Morality or Pathology?

Another horrific act of violence involving children has rocked the country; in only 5 months this is the 4th deadly shooting of school children by other children. Juvenile violence has been growing slowly but steadily in the US in the past 10 to 15 years. What has happened to cause young prepubescent boys to cooly plan and carry out their lethal attacks on their school mates? Is it the erosion of moral values? Or is it a complex and compounded process we are seeing, caused by a number of factors - all moving in the same direction?.

The immediate response has been to introduce legislation allowing the state to try and sentence children as young as six, as adults, including the death penalty. This punitive attitude is part of our growing "law and order" society. Much wringing of hands, praying, and draconian punishment, unfortunately, may not keep this from happening again and again, if we do not look for the causes. There are similarities in the way we practice medicine and the way we treat juvenile violence: by putting all the resources into treating the end result, in medicine, and punishment for the juveniles, rather than preventive measures..

What is missing is some kind of medical and scientific assessment of these children - a specially appointed panel of experts in a variety of fields, perhaps. Not criminologists and DAs, but specialists in child development, environmental medicine, nutritional status, etc. The evidence for environmental causes is monumental..

CHEMICALS: It is standard American medical practice now to inoculate infants a few months old with a variety of chemicals with unknown toxicity. The evidence for the DPT-vaccine causing encephalitis (brain inflammation) is even acknowledged by the FDA and pediatricians, widely documented, and ignored. These vaccinations are constantly being added to - last year the Hepatitis vaccine, acknowledged to affect a small subset population of needle users, prostitutes, etc. This year, a vaccine to prevent ear "infections." Parents must be getting hep to the ineffectiveness of antibiotics and ready for a new approach. Never mind that most cases of otitis medea have been proven to be caused by an allergic reaction to cow's milk, not an infective agent. The dramatic rise in ADHD (learning disabilities) and autism should be a red flag to scientists and public health officials. Added to these injections of chemicals throughout childhood, is the steady assault on young bodies and minds with a staggering array of chemical drugs from Tylenol, other fever reducers, cough medicine, and now Ritalin, Prozac, and other anti-depressants, asthma drugs, etc, to the almost prophylactic use of antibiotics throughout childhood. Add the ubiquitous heavy metals, lead in the streets where they play, fluoride, not only in the water but used extensively by dentists as a prophylactic. The stuff is so toxic that the manufacturers of fluoride toothpaste have now actually put a warning label on the toothpaste tube: poison, do not swallow..

There is now a substantial body of evidence linking the estrogenic effects of chemicals to breast cancer. Surely, these hormone-like effects would be equally harmful and disruptive to the male hormone, testosterone. Add to that the untold amounts of steroids consumed in hamburgers, the staple diet of all American children. All of these chemicals have a disastrous effect on immature brains and nervous systems..

GUNS: Guns in kids' hands kill 5 kids every day. We've become accustomed to the slaughter and become numb to it. Much as the kids who watch violence on TV every day of their lives; they become desensitized, it's no longer anything to be upset about...it's all a game. Unfortunately, with almost every citizen in the country now armed, guns are readily accessible to children. No matter that they are locked up, that the children are "trained" in gun safety, none of these things will keep guns out of the hands of children now. Guns are glorified, made into toys, part of the culture. At what cost? Fourteen children a day..

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. shown on the news was a snapshot of the 13 yr. old in the recent Arkansas shooting, shown posing as a little boy, four or five years old, with a gun twice his size. He was also wearing army fatigues. The perfect National Rifle Association poster boy..

Another important factor is the economic necessity for both parents to work - leaving many children on their own after school. There were over 5,000 teens arrested in the past year in the 4 hours after school. We invest millions of dollars in schools - why not keep school recreational facilities open till dinner time? There are solutions and they cost less than one fighter plane..

There is no doubt that the estimated 18,000 images of violence seen by children on TV over their young years, has some effect. Billions of dollars in advertising are spent every year based on just that premise; that repetitious imagery makes people buy products - in this case, acceptance of guns and violence as ordinary. We know that consistent exposure to violence desensitizes, and probably brutalizes. And children tend to copy adult behavior - they even learn to shoot like adults - but they may not understand the difference between what they see, and actually killing a real person with a gun..

Our children are showing signs of what researcher Weston Price, DDS foresaw as a trend in the degeneration of the human species - from the radically depleted and processed diet consumed in the past 80 or so years. His research, as well as that of Pottinger and his cats, proved that a devitalized diet not only leads to a weakened body and illness, but has psychological manifestations as well, eroding moral and sexual behaviors. He must be thrashing in his grave these days. And his research was done well before the onslaught of chemicals in the environment, before violence on TV, and the easy accessibility of weapons. Add on these factors and you have a recipe for disaster. What an intolerable burden we have placed on our children. Does anyone care?.

They are the future. .

Article by Irene Alleger, Editor.

(Reprint, Townsend Letter For Doctors & Patients, June, 1998)

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