No More Ritalin:
Treating ADHD Without Drugs

by Mary Ann Block, DO

Kensington Publishing Corp., 850 Third Ave., New York, NY 10022 USA1996, softcover, $14 US, $18 Canada, 144pp.

Dr. Block tells it like it is, and everything she says about Ritalin and the anti-depressives can be said for most of the pharmaceutical drugs. Ethics have been drowned in a vast sea of money.

IT'S ALL ABOUT DRUGS, it's not about health care. If 3 million people are on Ritalin, imagine the profit for the drug company. A conservative estimate of $30 a month creates revenues of over $1 billion for one drug for one drug company.

"No More Ritalin" is anecdotal, albeit written by a physician. It is a shocking indictment of mainstream medicine and an expose' of the alarming drug assault on American children. Written for the public, every parent, every educator, and every health practitioner should take this book to heart. The drug treatment of ADHD shows a frightening pattern in medical practice today, with implications which threaten the health of everyone.

(Excerpt from "Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients," July 1998 edition)

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