A Libertarian Manifesto For Political Action


by Harry Browne

Harry Browne, a polished speaker and writer who is the Libertarian Party presidential candidate, has produced a compelling case for liberty which ought to take its place alongside the great political manifestos.

Browne presents well thought out libertarian reforms on the federal level.

Highlights, sell 90% of federal government assets - worth an estimated $12 trillion; use a substantial chunk of proceeds to buy needy people an annuity, so that the Social Security scam can be shut down; use most of the balance of proceeds to wipe out the federal debt; cut the federal budget at least in half; repeal the federal income tax, corporate, gift, and estate taxes; end federal affirmative action; phase out federal welfare programs; end drug prohibition; end all federal asset forfeiture cases and restore confiscated property to rightful owners; remove U.S. military forces from foreign soil and from United Nations operations; and end federal regulation of individuals and businesses. Browne's book is especially valuable because it provides persuasive answers to objections people raise about libertarian policies.

He does a fine job communicating key ideas of liberty in terms large numbers of people can respond to.

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Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.

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