive alternative medical systems. It is a good mix of theory, first hand clinical briefs, organizations and addresses, history of the therapies, and a good bibliography section. The key principles of each system are addressed. With homeopathy, for example, the chapter is sectioned thusly: law of similars, remedies, vital force, symptoms, antidoting, prevention, healing process. This is a worthwhile book and would complement Micozzi quite nicely.

"Alternative Healing: The Complete A-Z Guide to More Than 150 Alternative Therapies (1996, Kastner and Burroughs) is a well researched, readable, and highly recommended text which scans the major alternatives in considerable and fascinating detail. It is a text only book. the writing is excellent, descriptions succinct and inclusive, meaning and authors offer not just therapy explanations but historical material as well. This excellent resource has recently been revised and is every bit as good as the first edition. It is well referenced.

"The Medical Advisor: The Complete Guide to Alternative and Conventional Treatments (1996, Time/Life Books, 1200 pp) is aimed at the lay audience but would hold the clinicians interest as well. The book is alphabetically arranged according to condition and is broken into conditions of which I offer 'cholesterol problems' as an example: Symptoms, Call your doctor if..., General, Causes, Treatments (conventional, alternative-Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine, herbal, life- style, mind/body, nutrition/diet), Prevention. The strength of this book lies in its comprehensiveness and the inclusion of conventional treatments.

"The Self-Health Handbook" (1996, Dachman and Kinnan) covers the alternative health field in nine chapters: I-flowers, Plants and Herbs, II-Healing Through Nature's Elements, III-Eating for Health, IV-Exercising the Body, V-Your Healing Hands, VI-The Breath of Life, VII-The mind as Healer, VIII-Healing Arts and Hobbies, and IX-Alternative Healing Systems and Practices. Each section/therapy is resourced with a short bibliography and address.

"Alternative Healthcare: A Comprehensive Guide to Therapies and Remedies" (1996, Bradford, ed) is a coffee table book, beautifully rendered in the complete sense. though primarily for the lay public I found it a pleasure to peruse. It contains five section: Therapies (eastern therapies, Manipulative therapies, Natural therapies, Active therapies, and Therapies involving external powers), Systems of the Body, Infants/Children, Home and Emergency First Aid, and a section devoted to resources. It is a wonder volume.

"The Complete Family Guide to Alternative Medicine: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Natural Healing" (1996, C.N. Shealy, editor) is primarily a book for the public. It is divided into three parts: I-The Therapies, II-The Ailments, and III-References, addresses and a quick self-care guide.

"Alternative Medicine: What Works (1996, A. Fugh-Berman) is basic no frills, well-referenced and very affordable book. Its 30 pages of references is a shining feature.

"Nature's Cures" (1996, M. Castleman) is an essential book to introduce holistic health and systems of care to students. In 31 chapters it covers acupuncture to yoga. It is well referenced.

"New Choices in Natural Healing" (1995, Bill Gottlieb, editor) is divided into three parts: I- methods (acupressure, aromatherapy, ayurveda, homeopath, hydrotherapy, etc.), II-160 health problems with their remedies, III-resource guide. The resource guide is quite good as is the index.

"The Alternative Health and Medicine Encyclopedia" (1995, J.E. Marti) is arranged in consecutive chapters and not sectioned into parts. What is Alternative Medicine?, Natural Nutrition, Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements, Botanical Medicine, Exercise, Strengthening the immune system, Coping with Stress, Drug abuse/addiction are the major chapters. There are ten additional chapters on self-health care.

"A Consumer's Guide to alternative Health Care (1995, Clayton and McCullough) is a chapter by chapter discussion of the various alternative therapies. It is a good overview but has no index.

"Natural Therapies: The complete A-Z of Complementary Health (1994, M. McCarthy, editor) is a British publication and because of that contains information that is not found in books published in the United States. It is easy to read, accessible to all, and contains a good appellation section.


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