As a physician, I am concerned regarding the number of abortions performed in this country. I believe we must first take a compassionate position here, and acknowledge the fact that human sexuality is a complex issue.

The solution to this real and/or imagined problem lies in education. We need to acknowledge that kids grow up real fast in this culture and we all need to have a deeper understanding of the sacredness of life, sex and love. The "problem" is that nature created sex to be a highly enjoyable experience and since the pleasure principle rules (nature's way to make sure the species perpetuates itself) we need to move from a position of self righteous puritanical denial to a deeper understanding of the profound biological drive inherent within all of us.

Coming to go grips with our sexuality is a process of mental, emotional and spiritual development. We need to address the fundamental issue early on in our schools. Youngsters need to be respected for their inherent sexual proclivities and taught how to channel their sexual energies in positive, creative ways. Personally, I would like to see yoga introduced into the school systems early on, as well as introducing human awareness courses so that youngsters have the experiential knowledge to consciously deal with their biological programming.

Children need to be taught to love and honor their bodies, as well as to deeply understand the responsibilities that go with the sexual act. Girls/Women need to take the lead in instructing their fiiends/lovers that the gift of sexuality has tremendous responsibilities associated with it.

Ideally, abortions obviously are to be prevented if possible since it creates a tremendous amount of pain (shame, guilt) for those involved. When and if regrettably an abortion becomes an issue for the women, we need to respect that ultimately the choice of whether to conceive or abort is the woman's ultimate decision. To "guilt trip" the individuals and Physicians involved under the context of dogmatic religious morality, in my opinion, is profoundly counterproductive. What right do we have to condemn and/or judge this highly personal subjective experience? Compassion and genuine guidance from parents and/or counselors is what is required at this time.

In closing, let me summarize by saying that I feel that enlightened sexuality education is what is needed so that abortions become increasingly a thing of the past.

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