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On The Headwaters Issues

Protect all the ancient redwood groves.
Headwaters Forest contains the last large remnants of unprotected ancient and residual redwood forest in the world, totalling approximately 14,000 acres. The Headwaters Grove is the heart of Headwaters Forest, and the other five ancient groves are the backbone. All these ancient groves and the additional residual groves are essential for continued survival of the ancient redwood forest ecosystem.

Protect marbled murrelet nesting habitat.
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service recently designated nearly 40,000 acres of Pacific Lumber and Elk River Timber Company land in the Headwaters Forest as critical habitat for the threatened marbled murrelet. Headwaters is one of three remaining nesting areas in California for this small seabird that lives in coastal ancient forests.

Protect coho salmon spawning habitat.
The coho salmon are awaiting listing under the federal Endangered Species Act. Five to ten percent of California's remaining wild coho salmon spawn in the waterways of Headwaters Forest. Especially critical is the 15,000-acre Elk River watershed on the north side of Headwaters, where logging is now underway.

Ensure job security for local workers through restoration and sustainable forestry.
A real solution must include worker retraining and employment in forest and stream restoration, and new, ecologically sustainable methods of forestry. The Clinton Administration can initiate a model sustainable forestry and restoration project for the Redwood Region in the cut over parts of the Headwaters Forest.

Institute a logging moratorium during negotiations.
The Clinton Administration must seek interim protection for Headwaters Forest by insisting that Pacific Lumber Company cease logging, including salvage operations, in the ancient and residual groves during the current negotiation process. It must also negotiate with Elk River Timber Company to protect coho salmon habitat in Northern Headwaters.

No land trades for other ancient forests.
Federal acquisition cannot be accomplished by trading other old-growth forestlands. A Debt for Nature swap can trade Maxxam Corporation's $1.6 billion debt to the American taxpayers for the ancient redwoods of Headwaters Forest.

No restrictions on citizen participation in environmental or judicial review.
The federal acquisition process must not include any agreements that would limit future citizen participation in environmental or judicial review of timber corporations' compliance with environmental laws.

(Excerpt from EPIC Website)

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