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DR, SUSAN LOVE'S BREAST BOOK BY SUSAN LOVE, M.D. (PERSEUS PUBLISHING) The latest edition of this definitive guide to the standard Western medical approach to breast cancer, including screening, diagnosis, treatment and research, by a medical doctor and breast cancer expert. It includes the latest information on tamoxifen and Dr. Love's ductile lavage technique for finding and treating irregular cells Is, which can appear up to a decade before cancer is diagnosed.

A RACE FOR LIFE: THE AMAZING STORY OF HOW ONE WOMAN SURVIVED BREAST CANCER TO TAKE ON THE TOUGHESTRACES IN THE WORLD BY RUTH HEIDRICH, PH.D. (LANTERN BOOKS) After a double mastectomy in her forties, Heidrich faced a poor prognosis by focusing on diet and rigorous exercise. Twenty years later, Heidrich is still going strong and shares her secrets for physical transformation.

JUST GET ME THROUGH THIS! A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO BREAST CANCER BY DEBORAH COHEN WITH ROBERT M. GELFAND, M.D. (KENSINGTON BOOKS) A guide to the ins and outs of standard medical care in treating breast cancer, written by a breast cancer survivor and her doctor,

COMPLEMENTARY CANCER THERAPIES: COMBINING TRADITIONAL AND ALTERNATIVEAPPROACHES FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME BY DAN LABRIOLA, N.D. (PRIMA PUBLISHING) An informative, soothing and thorough guide to alternative and traditional Western medical approaches to dealing with cancer, including how different treatments affect the body and interact with other treatments. Includes a section focusing specifically on breast cancer.

COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CARE: INTEGRATING ALTERNATIVE, COMPLEMENTARYAND CONVENTIONAL THERAPIES BY JAMES GORDON, M.D., AND SHARON CURTIN (PERSEUS PUBLISHING) A good overview of an integrative approach to dealing with cancer, from Chinese herbs to Western surgery, with a section on the importance of diet and an analysis of several leading alternative therapies. A chapter is devoted specifically to prostate and breast cancers. Includes an excellent resource guide.

YOU'RE NOTALONE. CONVERSATIONS WITH BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS AND THOSE WHO LOVE THEM (AUDIOCASSETTE, VOICE ARTS PUBLISHING) This is a virtual support group on cassette, in which people who have faced breast cancer speak from their hearts about their experiences. The stories and voices are riveting and uplifting for anyone facing breast cancer.

Organizations and Services

CANCERONLINE at This nonprofit it site, founded by cancer support-group leader Arlene Harder and cancer survivor Craig Miles, provides cancer patients with balanced information including resources, research, articles and encouragement.

CANCERPAGE at An online community for people with cancer, including a special section for women with breast cancer. Features include message boards, "Ask a Nurse," chat rooms, opportunities to post and/or read other people's stories and information on treatment trials. The Web site is sponsored by LifeMextrix Online, an e-health company providing information and tools for people struggling with chronic illnesses.

ENCORE PLUS: A nonprofit program providing women in treatment for or recovery from breast cancer with free peer support and an exercise program at 70 YWCA sites in the U.S. The program also provides early-detection education, along with breast and cervical cancer screening services. 1200 Cleveland St., Little Rock, AR 72204; (501) 663-8111;

GILDXS CLUB: A nonprofit association of support centers named after the late comedian Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989. The centers, or "clubhouses," provide free support, including lectures, workshops and social events, in a homelike setting for people with cancer and their families, 195 West Houston St., New York, NY 10014; (212) 647-9700;

NATIONAL COALITION FOR CANCER SURVIVORSHip: A patient-led organization that provides educational programs, support services, publications and leadership in public policy for patients on issues such as health insurance and employment rights. 1010 Wayne Ave., Suite 707, Silver Spring, MD 20910-5600; (888) 937-6227;

Y-ME NATIONAL BREAST CANCER ORGANIZATION: A 24-hour hotline providing information and support by breast cancer survivors. The organization also has a wig and prosthesis bank for women who can't afford to pay for such items or who do not have insurance coverage. 212 West Van Buren St., 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60607-3908; (800) 221-2141 (24-hour hotline);

THE WELLNESS COMMUNITY. A national organization with centers across the country that offer free support groups, educational workshops and seminars on topics such as stress and pain management, yoga, tai chi, relaxation and nutrition, along with social events. To find the Wellness Community nearest you, contact the national office at 35 East 7th St., Suite 412, Cincinnati, OH 45202; (888) 793-9355;

WOMEN'S HEALTH CARE EDUCATIONAL NETWORK: A nonprofit organization made up of independent businesses that specialize in serving women who have had breast surgery. Information and referral services for those seeking specialty items such as wigs and maternity and nursing products. Box 5061, Tiffin, OH 44883; (800) 991-8877.

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