Tincture Of Gold

A Spagyrically Prepared Alchemical/Homeopathic Elixir

"Tincture Of Gold" contains the energy, vibration, purity and beauty of Gold, the mineral of light. "Tincture Of Gold" is congealed sunlight; a super conductor which revitalizes and regenerates the blood, the cells and the subtle bodies...

In addition, "Tincture Of Gold" serves to align us with the universal perfected energies within the sun itself. This subtle, yet powerful agent raises the consciousness of our cells (our self), and promotes peace, harmony and vitality...

Tincture Of Gold
2 oz. bottle $22.00

Please send check or money order to:
The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation
20 Sunnyside Ave., Suite A-156
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 381-4061 l Fax (415) 381-2645
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