HIV Babies

An eighteen month study consisting of three dozen pediatric physicians in ten European cities14 states that of 372 infants born to HIV-positive mothers, only 13% of the infants ever acquired the HIV virus. Thus, 87% of the infants who showed to be HIV-positive, either by presumption or serology, seroconverted to HIV-negative within eighteen months without therapeutic intervention.

In the United States, this has been further documented15 in a study demonstrating that approximately two thirds of infants born to HIV-positive mothers are seroconverted to HIV-negative within eighteen months: again, without therapeutic intervention.

From this, one could conclude that the practice of treating HIV-positive infants with AZT - based on 1) tests with questionable accuracy such as the ELISA and Western Blot, and/or 2) presumptive diagnosis when no clinical illness is present - is murder. Murder as used here means "the introduction of a known toxic substance that ultimately results in the infant's premature death." The fact that prescribing AZT is considered a "majority practice" is no defense for the violation of basic human right to life.

Physicians in the United States are under an oath to " no harm." The 18th World Medical Assembly in Helsinki, Finland in June of 1964 binds physicians with the words "... the health of my patient shall be my first consideration." The American Medical Association (AMA) is a signature to this declaration. Why then, do physicians worldwide dispense the toxin AZT to otherwise healthy persons when they know its effects?

headaches - taste perversion - insomnia - confusion - anorexia - ambloypta - vomiting - neuropathy - skin rash - asthenia - anxiety - nausea - dizziness - somnolence - dyspepsia - myalgia - impotence - depression - vertigo - hearing loss - photophobia - nervousness - seizures - leukocytopenia (which is the immunodeficiency of white cells).


In addition to the above, studies indicate that the original toxicity profile22 of AZT was fraudulently reported and is actually 1000 times more toxic to human cells than what was originally claimed23; therefore, the drug is more harmful than beneficial with no therapeutic window.

The pharmaceutical industry's and U.S. government's joint endorsement of "early intervention" (the prescribed use of AZT in persons who are otherwise clinically free of illness) suggests a form of criminally negligent homicide. People who are not clinically ill are becoming sick based on a toxic treatment given for an unproven hypothesis. Wellcome and the U.S. government fund most U.S.-based nonprofit organizations who perpetuate this myth and recommend the use of AZT "as soon as you get your positive test result."



If action is not taken immediately against those who are directly or indirectly responsible for these crimes against humanity through the practice of profit over life, the drug-induced AIDS deaths will, most certainly, reach proportions unparalleled by any natural catastrophe in human history. Even one case of deprivation of this most basic human right - the right to life - should be the concern of all mankind.

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