Letter to

Mr. Barry McCaffrey, Office of National Drug Control Policy

January 8, 1997

Mr. Barry R. McCaffrey
Office of National Drug Control Policy
750 17th Street, N.W., 8th Floor
Washington, DC 20503

Dear Mr. McCaffrey:

Greetings! I just read your letter to the Editor in the San Francisco Chronicle... You stated that "A central tenet of our drug control strategy is to protect the integrity of the American medical system and the factual process on which it is based." Let me point out that America's biggest drug problem is not street drugs, but legal drugs... alcohol, nicotine, sugar, and a vast variety of pharmaceutical agents such as prozac, valium, the barbiturates, AZT and various chemotherapeutic agents, to name a few... These legal allopathic drugs have created a vast financial empire (medical industrial complex) which is undermining the health and wealth of this great nation... Any objective evaluation of the current allopathic medical model will clearly indicate that the vast majority of legal drugs are exorbitantly expensive, ineffective and, in many cases, blatantly dangerous...

For years, we in the wholistic medical community have watched the war on drugs fail... The vast majority of Americans (including politicians) are unwilling to acknowledge that the war on drugs is a total failure... Why!? Please refer to the enclosed article "On Drugs Violence and Vegetarianism"...

While we appreciate your efforts to reduce drug use and its consequences, it is obvious to any clear thinking objective American that your efforts need to be refocused... Specifically, drugs need to be decriminalized, and through a compassionate educational process, people need to know the health and societal consequences of both legal and illegal drugs...

Enclosed for your review is an in-depth look at "drugs" from both a wholistic, spiritual and naturopathic perspective... It is time to expand our horizons on this vitally important issue, and bring to the table enlightened perspectives which will serve to defuse the drug problem... The Marijuana issue is important, as it allows for a new dialog to commence... The bottom line is that people need to take greater responsibility for their health, and know that being drug-free is the way to go...

Your feedback is most appreciated...


Medical Director
The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation

Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.

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