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"Americans are taking up natural remedies as never before. We spend some $6 billion annually on nutritional supplements - vitamins, minerals, herbs - and the market is growing by 20% every year." Newsweek, May 6, 1996

"Americans today are spending more than $165 million a year for the (homeopathic) preparations, and sales are rising 20-25% annually." Time, 1996

"According to the World Health Organization, 65-80% of the world's health care services can be classified as 'alternative.'" Los Angeles Times, January, 1996

While natural health and medicine were once dismissed as "fringe," alternatives to conventional medicine have become viable and respected avenues for consumers and health professionals. With the public's increasing awareness of natural health comes the challenge of shifting through the mountains of information being published and fed to them from a variety of sources. Another challenge is how to access that information.

Now, with the advent of the Internet, easy access to all kinds of health information is possible for millions of consumers and health professionals. For natural health information, HealthWorld Online ( is the most comprehensive site on the Internet, and the only site that completely integrates conventional and natural health information.

Since its debut in March, HealthWorld Online has received accolades from consumers, health professionals and the media. Articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and more than a score of other newspapers. HealthWorld Online was named to InterEdge's Top 40 Internet Sites, and also received USA Today Online's Hot Site of the Day award.

HealthWorld Online is unique in its depth of information. Eleven major information centers covering all aspects of natural health care provide more than 15,000 pages of authoritative content, fully searchable by key word and concept. For consumers and healthcare practitioners alike, HealthWorld Online is an unprecedented resource for information on alternative and natural health. Here are just a few notable features:

Health Professionals' Guide - Twelve special services targeted to health professionals.

Library of Health and Medicine - thousands of valuable resources, including: The Textbook of Natural Medicine, from Bastyr University. Exclusive online edition of the Nutritional Influences on Illness, by Dr. Melvin Werbach - 3,000 pages of nutritional research from leading medical journals. Herbalgram - the award-winning professional medical journal.

Medline - HealthWorld Online is the only site on the Internet where users can access Medline, the database of the National Library of Medicine, absolutely free of charge.

Dr. Tom Ferguson, world-renowned author of Health Online and leader in the movement to medical self-care, is the site manager of HealthWorld Online's Self Care Center, and answers users' questions at "Ask Doc Tom."

Professional Association Network - hosting the websites of over 25 leading professional associations in complementary medicine.

Health Clinic - a comprehensive source of information, featuring: Natural remedies on over 200 diseases and conditions. 260 5 to 8 minute audio tapes from leading experts in natural medicine, including nutritional medicine expert Jonathan Wright, MD.

Classic Natural Health Books - A selection of out-of-print classic natural health books in full text, including Holistic Medicine by Dr. Ken Pelletier, professor, Stanford University.

Global Health Calendar - the Internet's most comprehensive listing of health-related events, symposiums, seminars and more.

From online CME courses, Medline, Natural Medicine Textbooks and Research Reports and Complementary Medicine Journals, to monographs on complementary medicine approaches to more than 200 diseases, HealthWorld Online is unparalleled in its scope and ease of use. In addition, HealthWorld Online's Advisory Board reads like a Who's Who in natural and conventional medicine.


HealthWorld Online
Advisory Board

Don Ardell, PhD Editor, Ardell Wellness Report

Mark Blumenthal Executive Director American Botanical Council

David Bresler, PhD, LAc Associate Clinical Professor Department of Anesthesiology UCLA School of Medicine

Tom Ferguson, MD Senior Associate Center for Clinical Computing Harvard School of Medicine President, Self-Care Productions

James Gordon, MD Clinical Professor Depts. of Psychiatry & Family Medicine Georgetown University Medical School

Elmer Green, PhD Director Emeritus Center for Applied Psychophysiology The Menninger Clinic

Elson M. Haas, MD Medical and Creative Director Preventive Medical Ctr. of Marin, Inc.

Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD Editor-in-Chief Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine President Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation

Michael Janson, MD Vice-President, APMA

Lynn Keegan, PhD, RN Past President, AHNA

Julian Kenyon, MD, (England) Director The Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine

Thomas Kruzel, ND President, AANP

Susan Lark, MD Stanford University Medical School Dept. of Family and Community Med.

George Lewith, MA, MRCGP, MRCP, (England) Editor-in-Chief Complementary Therapies in Medicine

Patricia Norris, PhD Director Life Sciences Institute for Mind/Body Health

Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD (hc) Senior Research Fellow Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention Joseph Pizzorno, ND President, Bastyr University

Judith Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, MSW, DHANP President International Fdtn. for Homeopathy

Martin Rossman, MD Co-director Academy for Guided Imagery

Beverly Rubik, PhD Director Institute for Frontier Sciences

Bernie Siegel, MD Founder, Exceptional Cancer Patients

Dana Ullman, MPH President Homeopathic Educational Services

Melvyn Werbach, MD Assistant Clinical Professor UCLA School of Medicine Author Nutritional Influences on Illness

Thomas R. Yarema, MD Staff Physician Emergency Medicine Department Sharp Cabrillo Hospital

Janet Zand, OMD, LAc Author, Lecturer, and Founder of Zand Herbal Products

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