"IT HAS TO DO WITH MONEY and power. There is not pure science going on at the NIH. A lot of what is done in medicine has not been proven by science, but it's economically supported. What I saw happen in AIDS is that overnight there were a bunch of AIDS was just basically economics... Whoever got funded went up to the top... The very first trial that got AZT launches was a trial of death as an endpoint... There were only 60 people. [M]ore had died in the placebo group than the other. Instantly they stopped the trials and declared it a hit. But it was not a true placebo-controlled study, because the side effects from the AZT were so bad that half of the people were having blood transfusions. The whole test was not well controlled. Then I started to realize, 'My god, this isn't just AIDS, this is cancer drugs too." (Candace Pert, Ph.D., in Alternative Therapies, July 1995;101 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, 1-800-345-8112.)


"THE DRUG COMPANIES have representatives on nearly all the committees [at the FDA]. If there is something which may be very effective and may undersell the average drug company, of course they're not going to be very pleased if it gets developed. It might be very difficult for them to compete with that, and ozone is obviously inexpensive to produce, is very potent, and if it works even half as well as the Germans claim, everyone should be using it, "Michael Carpendale, M.D., director of rehabilitative medicine, San Francisco VA Hospital, commenting on the high cure rate of ozone treatment for cancer, HIV and many other diseases and FDA's refusal to permit its use in the U.S. ("Ozone and the Politics of Medicine: The Story of a Medical Breakthrough," Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences "Outstanding Documentary," Threshold Films, Inc.)


BENEFICENT GOVERNMENT? For over 50 years, the FDA has been responsible for evaluating and approving all drugs; that is, substances "for the prevention, treatment, mitigation, or cure of disease." Within that 50 years, the FDA has failed to approve a single substance freely available over the counter for the prevention of any major disease. (Robert S. McCaleb, member of the President's Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels.)


MAGIC PLAYS BALL, again. Hundreds of former HIV positive individuals are now HIV negative after undergoing oxygen or ozone therapy - available in Canada, Cuba, Germany, Italy and many other countries, but not "approved" by the FDA in the U.S., despite over 100 years of safe use, including treatment for cancer. Critics cite FDAs ties to pharmaceutical interests, which cannot patent ozone, but can sell the highly toxic AZT to AIDS patients. David Wang, a Canadian physician who supports ozone therapy writes that "[O]xygen therapies are the embodiment of a drug company owner's worst nightmare: people who use enough of it simply stop buying virtually ever other pharmaceutical product." Medical doctors who use ozone therapy in the U.S. must do so at the risk of license revocation and fines. Nevertheless, the Journal of the American Society of Hematology, a peer reviewed Journal, notes in its October 1, 1992 issue in an article titled "inactivation of HIV virus type 1 by ozone in vitro," that ozone is 97%-100% effective in getting rid of the AIDS virus. "Many respected American and European medical researchers have stated that ozone/oxygen mixtures can eliminate HIV in humans, animals and blood without any side effects," states Wang. ("Oxygen: the breath of life," by David Wang, N.D., 604-1200 Burrard St., Vancouver, BC V6Z 2C7, 604-687-0119.)


"THAT'S JUST NOT RIGHT" said seventeen-year-old Billy Best, the cancer patient who ran away from hove to avoid his chemotherapy treatments. He is now cancer free after using alternative treatments. "There are a lot of things out there for people like me. People should have a choice," her said, in response to hearing that his treatments, Essiac tea, an herbal tea remedy, and 714X (developed by Canadian researcher Gaston Naessens as an injection of camphor, nitrogen and organic sales, which kills abnormal cells in the bloodstream and builds up the body's immune defense), were not approved by the FDA. "Now, I don't have any side effects," and Best referring to the awful side effects of his chemotherapy... "Cancer patients should know that there are other treatments available."


(Reprint, Well Being Journal, May/June 1996 edition)


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