The cosmic Pipe is a self-driven broadcaster used directly in the field to stimulate biological transmutation and effect of balanced harmony in the soil; resulting in improved quality and quantity. When the Cosmic Pipe has been installed, it is gathering the Cosmic energies of space into its head, from at least six feet in the air, putting them down a conductor through a resonance chamber to a modulating well, where we place whatever we wish to modulate the energy with and then it goes deep into the ground. There, the modulated energies are broadcast horizontally in a broad band out through the soil to the roots of the plants. The results have been tremendous.

For many years, we have seen soil being treated with soil nutrients and the use of organic methods of culture show peaks and valleys of soil nutrient deficiencies. In the years of testing Cosmiculture, we have seen soil come into full balance in six months without the addition of tons of nutrients. Harvests have doubled, the time of production has been shortened by two weeks to a month and the natural sugar content of fruits, melons, and berries has been markedly increased.

The Cosmic Pipe is offered in two sizes: Small (up to 10 acres*), and Large (up to 2500 acres*).

* Acreage may vary due to terrain. All of the Pipes come with instructions and Selected Farm Reagents.

For more information contact:

Hugh Lovel
Union Agaricultural Institute
8475 Dockery Road
Blairsville, GA 30512
(706) 745-6056

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