I'm writing in response to the recent news items about the world population control conference due in Cairo.

Once again there'll be a major clash of values and expertise dividing participants as to the perceived "overpopulation" problem in the world today. But anyone with a basic grasp of the facts and a knowledge of arithmetic can figure out the reality by him or her self.

Experts differ, but most consider the world's population at 5.3 billion. For purposes of this letter let's assume the world population at 5.8 billion. Now let's add to this equation the land mass of our largest state, Alaska, which is 586,412 square-miles. Now let's round off the number for easy calculation and divide the 5.8 billion population by 580,000 square-miles. this simple division problem gives us an answer of the population density of 10,000 per square-mile. That means you could fit the whole world's population in the state of Alaska and distribute them at 10,000 per square mile.

The following facts will really put the alleged world overpopulation problem in stark perspective: Although it's the largest U.S. state, Alaska represents only 1 percent of the world's land mass. What's more, less that one-half of 1 percent of the whole world's land mass of 57.5 million square- miles is inhabited by humans.

All of which points out clearly we don't have an "overpopulation" problem. What we do have is a distribution problem. That's obvious, for example, here in America. Anybody who has crossed the U.S. continent from either direction, east or west, has seen the vast stretches of uninhabited space.

It makes more sense to employ the world's advanced technology to create a sustainable living standard for all. As Gandhi pointed out, there's enough in the world to satisfy everyone's needs, but not everyone's greed. Affluence can be a sustainable lifestyle for one and all, but not as the world is presently constituted.

So let's focus on the actual distribution problem, not the bogus "overpopulation" problem. Let's dispense with the big lie of the false propaganda and get on to dealing with the true nature of the matter. Such an honest approach may offend the PC crowd, but the facts speak for themselves.

Max Macauley, Sacramento

Reprint from The San Francisco Chronicle, Editorials, Sept. 2, 1994

We honor Mr. Macauley's position and perception regarding the "Population Problem" . . . The real solution to this perceived problem is raising consciousness, and fully committing to a sustainable global solar hydrogen economy . . . It is our belief, as people become more conscious, we will see a progressive movement from procreation to co-creation . . . From survival to sustainability . . . From sustainability to global enlightenment . . .

Through becoming more aware of our divine nature, we will individually and collectively become more socially conscious; and take greater responsibility for our biological programming. Through this profound educational process and awakening, we will make the appropriate decisions that benefits both the nuclear family and the extended global family... We will come to fully understand the beauty of simplicity as we move from a materialistic age to a spiritual age where "Health, Peace and Freedom for All" prevails . . .

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