HIV/AIDS Hypothesis Questioned
But Ayurvedic Indian "AIDS Curer" May Have Started
a New Wave of Immuno-Supportive Treatments

By Scott E. Miners

"The HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hell of a mistake," said Kary B. Mullis, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 1993. Mullis made his comment in professor (of cell biology at UC Berkeley) Peter Duesberg's exhaustive book Inventing the AIDS Virus. (Duesberg is a pioneer in the discovery of the HIV family of viruses.) Duesberg claims that the war on AIDS has been fought in the "name of the virus-AIDS hypothesis, which holds that HIV, the AIDS virus, is a new cause of thirty old diseases, including Kaposi's sarcoma, tuberculosis, dementia, pneumonia, weight loss, diarrhea, leukemia, and twenty-three others."

He continues: "If any of these previously known diseases now occurs in a patient who has antibodies against HIV (but rarely ever any HIV), then his or her disease is diagnosed as AIDS and is bamed on HIV. If the same disease occurs in a patient without HIV-antibodies, his or her disease is diagnosed by its old name and blamed on conventional chemical or microbial causes_: Kaposi's sarcoma + HIV-antibody =s AIDS; Kaposi's sarcoma - HIV-antibody =s Kaposi's sarcoma. Tuberculosis + HIV-antibody =s AIDS; Tuberculosis - HIV-antibody =s Tuberculosis."

Duesberg says, "Something is very wrong with this picture." Indeed, AIDS help groups such as Healthcare Education AIDS Liason (HEAL) in Seattle, Washington, based on the leadership of Duesberg and other scientists, question the entire AIDS hypothesis in their outreach literature: "When the doctors and scientists who invented the AIDS virus start to back step, you must wonder if they've been telling us the truth," notes a recent HEAL brochure. It quotes Dr. Luc Montagnier, the discoverer of HIV: "HIV may be harmless."

Indeed, most of the drugs prescribed for "AIDS" cause the kinds of symptoms attributed to HIV/AIDS. Regarding the strong evidence that HIV in fact may be harmless, Mullis says (in Inventing the AIDS Virus), "We have not been able to discover why doctors prescribe a toxic drug called AZT (Zidovudine) to people who have no other complaint than the presence of antibodies to HIV in their blood. In fact, we cannot understand why humans would take that drug for any reason."

Dave Rasnick, Ph.D., a designer of protease inhibitors, asserts "AIDS drugs, including AZT, ddi, 3TC, d4t, and protease inhibitors_together cause diarrhea, nausea, fungal infections, kidney stones, and weakness [and] usually cost about $20,000 per year._ AZT was approved [by the FDA] in record time, and has led to the premature death of thousands of `AIDS patients.' " Duesberg notes: "[many of these drugs appear to cause AIDS-like symptoms on their own._ AZT_[was] originally developed for chemotherapy to kill human cancer cells, and [brings] with [it] all the usual effects: hair loss, muscle degeneration, anemia, nausea, and vomiting." As the great Indian homeopath B. Bhattacharyya noted, "To try to save life by crude methods is a delusion."

Michael Martinez, author of an insightful,well-referenced paper ("Why HIV Does not Cause AIDS and AIDS is not Contagious," published on the Internet by states that HIV and AIDS are not synonymous. In fact, there are very many HIV+ individuals who have never suffered from AIDS. Indeed, Martinez asserts that Dr. Robert Gallo did sloppy science when he announced the HIV virus was the cause of AIDS. His hypothesis remains unproven today. The toxic drug AZT is now the leading cause of AIDS in America.

On the other hand, there has been starkly contrasting evidence that non-toxic drug and non-drug treatments for AIDS-related syndrome have not only rebuilt the immune systems of AIDS patients, but have helped many HIV positive individuals become HIV negative: Ozone therapy (banned by the FDA in the U.S.); combinations in various degrees of natural foods and vitamin supplemented diets, support groups, positive imagery, the will to live, massage therapy, prayer. Rasnick questions: Does the fact that these interventions are working and not the toxic drugs mean that the original AIDS hypothesis that HIV causes AIDS is wrong?

Notwithstanding the evidence that all the billions of dollars of NIH funded AIDS research has netted neither a drug cure nor one causal factor, such as a virus, let's look at some remarkable results in the treatment of the symptoms of AIDS and enhancement of HIV positive patients by Ayurveda.

The science of life in India is Ayurveda. Ayu, a Sanskrit term, means life, and veda means knowledge, or science. Ayurveda views health as an unlimited composite of all of the features of life. Human life is not seen as separate from its environment, even cosmically. So, Ayurvedic practitioners incorporate all aspects of healing into their practices: Herbs, foods, physical therapies such as massage, oils, spirituality and even modern medicine. Ayurvedic professionals look for balance in the body and mind.

