AIDS Also Responds Favorably To Formula

CANADA - Rene Caisse was a nurse living in Canada who for a period of almost sixty years treated hundreds of people with a herbal remedy she called Essiac. She discovered the remedy through a patient in the hospital where she worked who had been cured of cancer. The patient had used an herbal remedy given to her by an Ojibwa Indian herbalist.

Rene left the hospital in 1922 at age 33 and went to Bracebrige, Ontario, Canada where she began administering Essiac to all who came to her. The majority of those whom she treated came on referral with letters from their physicians certifying they had incurable or terminal forms of cancer and that they had been given up by the medical profession as untreatable.

Rene began gathering the plants and preparing the herbal remedy herself in her own kitchen. She administered Essiac both orally and by injection. In cases where there was severe damage to life support organs, her patients died - but they lived far longer than the medical profession had predicted, and, more significantly, they lived free of pain. Still others, listed as hopeless and terminal but without severe damage to life support organs, were cured and lived 35-45 years.

So startling was the effectiveness of this simple herbal remedy, it could not be ignored, and the Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Parliament became involved. Friends, former patients, and grateful families petitioned Canadian officialdom for Rene Caisse's right to administer the remedy to anyone who asked for it without the threat of interference from authorities. Fifty-five thousand signatures were collected on the petition. In 1938, Essiac came within three votes of being legalized by the Ontario government as a remedy for terminal cancer patients.

The story of Rene Caisse, her life, her work, and the effectiveness of the remedy she named Essiac, is told in the book "Calling Of An Angel" by Dr. Gary L. Glum of Los Angeles.

The recent resurgence of interest in Essiac breaks a long silence which resulted when all of Rene Caisse's research, documents and papers were destroyed by the Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare at the time of her death in 1978. According to Glum, this formula which employs common non-toxic herbs, is a major threat to the conventional "health care" industry. Cancer is the second largest revenue producing business in the world, next to the petro-chemical business.

Glum goes on the say that a close associate of Rene Caisse was Dr. Charles A. Brusch of the Brusch clinic in Massachusetts. "He was personal physician to the late President John F. Kennedy. Dr. Brusch worked with Rene Caisse from 1959 to 1962. He worked with thousands of cancer patients. He also worked with the Presidential Cancer Commission, The American Cancer Society, and the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Brusch presented his findings after ten years of research. He had come to the conclusion that, in his own words, "Essiac is a cure for cancer, period. All studies done at laboratories in the United States and Canada support this conclusion." The federal government promptly issued a gag order and gave Brusch two choices, "You either keep quiet about this ow we'll haul off to military prison and you'll never be heard of again." Se we never heard another word out of him."

Currently Essiac is being used in every state in the United States, throughout Canada, into Mexico, Australia, Europe, Asia and recently, also in Africa. In spite of the suppression of information, it's success has spread its usage worldwide.

But there are problems related to the quality and nature of the herbs sometimes being used in the formula. Some herbal distributing companies have substituted yellow and curly dock for sheep's sorrel, which is one of the critical ingredients in Essiac. Sheep's sorrel is the ingredient that was found to be responsible for the destruction of cancer cells in the body. Also the herbs are sometimes harvested improperly and of a non-medical grade. Imported herbs which are often used, are quarantined by the US Drug Administration and sterilized using ionizing radiation and ethylene oxide gas to poison them. In addition to this, there are several other supposed Essiac formulas in circulation which are not true to Rene Caisse's formula.

Dr. Glum has worked with the AIDS Project Los Angeles through their Long Beach and San Pedro districts. According to Glum, "the project has sent 179 patients home to die. They all had pneumocystis carinii and histoplasmosis. Their weight was down to about 100 pounds. Their cell counts were less than ten. The Project gave Glum five of these patients. He took them off the AZT and the DDI and put them on Essiac three times a day. Of the 179, those five are the only ones alive today. They're exercising three times a day, eating three meals a day. Their weight is back to normal. For all intents and purposes you wouldn't know they were sick a day in their lives. But this information is not being disseminated because AIDS is on the horizon as another big money maker."

To obtain a copy of the original Essiac formula, Dr. Glum's book, "Calling Of An Angel" or information on sources for the herbs and the formula, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Patsy Nelson, Lyrics of Love, P.O. Box 441, St. Ann, MO 63074, or phone 314-426-0840. Long distance calls will be returned collect.

(Source: Wildfire Magazine, P.O. Box 9167, Spokane, WA 99209, USA)

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