Hope of the Wicked:
Master Plan to Rule the World

Ted Flynn's book, 'Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World,' will open your eyes to the greatest deception in modern history. It explores the convergence on a global basis of multinational corporations, foundations and the political and sociological instruments of a one-world government to bring about a New World Order. The book is 550 pages with 82 photographs and 1,200 footnotes, with a strong historical basis to show that there is a global elite working to end the sovereignty of nations, to place all under the United Nations. The recent Labor Day weekend meeting at the U. N. is ample evidence -- 168 world leaders all in one place, the largest gathering of its kind in world history, and yet very little meaningful news coverage.

In this well-documented book, readers will learn the following:

* Is there a conspiracy to rule the world?
* What is the plan to bring America into a one-world order?
* Hundred of quotes from world leaders
* The utopian dream of the United Nations
* The long tentacles of the United Nations in your life
* World taxes and a world court for world citizens
* What is the Federal Reserve and who owns it?
* The links of world businesses, foundations and governments
* What are the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations and
Trilateral Commission?
* What are the authority and mission of FEMA?
* What is the role of the New Age movement and environmentalism in a
world religion?
* The erosion of rights, freedom and national sovereignty
* The need to create chaos to usher in a new world order
* The subversion of the Constitution by Executive Order
* What is the real agenda of secret societies? Technology's theft of
privacy: chips, satellites and tracking
* Is artificial weather modification real?
* Who was the most influential woman of the 20th Century?
* Who are the world players trying to bring change?
* Pulling the plug on the world economy - nearer than you may think
* How will the global elite's plans affect you and your family in the
near future?

The New World Order is not coming - it is here with a vengeance!


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