Dr. Sudhir Borgonha, M.D., an Indian physician writing for a South Indian publication titled Family Health (June, 1995), summarizes scanty reports and anecdotes circulating mostly in small Indian periodicals, weeklys, monthlys and even in the Times of India, about T.A. Majeed, an Ayurvedic pharmacist who formulated a combination of herbs, largely by "chance" that has been directly associated with healing of AIDS-related syndrome.

Borgonha admits that Ayurveda conjures up images of quackery and potion-pushing amongst medical professionals in India, much like Western or Chinese herbology does for many allopathic medical practitioners in the West. However, Borgonha investigates the reports of cures for AIDS that have circulated regarding Majeed's Fair Pharma in Kochi in the state of Kerala, India, hoping either to "bust the racket" or see if there is any substance to the stories printed and the claims by Majeed.

Majeed, it turns out, was already convinced about the positive effects of herbal therapy on the human immune system. He knew allopathic medicine was not finding a treatment for AIDS. Majeed studied Ayurvedic medicine for years (though he is not a physician) looking for a way to boost the immune system. He became convinced that a solution was in a combination of just over twenty assorted herbs (see inset).

By chance a friend from the army happened to mention to him an herb that boosts immune function. Majeed added that herb to his formula, and called it ImmunoQR. Enter Chitra Soman. Chitra, a college student had unknowingly married (an arranged marriage) an AIDS patient who died a year after the wedding. Just three days after his death, Chitra gave birth on March 9, 1992 to his baby girl. Both Chitra and the girl were HIV positive, and suddenly became social outcasts. Chitra refused Majeed's offer of the ImmunoQR compound because he was not a doctor.

Majeed then met with an HIV positive patient named Baburaj, who had been in the news. Baburaj agreed to take the medicine. Within fifteen days Baburaj wrote to Majeed to tell him that he felt better and was gaining weight. Majeed forwarded the letter to Chitra, who then agreed to take a course of treatment. Chitra was tested to be HIV negative on October 31, 1992. Baburaj was pronounced HIV negative on October 16th, 1992.

"some of these allopaths have been sending their
friends and relatives to me for the medicine privately"

Majeed had given his formula to over 2,000 patients as of February, 1995. "Excepting a few," he said to The Statesman, of New Delhi, "all have been cured." He stated that, as in the cases with Chitra and Baburaj, it takes about fifty days of treatment, and the patient fully recovers. After ninety days the patient is normal. He also commented that no medical authorities or hospitals will give Chitra or other patients a certificate proving them to be HIV negative. "[They are] not willing," he stated, "to accept that someone from an ancient system of medicine has found a cure to the deadly virus, whereas they have failed despite years of research. But some of these allopaths have been sending their friends and relatives to me for the medicine privately."

Borgonha asked Majeed about doing a scientific inquiry with his formula, detailing the chemistry of the compounds, discovering the method by which each acts and then doing laboratory and clinical trials. Majeed says, "If I try to do this it might take 1000 years. Meanwhile, thousands are suffering. Why not help them?" Majeed is amenable to any form of trial.

Borgonha concludes his investigation: "I am convinced [Majeed's] medication is the culmination of years of hard work driven by a firm conviction and supported by the principles of Ayurveda. The documentary evidence is overwhelming in support of his cure._[He] is extremely knowledgeable about developments in the AIDS field, right from the structure _ to the latest tests and treatment options available._ As an allopath and a scientist, I will not claim that [Immuno-QR] works. I am all for further trials. On the other hand, if I or a family member contacted the [illness], I would have no hesitancy in taking a full course. What else can you offer an AIDS patient?"


George Eassey, O.M.D., a doctor of Oriental Medicine was treating AIDS patients with traditional Chinese medicine in Monterey, California. He read a story about Majeed in the New York-based Malayalam Pathram. He contacted the Journal to learn about Majeed. The year was 1991. Eassey had come from Kerala, the State where Majeed operates his pharmacy. Eassey made a trip to India to investigate. He studied the lab results in Kochi, and soon became convinced the formula had merit. He decided to bring the treatment to the U.S.

Though hopeful, Eassey was cautious, as none of the Indian patients had ever taken AZT or other immuno-suppressant drugs due to their high cost. How would U.S. patients who had taken such drugs respond?

"Since 1992," reports the May, 1995 Europa Times, Europe's largest circulation English Language paper, "Eassey has combined Immuno-QR with a Western fitness and nutritional regime to treat more than forty AIDS sufferers with remarkable results." The press in the U.S. has reported very little of his results or Majeed's story.

