The disease that we call AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and ARC (AIDS-Related Complex) are not due solely to the action of the AIDS virus. Doctors are now recognizing that the AIDS virus can flourish mainly after other co-factors have previously weakened a person's immune system.

Common Predisposing Co-Factors Include:

  1. Venereal diseases, especially syphilis.

  2. Substance use, especially alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine, amyl nitrate, marijuana and other recreational drugs.

  3. Over-use of pharmaceutical drugs, especially antibiotics and steroids.

  4. A diet high in fat, white sugar and processed foods.

  5. High risk sexual activity.

  6. Other infections, especially herpes, CMV (Cytomegalo virus), hepatitis, and mononucleosis.

  7. Infections from yeasts (i.e. thrush, Candida albicans) and parasites.

  8. Attitudes dominated by fears, doubts and self-hatred (often not consciously known).

  9. Excessive physical, mental and emotional stress.

  10. Environmental toxins, including city water, petrochemical fumes, and foods treated with toxic chemicals.

Therefore, a well-reasoned approach to the management and prevention of AIDS must include more than just some "magic bullet" drug designed to block the AIDS virus itself. It is obvious from the above list of co-factors, that a person carrying the AIDS virus can make many simple alterations in his/her lifestyle, eating habits, and attitudes to lessen the effects of these AIDS co-factors.

The 5 Point Healing Through Empowerment Program

This program, designed by Dr. Priestly, is a holistic, integrated and comprehensive approach to the management of HIV/AIDS. A truly sophisticated approach to treating HIV/AIDS must include:

  1. Natural compounds, and occasionally drugs (including DDC, Fluconizol and Peptide), which aggressively combat a number of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

  2. A nutritionally sound diet, including supplements, designed to meet the special nutritional and metabolic needs of HIV-infected patients.

  3. Enhancement of a person's immune system and other "host responses" by using herbs and other natural substances which are known to increase both the number and function of white cells.

  4. Lifestyle changes, including appropriate programs and support groups to help stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, and stop using recreational drugs.

  5. Attitude adjustment" and stress reduction, using meditation, exercise, yoga, affirmations, visualization cassette tapes by Louise Hay, Sally Fisher, and others, as well as transformational/empowerment seminars such as AIDS Mastery, Insight, est, Lifespring, Loving Relationships Training, rebirthing, etc.
AIDS is not necessarily a fatal disease. The increased ability to successfully control HIV infection indicates a future trend when AIDS will be seen as a chronic, manageable disease. There are now many long-term HIV/ARC/AIDS survivors across the country, and their numbers are growing monthly. Most survivors are using multiple treatments and are vigorously employing a range of alternative AIDS treatments, as well as traditional medical approaches. All of these exceptional people see themselves as living with AIDS, rather than dying slowly from AIDS.

Almost all survivors have also undergone a rigorous analysis of their personalities and attitudes and consciously strive daily to make sure that they voice the most positive, loving and expansive thoughts possible. In addition, a great deal of emotional and physical healing can take place by releasing negative emotions such as fear, guilt and anger - replacing them with trust, self-esteem and love.

The invitation is open to all people carrying the HIV virus, to make these life-enhancing transformations with whole-hearted devotion. The opportunity beckons. Everyone willing to make these changes has the possibility of joining the ranks of long term HIV/AIDS survivors.

(Reprint, EXPLORE MORE!, Number 17, 1996)

Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.

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