Books on GE Foods

Genetically Engineered Food:
Changing The Nature of Nature
By Martin Teitel
And Kimberly Wilson
Rochester Vermont: Park Street Press, 1999

Geneticaly Engineered Foods:
A Consumer's Self Defense Guide
By Ben Lilliston and Ronnie Cummins
Berkeley, CA: Avalon, 2000

The Biotech Century
By Jeremy Rifkin
New York: Penguin Putnam, 1998

Against The Grain:
Biotechnology and The Corporate Takeover of Your Food.
Marc Lappe and Britt Bailey Monroe, ME, Common Courage, 1998

Gentic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare?
The Brave New World of Bad Science and Big Business
Mae Wan Ho , Bath UK: Gateway Books, 1998

Owning the Future:
Staking Claims on the Knowledge Frontier
Seth Shulman
New York: Houton Mifflin, 1999

Farmageddon: Food and the Culture of Biotechnology
Brewster Keen
British Columbia, Canada:
New Society Publishers, 1999

Gene Wars: The Politics of Biotechnology
Kritin Dawkins
New York: Seven Stories, 1997

The Last Harvest: The Genetic Gamble
That Threatens to Destroy American Agriculture.
Paul Reaburn
New York: Simon & Schuster, 1995

The Ecological Risk of Engineered Crops
Jane Rissler and Margaret Mellon
Boston, MIT Press, 1996

The Human Body Shop:
The Cloning Engineering and Marketing of Life
Andrew Kimbrell
Washington, D.C.:
Recenerary Publishing, Inc. 1997

Frankenstein's Footsteps:
Science, Genetics and Popular Culture.
J. Turney
Suffolk, UK, St. Edmundbury Press, 1998

World Hunger: Twelve Myths
Frances Moore Lappe, Joseph Collins and Peter Rossett
New York: Grove Press, 1998

Beyond Evolution: The Genetically Altered Future
of Plants, Animals, The Earth and Humans.
Dr. Michael W. Fox
New York: The Lyon's Press, 1999

Remaking Eden; Cloning and Beyond in a Brave New World
Le M. Silver
New York: Avon Books, 1997

Exploding the Gene Myth
Ruth Hubbard and Elijah Wald
Boston: Beacon Press, 1993

Perils Amidst the Promise: Ecological Risks of Transgenic
Crops in a Global Market
Washington, D.C.: Union of Concerned Scientists 1993

Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply
Vandana Shiva
Cambridge, MA South End Press, 2000

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