The "Cure for Cancer"

Letter to the Editor in response to a cover story with Michael Lerner: "Cancer Cures" in the Pacific Sun dated May, 1994

Cancer researchers, John Bailar and Elaine Smith, published in May, 1986 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, that the"war" on cancer is being lost. They cited data from the National Center for Health Statistics indicating that from 1962 to 1982, deaths from cancer increased by 8.7%. Perhaps equally important when focusing on causation is the statistic that from 1973 to 1981 the age-adjusted incidence rate of the disease increased by 8.5%. Their colleague at the Harvard School of Public Health, cancer expert, John Cairns, put it more forcefully. In Science Magazine, the publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Cairns was quoted as saying that "there has been no significant gains in survival from any of the major cancers since the 1950's and that the cancer data are so discouraging that it is difficult to discuss them in public."

Given the trends, Bailar and Smith write, "the major conclusion we draw is that some thirty-five years of intense effort focused largely on improving treatments must be judged a qualified failure." They renew a call for a "shift" in emphasis from research on treatment to research on prevention, essential if substantial progress against cancer is to be forthcoming. These findings substantiate a prophetic statement I made in 1976 in the book I authored entitled, Medicine Today, Healing Tomorrow, "In time we will come to recognize that the cure for cancer lies in its prevention."

In the 1930's, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded a Nobel Prize for discovering the "cure" for cancer. He discovered that lack of oxygen (ischaemia) was responsible for the transmutation of healthy cells into cancerous ones. On a biochemical level, the cure for cancer is related to the proper oxygenation of cells, along with the efficient elimination of toxins. Any or all processes which decrease the oxygen flow to tissues and/or increase the build-up of toxins will, over a period of time, lead to cellular degeneration... Dis-ease... Cancer and/or "Death"...

Speaking on a spiritual and/or psychological level, the root cause of all dis-ease is fear (unaccommodated stress). Unaccommodated stress creates a decreased flow of oxygen to the tissues; as well as the excessive build-up of free radicals, which further serve to destroy the integrity of the cell. The wholistic medical model, which defines wo/man as a psycho-physiological being, animated by spirit, sees cancer as a classic auto-immune dis-ease.

I am in complete agreement with Mr. Lerner's statement in THE PACIFIC SUN cover story "Cancer Cures" (April, 1994) that one must differentiate "cure" from "healing." As Mr. Lerner clearly states, "Healing is essentially an inner process of becoming whole, which has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions." In addition, he states his belief," . . . that every human being must find their own unique path in their efforts to recover from cancer." Unaccommodated Stress... As a Wholistic Physician, and Medical Director of The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation, I am of the understanding that aging, degeneration and dis-ease are processes which through knowledge may be understood, controlled and reversed... Healing is the art and/or science of positively effecting a transformation of mind. Real healing leads to self-actualization, a spiritual experience, which allows for the progressive expression and manifestation of our infinite potential.

In response to Mr. Lerner's conclusions that, " . . . there is no clear cut cure for cancer among the complementary therapies" we emphatically disagree. There is a wealth of scientific material which clearly demonstrate, through various non- allopathic approaches, that cancer is an eminently reversible and treatable condition. The same is also true of AIDS, arthritis, heart dis-ease and other degenerative auto-immune dis-eases.

A recent book, "Alternative Medicine - The Definitive Guide" (Future Medicine Publishing, Tiburon, CA) is a compilation of 350 leading edge physicians who clearly explain their effective treatments for a wide variety of conditions, including cancer. Any and all treatments which encourage hope, increase the oxygen capacity of the blood, provide optimal nutrition to the cells and serve to eliminate excessive toxins from the system are effective in improving the quality of life.

Dis-ease (cancer) is not something to be feared, but to be understood. The Good News is that the cure for cancer already exists! It exists within ourselves (our cells). It is my understanding that as we grow in the understanding of ourselves (our cells), in our relationship with nature, in our appreciation and gratitude for life, and in the implementation of safe, effective and inexpensive wholistic protocols, we will individually and collectively realize and experience our Freedom from Dis-ease.

To summarize, todays self-induced health care "crisis" provides an unprecedented opportunity for all of us to change our focus from dis-ease care to preventive care. In the process of refocusing our attention, we are called to individually examine our lifestyles, make the necessary changes, and encourage ourselves and each other to choose to go to health.

In Health, Peace and Freedom,

Da Vid

Da Vid, MD, Medical Director
The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation

S.F.M.R.F. l 20 Sunnyside Ave., Suite A-156 l Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 381-4061

Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.

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