An interview with Eassey was broadcast by the University of Washington's KCMV radio station on January 3, 1995. Eassey is forthcoming. He asserts that his medicine reverses AIDS symptoms, and he urges extensive clinical testing. To date, that is yet to happen.

Eassey freely offers his evidence for the efficacy of the treatment: Starting in January, 1992, and continuing through January, 1995 he conducted a study involving 49 patients. Each entered the study in various stages of HIV/ARC/AIDS. Of the original subjects, 28 were lost to follow-up due to the lack of laboratory data. The remaining 21 patients were traced over a period ranging from 6 to 40 months.

Of these 21 tracked patients, 6 observed complete reversal of AIDS related symptoms and were clinically tested HIV negative at the completion of the protocol. Moreover, in 99% of the 21 patients significant clinical improvement was observed (weight gain, decreased fatigue, lymphadenopathy, better sleep) as well as improvement in HIV related complications (fever, oral thrush, diarrhea, myalgia, skin rashes, cough, herpes zoster_).

Additionally, CD4 count increased or remained stable in 89% of the patients, and this was clinically proven even in the patients with "full blown" AIDS who entered the study with initial CD4 cell counts at a level below 200. (CD4 is a molecule receptor that characteristically appears on T-4 lymphocyte cells.) There have been 6 other patients over and above these 21 tracked patients who have declined to release any kind of laboratory data; nevertheless, these individuals also appear to be leading normal lives.

Eduardo Garcia alone, of the 49 patients in Eassey's study, was willing to come forward with his story. Garcia was tested HIV positive in April, 1991. He heard of Majeed through friends, and then of Eassey. Garcia had already started eating healthy food, including an increase in vegetables and vitamin supplements. He did not take AZT or other drugs. He began his program with Eassey in October, 1993.

His program was to continue for 50 days. Interestingly, since 1986 Garcia had been suffering from arthritis and inflammation in his right knee and hand. He also had glandular swelling. By the third week of his program all inflammation and rheumatic symptoms were gone. He began to feel more energetic, and his appetite increased. He experienced no adverse side-effects.

When he completed the treatment, he feared taking the test again, thinking he didn't want to be HIV positive. So, he took the program again, for 50 more days, just to make sure, knowing Majeed's formula was effective in killing not only the HIV virus, but others as well. He completed this round in April of 1994. He received emotional support from friends, which he felt was very important. He was without even a minor illness during this time. This gave him the confidence to try the HIV test again. On July 4, 1994 he tested HIV negative.

He found this hard to believe, so, he tested again on July 27, 1994. Again the test showed him to be HIV negative. Today he leads a life full of gratitude. He shares his experience, which he calls a "miracle cure" with anyone wishing to hear. (Eassey has a video-taped interview with Garcia telling his story.)

Dr. Eassey notes that researchers in the field of AIDS have widely accepted that long-term survivors of AIDS are people using some form of natural or complementary/alternative therapy. The open-minded have concluded that AIDS is not necessarily a fatal disease.

Eassey runs The Healing Foundation (P.O. Box 6891, Bellevue, Washington, 425-603-1457). The basic protocol for his treatment program consists of interview, blood count, blood chemistry and immune status assessement by laboratory values. All patients take the herbal Immuno-QR compound. Some were treated with Ayurvedic herbal formulas Sitopaladi Churna and Chyawanprash. In addition, abstinence from alcohol, cigarettes or recreational drugs was required.

The program also consists of nutritional, psychological and spiritual counseling components. Eassey continues to treat patients and present his findings to interested research institutions. He hopes not only to continue to treat patients, but also to clinically research what appears to be a remarkable Ayurvedically centered treatment.


Scott E. Miners is a writer and is editor of the Well Being Journal, P.O. Box 1542, North Bend, WA 98045, 425-888-9393. This article may be reprinted for publication for a fee of $50, payable to Miners at above address.


Composition of Immuno-QR
(According to Charaka's Classification of Drugs)
Embelica - Phyllantis
Glycyrrhiza Glabra
Adhatoda Vasica
Tinospora Cardifolia
Vitis Vinifera
Tinospora Cardifolia
Sugar Cane
Cypern Rotundus
Santalum Album
Zingiber Officnale
Piper Longam
Asparagus Racemosus
Curcuma Angustafolia
Indian Winter Cherry
Periploca Indica
Tiarldaum Ind
Plumbago Zeylanica
Syzygium Gambolanum
Pinus Deodara
Terminalia Chebula
Spaeranthus Indica

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