The VegSource

Has extensive vegetarian listings. You'll find authors, experts, over 5,000 recipes, childrens'' resources, links, live chat, and lots of discussion boards (including humor, veggie youth, relationship and the only Star Trek link on a veggie site we've seen - yes, they make the connection). It's well organized, but can be almost overwhelming.

The Vegetarian Pages

Even though it's a UK web page, it is quite relevant and informative to U.S. readers. You'll find vegetarian news, recipes, resources, books, software, famous vegetarians, fact sheets and all kinds of documents. We found a great Mega Index listing many related issues, from animal rights to osteoporosis to the Vegan Bikers Home Page.

Veggies Unite

Has a directory of over 2,700 recipes, book and magazine reviews, a weekly meal planner, substitutions, articles, a composting guide and monthly newsletter. Perhaps one its more unique features is a listing of personal ads for vegetarians around North America.

The Vegetarians Resource Group Journals

They feature an email newsletter, recipes, back issues, articles, a lot of nutritional info. and one of the few vegetarian games on the Net.

The Virtual Vegetarian

Home to the on-line version of the Vegetarian Times magazine. You can find recipes, articles, remedies, Virtual Voices (a list-serve discussion), resources, vegetarian substitutions and links.


Features articles, news, profiles on vegans, music (including the song "Meat is Murder"), archives, book reviews, poetry, recipe links and a science quiz.

The American Dietetic Association's Vegetarian Nutrition site

This Dietetic Practice Group is comprised of ADA members who strongly advocate for vegetarianism. "As the benefits of plant-based foods become well documented, nutrition professionals must remain on the cutting edge to respond to consumer hunger for information on vegetarian diets," says Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition (VN) DPG, in their web page. Check out the new ADA position paper on vegetarianism (1997) and availability of fact sheets.


You'll find lots of tasty info about McDonalds, especially the recent damaging libel suit and its link to the Oprah Winfrey trial in Amarillo last winter. There's some good background on nutrition, politics and fast food in general, including debate rooms, and news. "McDonald's spends over $1.8 billion a year broadcasting their glossy image to the world. This is a small space for alternatives to be heard," says its home page.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest

A great clearinghouse of nutritional info, including their very readable and informative "Nutritional Action Healthletter," facts on organic food labels, Olestra, Alcohol and nutritional news in general. Access to their archives gives plenty of background and critical perspectives often lacking in mainstream media publications.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Is one of the leading and vocal advocates for a vegetarian lifestyle, often challenging media, meat and dairy industry misinformation about nutrition and vegetarianism. Often attacked by the targets they investigate, they prove their effectiveness. Check out their press releases and persuasive articles that help in convincing friends and families about the righteousness of your cause.

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