An international membership organization comprised of researchers, health practitioners, students, and others interested in deepening knowledge of flower essence therapy, the Flower Essence Society (FES) is part of the non-profit corporation, Earth-Spirit, Inc. FES is the world's leading center of flower essence research. It was founded in 1979 by Richard Katz and currently is co-directed by him and Patricia Kaminski, his wife and partner. The two directors are well- known authors, teachers, and researchers on this specialized subject.

The flower Essence Society has four main purposes:

1. to promote plant research and empirical clinical research on the therapeutic effects of flower essences;

2. to conduct training and certification programs for active flower essence practitioners, as well as give public classes and seminars throughout the world;

3. to disseminate publications about flower essence therapy to health professionals and to the general public.

4. to provide a communication and referral network for those who are teaching, researching, or practicing in the field of flower essence therapy.

This organization is renowned world-wide for its pioneering efforts to develop flower essence research. It holds an extensive collection of case studies and practitioner reports, seed grants for controlled scientific studies, and field studies of flower essence plants. The Society also offers professional training and certification programs at various locations in the United States and abroad.

Anyone interested in acquiring information about

(a) ongoing flower essence scientific research,

(b) 1998/99 educational programs and classes meeting in your area,

(c) listings and descriptions of publications about flower essences,

(d) locations for trained practitioners of flower essence therapy, and

(e) the procedure to gain membership or give donations to FES, contact the
Flower Essence Society, P.O. Box 459, Nevada City, California 95959 USA:
toll free telephone for all of the USA and Canada 800-736-9222 or 530-265-9163;
teleFAX 530-265-0584; E-mail:;
the FES web site:

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