Does HIV = AIDS = Death?

Here's some good news about AIDS!

HIV exposure or "infection" is not enough, by itself, to cause AIDS. HIV is merely a marker of risk behavior, according to an article in the respected scientific journal BIO/TECHNOLOGY for June 11, 1993.

Using the terms "HIV disease" and AIDS interchangeable is scientifically incorrect and seems to be simply a way to sell costly prescription drugs.

For the last ten years, the AIDS establishment has been pursuing a "kill the virus" treatment for HIV, even when thee are no symptoms of AIDS.

AZT, an old drug found too toxic for cancer treatments, has been the standard treatment (ddI and ddC are similar substances).

The largest and longest study of its kind shows that early intervention with AZT does nothing to prolong life nor to prevent opportunistic infections. The results of the Concorde Trials were presented at the Berlin International Conference on AIDS, held in June, 1993.

There are millions of HIV+ people with absolutely NO signs of AIDS. There is no scientific proof of HIV latency. HIV does not hide in the lymph glands and does not inevitably burst forth as AIDS.

AIDS is now known to be 29 diseases. AIDS is not one new disease. Many of the individual diseases are treatable by proven procedures.

No one drug can treat 29 diseases. But health can be maintained by a knowledgeable individual whatever the diagnosis.

There is no scientific basis for early intervention with AZT, ddI or ddC!

You can improve your health in non-toxic ways and you can treat any infection individually without the added stress of anti-viral drugs. It works!

Thus, HIV does not equal AIDS

and AIDS does not equal death!

For further information, contact: HEAL, P.O. Box 1103, Old Chelsea Station, New York 10013. HEAL is a non-profit, community based educational organization providing information, hope, and support to people HIV+ or living with AIDS. The men and women at HEAL are health professionals, people living with life threatening diseases, and concerned volunteers.

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