Dear Friends:

Greetings! We urge you to join us in a letter writing campaign which is calling for the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. This form letter will be sent to our respective elected officials, as well as the Secretary of Agriculture, Mr. Dan Glickman...

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Through this powerful grass-roots effort, we have a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the power of positive social action in assuring ourselves and future generations of a healthy, organic food supply. The importance of this issue is clearly expressed below:

Mr. Robert Shapiro, C.E.O.
800 N. Lindbergh Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63167

Dear Mr. Shapiro:

Greetings!... On behalf of myself and the wholistic, environmental and organic communities, I am writing to voice our profound concern regarding your company's flagrant disregard for the health of the Global Community, and the health of the Planet itself...

As you are well aware, there is a growing resistance both here and abroad for genetically engineered foods. The key to feeding the world lies not in genetically engineered foods, but in the implementation of sustainable, organic farming practices... Make no mistake about it, healthy soil and healthy plants create healthy people... Awareness is growing, and being confirmed by the objective scientific community, that the dramatic increase in cancer is directly related to the increase in environmental toxins - as found in our air, water, soil and food...

No amount of "green washing" is going to convince me and millions of other health conscious people that genetically engineered foods are life sustaining... I can assure you that allowing the free market "free reign," you will discover that people want organic food.

I realize this is a threat to your profits, and hence you are caught in a profound dilemma, since you have "bet the bank" that bio-engineered foods are the key to solving the world's future food requirements... I, along with millions of health conscious people worldwide, support the awareness that the key to personal and planetary health and prosperity lies in sustainable agriculture, the under-consumption of food, and the availability of healthy and vital organic foods for everyone...

On June 3rd, I attended the "Hazards of Genetic Engineering on Our Health and the Environment Conference". I was shocked to learn that Monsanto, with the "blessings" of the FDA, is apparently illegally circumventing existing laws designed to protect and safeguard our food supply. In light of this and other disturbing scientific revelations, we are holding Monsanto and the FDA accountable for the immediate labeling of all genetically engineered organisms, along with a moratorium on the further introduction of genetically engineered organisms... In addition, we are demanding strong scientific evidence as to their inherent safety, and that the valid ecological concerns regarding these new products are scientifically addressed... I can assure you that until these issues are honestly addressed, there will be progressive and intense resistance to genetically engineered foods...

On Thursday, June 17th, Mothers For Natural Law delivered 500,000 signatures to the President, Congress, USDA, FDA and EPA, calling for the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. Need we say more?

In Service To Humanity,

Da Vid, M.D.
Medical Director, The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation
Founder, The Light Party
20 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite A156
Mill Valley, CA 94941

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