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Homeopathy Home Page -
Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute -- Offers the world's largest selection
of uncensored vaccine information including up-to-date vaccination laws,
vaccine books, and other hard to find vaccine resources from around the
world. Also offers numerous alternative health solutions.

American Gulf War Veterans Association
Captain Joyce Riley's site provides information and services available for
veterans and others suffering with chronic fatigue/GWS related symptoms.
Check it out.

Cancer Class Action Suit
The intelligent way to fight back and help humanity--A class action lawsuit
is developing on behalf of cancer victims and those injured by vaccines.
People harmed by chemo or radiation therapies, and vaccine injuries,
particularly those related to cancer and immune system problems should link
to Dr. Lew Brenneman's website. Then mail him your medical records to become part of the class!

Center For Complex Infectious Diseases (CCID)
Bridges laboratory research and clinical practice to gain a better
understanding of infections in the development of immune system disorders.
Specializes in the detection of persistent viral infections using advanced
methods, particularly stealth-virus infections causing neurological,
rheumatological, and psychiatric illnesses such as chronic fatigue and AIDS.

Concerned Parents For Vaccine Safety
A fabulous grassroots resource link containing what's hot and what's not in
the realm of vaccines and immunizations. From basic facts about vaccinations
to political action activities and resources, including a meeting calendar
and bulletin board, this site is among the best!

Holistic Healing - Health Web Page
A very user friendly site with helpful self-healing advice and dozens of
networking resources in alternative medicine.

Holictic Internet Community
Here you will find essays written by varied holistic practitioners, authors,
and service providers. This searchable index is where you will find the
practitioners and product providers who will help you promote the healing

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)
The ICPA, a non-profit organization, who perceived the need for more
information, training and research in the field of chiropractic pediatrics.

National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
Operated by Dissatisfied Parents Together (DPT) this is the oldest and
largest national nonprofit educational organization advocating reformation of
the mass vaccination system.

NotMilk Homepage
Robert Cohen, the author of "Milk: The Deadly Poison" provides a fascinating
site for anyone interested mad cow disease or dairy industry related toxins.

For the latest and best on oxygenation therapies for clearing the blood of
fungi, bacteria, and viruses, and more, be sure to access this website.

Ozone Therapies
Description: A site providing information on oxygen therapies as an
alternative health care modality with literature and links to others in
alternative medicine and research.

WorldWide Wellness Resources
Provides resources for Whole Living, a comprehensive database of alternative and holistic health information, and a growing professional directory of Holistic Goods and Services at the forefront of mind/body/spirit research.

E- The Environental Magazine
An independant, non-profit publication. E's influence is felt far beyond its
subscriber list. Phone: (203) 854-5559/X106;


Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola - Nature, Accident, or Genocide?. Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Tetrahedron Inc. Rockport MA. (800) 336-9266.

The AIDS War: Propoganda, Profiteering, and Genocide from the Medical- Industrial Complex. John Lauritson, Aesculapius Press, New York, NY.

AIDS INC.: Scandal of the Century. John Rappoport, Human Energy Press, Foster City, CA.

You Don't Have to Die: Unraveling the AIDS Myth. The Burton Goldberg Group, Future Medicine Publishing, Inc. (800) 990-9499.

Rethinking AIDS. Robert Root-Bernstein, The Free Press, New York, NY.

AIDS: Passageway to Transformation. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., and Caroline M. Myss, Stillpoint Publishing, New York, NY.

A World Without AIDS. Leon Chaitow, D.O., N.D., and Simon Martin, Thorsons Publishing Group, London, England.

Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. The Burton Goldberg Group, Future Medicine Publishing, Inc. (800) 990-9499.

The Cure for HIV and AIDS. Hulda R. Clark, Ph.D., N.D. ProMotion Publishing, San Diego, CA. (619) 490-1400.

Healing AIDS Naturally. Laurence Badgley, M.D. Healing Energy Press, Foster City, CA.

Spontaneous Healing, Andrew Weil, M.D.

Quantum Healing. Deepak Chopra, M.D., Bantam Books, New York, NY.

Love, Medicine & Miracles. Bernard Siegal, M.D., HarperPerennial.

Oxygen Therapies. Ed McCabe, Energy Publications, Morrisville, NY.

The McDougall Plan. John McDougall, M.D., and Mary McDougall, New Century Publishing, Inc., Piscataway, NJ.

Words That Heal Today. Ernest Holmes, Dodd, Mead & Company, New York, NY.

Nine Ounces: A Nine Part Program for Prevention of AIDS in HIV Positive Persons. Bob Flaws, Blue Poppy Press, Boulder, CO.

AIDS, Macrobiotics, and Natural Immunity. Michio Kushi, Japan Publications, Briarcliff, MA.


American Spirit. Spirituality, Down To Earth, Health, Family, Transformation. Berkeley, California. USA. (510) 848-7673.

Free Spirit Magazine. Spirituality, Wholistic Health, Self Transformation. Brooklyn, NY (718)638-3733.

New Frontier. Spirituality, Wholistic Health, Self Transformation. Asheville, NC (704) 251-0109.

Body Mind Spirit. Spirituality, Wholistic Health, Self Transformation, Providence, RI (401) 351-4320.

New Age Journal. Spirituality, Wholistic Health, Self Transformation, Watertown, MA (617) 926-0200.

Townsend Newsletter For Doctors. Examines and substantiates the efficacy of non-invasive healing techniques from the progressive medical community. Port Townsend, WA (206) 385-6021.

Well Being Journal. Scientific articles which support the naturopathic treatment of dis-eases, including HIV/AIDS. North Bend, WA (206) 888-9393.

Brain/Mind Bulletin. Reports on the latest scientific advances in brain/mind research. Los Angeles, CA (800) 553-6463.

Perceptions Magazine. Leading-edge publication which explores the new paradigm of Health, Peace and Freedom. Culver City, CA (310) 398-1705.

The Christian Science Monitor. There is no dis-ease in Universal Mind. Boston, MA (617) 450-2652.

To Your Health. Wholistic health newspaper. Brooklyn, NY (718) 921-3131.

Healthmap. Fitness and wholistic health. New York, NY (212) 925-0222.

Explore More. Excellent bi-monthly magazine which explores the latest advances in "alternative medicine" Mt. Vernon, WA (360) 424-6025.


International Bio-oxdative Medical Foundation. Oklahoma City, OK (405) 478-IBOM, ext. 4266.

Medizone International, Inc. Patented process for pharmaceutical ozone. New York, NY (212) 421-0303.

American College for Advancements in Medicine (ACAM). Laguna Hills, CA (800) 532-3688.

AIDS Medicine & Miracles. A U.S. non-profit organization coordinating holistic retreats for people living and working with HIV/AIDS. Boulder, CO (800) 875- 8770.

AIDS Project Los Angeles. Los Angeles, CA (213) 962-1600.

Spiritual Rights Foundation. Clairvoyant readings and healings. (510) 549- 1991.

Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis. San Francisco, CA (415) 775-1984.

Homeopathic Educational Foundation. Berkeley, CA (510) 649-0294.

Project AIDS International. Los Angeles, CA (213) 857-0809.

Bastyr University. Naturopathic College. Seattle, WA (206) 632-0354.

Orthomolecular Medical Society. Addresses the latest advances in the nutritional approaches to dis-ease. Dr. Richard Kunin (415) 346-2500.

International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Royal Oak, MI (810) 549-5594.

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