Hypnotherapy, the healing benefits
Unleashing The power of the Mind!

Did you know that just being in a hypnotized state has extraordinary mental and physical benefits?  Yes, this is a fact. Even if no suggestions are ever given to you while you are hypnotized the benefits of hypnosis are absolutely positive. The following are normal and often common benefits of the hypnotized state of mind and body.

1)    Hypnosis can help promote a deeper, healthier breathing pattern: Unfortunately many of us do not breathe in a healthy manner. Our busy lifestyles often cause us to breathe in small rapid breaths using the small muscles of the chest.  Breathing in small rapid breaths using the small muscles of the chest makes a person feel tense. While slow, deep breathing with the large muscles of the abdomen creates feelings of calmness.  Approximately 90% of all Hypnotic sessions begin with deep breathing exercises.  ãDisordered breathing can also cause a broad array of frightening symptoms including mental fog, dizziness, irritability, chest pain, feeling numb and more. Worsening symptoms then disrupt breathing further.ä Dr. Richard Podell, M.D., Medical director of the Podell and King Medical Practice.

2)    Hypnosis relieves stress and tension:  Recent studies indicate that nearly 80 percent of all illness is stress related. Stress puts a strain on every bodily system and function. Stress disrupts healthy sleep patterns, weakens our immune system and increases sensitivity to pain. Stress often elevates cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well. The hypnotic state is a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. As a result of deep mental and physical relaxation stress levels are reduced and everything in your body tends to function better. Relaxing deeply on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

(See **Note**)

3)    Many body functions ãslow downä when in a state of Hypnosis:  Hypnotic relaxation, tends to slow the heart rate, lower respirations and lower blood pressure. As a result several major body systems get a chance to ãrestä so to speak. (See **Note**)

4)    Muscles naturally relax in hypnosis:  Tension and relaxation cannot exist in the same muscle at the same time. When you breathe deeply a higher quantity of oxygen is delivered to the bloodstream. As a result blood vessels expand carrying more oxygenated blood to the muscles. This in turn causes the muscles to become soft and relaxed. When muscles are soft and relaxed you tend to experience a sense of peacefulness and well being. When muscles are soft and relaxed you feel better. Tense muscles may, and usually do, exacerbate sensations of pain and discomfort. Chronic aches and pains are often reduced and even eliminated during a hypnotic session. Frequently this relief continues long after the hypnotic session has ended. *Pain. A review panel appointed by the National Institutes of Health found "strong evidence" for the use of hypnosis in alleviating pain associated with cancer* (Journal of the American Medical Association, July 24-31, 1996).   (See **Note**)

5)    Chemical imbalances can be, and often are, lessened in hypnosis:  Deep relaxation can cause your brain to release the ãfeel goodä chemicals that so many of us are lacking due to our hectic lifestyles. When using hypnotic relaxation on a regular basis these ãfeel goodä chemicals often tend to balance out the chemicals that stimulate us. This allows us to function on more of a level planeä so to speak. When chemical imbalances are corrected panic and anxiety attacks are often reduced or eliminated. When we are chemically balanced we gain the sense or feeling of ãbeing in controlä.  When you feel good you are more likely to pursue a healthy lifestyle which includes good eating habits and exercise. (See **Note**)

6)    Regular use of hypnosis may enable and promote the human bodyâs natural abilities to heal:  Hypnotherapy, or trance work, is a group of techniques that allow practitioners and patients to take advantage of the mind-body connection to foster healing.

 Dr. Andrew Weil - Deep relaxation of mind and body on a regular basis promotes a sense of peace, comfort and well-being. It allows our bodily systems to ãslow down and restä.  It reduces muscle tension and this in turn can reduce pain and discomfort. Deep relaxation on a regular basis may promote healthy sleep patterns. Deep restful sleep patterns can also help reduce pain and discomfort.

Poor sleep worsens physical and mental stamina. Poor sleep also increases sensitivity to pain. These, of course, further disrupt sleep.ä Dr. Richard Podell, M.D., Medical director of the Podell and King Medical Practice.  

Reducing stress levels strengthens the immune system and often helps to correct hormone imbalances.  Correcting hormone imbalances may help stabilize blood sugar levels. Also correcting hormone imbalances may and often does reduce or eliminate feelings of panic and anxiety. When we take the time, make the time, to relax deeply on a regular basis our bodies natural healing abilities have a chance to ãtake overä and do their job. Deep relaxation on a regular basis helps us to ãfeel good naturallyä· When we are relaxed and at ease our bodies feel good, our minds function better and we are able the think more clearly. We feel strong and have the sense of power and control we were meant to have.

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