The impeachment of little Bill is another case of casting the first stone. This time the hypocrites are several hundred men and women who cannot enjoy their power without taking bribes from rich and organized campaign contributors. With so many hypocrites claiming to represent the nation, it's no wonder so many regular people don't vote except that by being that lazy, that despondent, that ignorant, and that timid, they are simply handing over the country to a perverse alliance of global corpo rations, fundamentalists, and militarists.

If it weren't for the many other citizens who try to be loyal to the truth, and meet the great challenge of democratic self-government, it would be a very embarrassing time to be alive. Punitive authoritarian phonies are in the saddle, mugging and denouncing and posing as patriots and democrats. The Senate is led by Trent Lott, a sanctimonious super-creep who gives aid and comfort to white supremacy, which is unconstitutional and a great evil. And he's not the only one.

The moralistic posse of Starrs and Newts and McCollums and Rushes and Henry Snides have spent six years trying to run down a cheesy hairdo whose program is virtually the same as theirs! But little Bill is not as secretive as they are, not as averse to self-criticism or sharing the wealth to some degree. Despite his fronting for the global corporations' program of international economic monopoly, slave labor, and the destruction or neutral ization of national governments; despite B.C.'s pious militarism and brutalitarian oppression of places like Iraq and Cuba in a supposed attempt to control their chiefs of state; and even though little Bill tries to appease the domestic authoritarians at every turn, he and his wife are still much too independent for those who preach the doctrinaire model of absolute, unquestioning obedience to all lies and pronouncements of the primeval and per verse corporate-fundamentalist-militarist alliance.

True-loving patriots in government, military, business, and religion are drowned out by these vile authoritarians. No one is to abide any criticism of United States actions or policy or history; we are supposed to sit down and shut up and let the super-rich suck up our entire social product; we are supposed to let a handful of compulsive emotional cripples take private pos session of our common inheritance, the resources and ecosystems of nature, which were never meant to be turned into toxic dumps, deserts of extinction, and mounds of throwaway packaging.

The right-wing Republicans and Democrats of today are surely as bad for us as the Bolsheviks and other police statists and terrorists they have often claimed to oppose. Today they put on a Disney face and mouth cute advertising language. They try to sound polite and respectable and concerned, yet they betray lit tle emotion as if a flat monotone made them sane and reasonable and wise, when it is more likely that they are absolutely mad, abetting the work of the lunatic fringe and those psychotic glob al planners who dream the ancient nightmare of a new Roman Em pire. They privatize and monopolize the channels of communica tion until virtually no criticism of their totalitarian program, no coverage of regular people, of workers, and of freethinkers, gets aired or printed.

But there are still those of us who stand up and speak out and organize and demand human rights and equality in all our affairs. Those who take the small trouble to vote every couple years for a little less evil; who do what they can today and set their eye and heart on what ought to be done tomorrow. The still small voice endures, despite the noise, the bullying, the propa ganda, and the pressure of the age. It is the voice of the heart and mind, of critical thinking, of decent work, of truth, of the God of all creation as each creature may come to meet that God for themselves, without passive mediation or the forcible imposi tion of orthodoxy. The deep understanding embodied in the soft flowing water of our humane perseverance will eat away the petri fied obstacles of ignorance, divisiveness, brutality, prejudice, and privilege that today block the path of evolution to a life of decent comfort and universal prosperity, mutual respect, and less fear.

(Copyright 1999 by Richard Hack. Free use available to anyone who does not charge others to see it. Originally published in the San Francisco Examiner, February 12, 1999.)

Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.

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