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Haelan 951 fermented soybean oral nutritional beverages, not only provide the ideal nutritional support for cancer patients but it is also the best anti1aging nutrifluid in the world according to clinical studies with humans and fruit flies. A clinical study conducted over four months, involving 303 healthy persons aged 50169 with no bad livers, kidneys, or other health problems, clearly proves the bio1available single cell proteins and other beneficial metabolites produced by Haelanís patented processing of soy reverses the aging process and improves the health of people who are considered to be healthy. The following are benefits of dietary supplementation with Haelan 951:

Increased brain function Increases immune CD3 and CD4 cells Improves the ratio between CD4 and CD8 cells Increases the production of interferons and interlukens Increased volumetric lung function approximately 25% Increases the cytotoxic effects of the NK killer immune cells Increases volumetric pumping capacity of the heart approximately 25% Balances levels of testosterone and estradiol sex hormones in men and women Increases cellular levels ofzinc, copper and manganese super oxide dismutase antioxidant enzymes

When you add HAELAN's 700% Increased Immune System Stimulation

It is tough to beat!

Call for your free copy of Haelanís Anti1Aging Study

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