Soy Nutrient Aids in Cancer Remission Stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma and liver cancer are healed with fermented soy beverage called Haelan

By Donna Sage, MS. S.A.

Al Sherertz, age 47, is a family man. When he was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma and histocytosis X in December, 1996, he was stunned. With three children and a loving wife, A] was not ready to give up on his life. He had noticed a lump in his neck, and a biopsy revealed that the growth was malignant. Four days after the surgery, A] began to drink Haelan, a fermented soy beverage that has shown great promise in cancer cases, but surgery related hepatitis already had hold of him. He was so sick that he discontinued the Haelan, and he slowly recovered from the hepatitis.

In January, his doctors recommended an aggressive course of chemotherapy, and A] resumed drinking a bottle per day of Haelan in conjunction with it. He also used vitamin C, milk thistle, linoIcnic acid, and acupuncture. In addition, although he had previously been an atheist, A] began to pray, and he had people all over the world praying for his recovery.

After two chemotherapy treatments, it was apparent that A] was having major complications. He reports that the chemotherapy had stimulated deep vein thrombosis, severe blood clotting in his right leg, which led to a 351day hospitalization, during which time he discontinued Haelan and he was given massive doses of heparin. He ended up needing plasma transfusions, because his body was allergic to the heparin and was consuming his white blood cells. Mean while, the condition of his leg was deteriorating. To save his life, his doctors began amputating1first at his toes, then at his ankle, and lastly at mid-knee, where they finally reached blood flow.. "I was not given any chance of survival Now they call me a miracle.

His doctor then resumed the chemotherapy treatments. The stump of his knee became necrotic, and the leg began to swell and develop blood clots. At that time, A] resumed drinking a bottle per day of Haelan and he applied it topically to the black, painful tissue. The necrosis was reversed. After two more treatments of chemotherapy, the doctor reported that A] was in total remission. Al notes, "My wife told the doctor it was the Haelan, and he just laughed at her. Although he had never seen anything like my sudden remission, he attributed it all to the chemotherapy. If I would have kept up with the chemo (without using Haelan), it would have killed me!"

Al hopes that American studies will be performed on Haelan, so that there will more proof that it works. "Your oncologist will laugh and tell you that you are wasting your money (on Haelan) and that anything other than the norm is voodoo, " he says, but he recommends considering the nutritional supplement as an adjuvant treatment. "My doctor expected me to croak. I was not given any chance of survival ... Now they call me a 'miracle.'

He is now healthy, except for the diseases that he attributes directly to the chemotherapy, diabetes and posterior cataracts. Every day, he is reminded by the absence of his leg of how hard those times were: "I am always aware of where I have been and how far I've come and where I can go back to if I'm not careful."

He believes that everything happens for a reason, and he feels that his disease was an opportunity. "Cancer was a wakeup call for me. There is more to life than material possessions. I put my priorities straight." Since his illness, Al has been baptized as a Christian and has found a strong drive to help others. "I have been given a second chance at life, and I try my best to live up to His expectations." DONNA SAGE, M.S. S.A. is a holistic healthconsultant and writer in Florissant, CO.

A graduate of Case Western Reserve she continually researches nutrition for the cancer patient.

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