The Looking Glass

The energetic evolution of a series of events that bring growth
Visions of a community with a focus : change ; a healthy environment
For the growth and dedication to the harmonization of myself and my surroundings.
The catalyst for change resides inside,
As a tree sheds it's leaves in the autumn,
So does the wise man remove all that is a waste of his attention :
Dedication and direction to the True Path to one's Spirit
Shall not be impeded upon during the hibernative slumber of meditation :
My daily life is a constant meditation
Daily life is a constant reflection,
The state of the artist when molding the clay,
The refraction of the purity of motive
The action of a responsive world
I was told how only the strong survive in a dog-eat-dog’ world,
But what kind of mammal has to eat it's own to live ? ? ?
And why would one want to exist on a planet that defines cannibalism as survival ?
No wonder the cows have gone mad and the mass metamorphize to swine,
Easily swayed by the slaughter of it's own ; written off as a doctor's prescription,
The false planetary addiction to lies deceit and misinformation.
The last time that I contemplated God she showed me an acronym,
Describing the mass hysteria of a teetering humanity on the edge of self-delusion
Gold, Oil, and Drugs – as she asked even me, "Why?"
I surely did not know, for my assumption would have been, that as galactic children grow
Energy efficiency in it's highest potentiality would have been key!
Homeostasis a given, for we wear the mother's skin _ the same twinkle of eye,
The perception through the looking glass, Gaia bids her time and cries to me ;
The god she knows is of flowers, geometry and love,
A systematic resonance, one with the ebb and flow of the universe,
One with the flowing wind lustrous across a barren moonlit sky
The mountains sing songs of waterfalls long ago eroding sweet wind tunnels,
For the passage of breath is as a door of perception awaiting to be unlocked and explored
Rutilation directs strands of consciousness, jutting into it's void,
Not truly understanding it's nature : just truly understanding nature
Quartz points chant mantra after mantra across a distorted timeline,
Manifesting the eyes needed to perceive this anomaly labeled physical existence ;
So matter is never destroyed, just recycled and changed by natural laws
So who recycles war machines and what are the natural laws aligned with greed ?
Self destruction, famine, and desolation ; a starving of one's nutritional needs
Humanities focus seems to be too hell-bent on destruction
The attempted new-age’ visionaries say "Focus on the light"
But I swear it feeds the darkness,
A chained monster growing from the depths of man's disillusion
Unjust to oneself
Denying the truth
Wanting to heal
In a dark room labeled addiction
Addicted to the energies of the least favorable intent
Addicted to oneself
Addicted to others
Addicted to light
Visions of darkness apparent to the sum of creation,
I stand in the center of source,
Beyond light and darkness
Beyond good and evil
Pondering in eternity pathways of neurological lightning
If a tree falls in the woods
Will the humans cut down all the trees
Awaiting the awakening avatar
Remembrance of truth
Access to many mansions of knowledge ;
The result of infinite experimentation with consciousness
To maintain a sacred space and way of life
A grain of sand in a barrel of gems,
Riding golden waves of inspiration
The laughter heals the wounds and comforts the sighs of the fallen leaves
Dark angels riding tidal frustrations with reigns of fire
Transmutation through evaporation : The energy spirals, dancing it's cosmic dance
The perfection of display through the individualization of the snow
Melts with solitude under the hypnotic rhythm of spring
The rain delivers the seed of life as Gaia's majestic tree
Drives it's roots deeper within the ancient soil
Humanities razor edged vice is placed upon it's own roots :
Burning the connection to the most essential building block of matter
The very life blood of life
Our purest essence shimmers in the distance
Throughout the altered history books we seem to refuse the black and the white
Allowing our future to remain handcuffed to the handicaps of the past
We make the same mistakes over and over as sure as the orbits across the Galactic Night
We remain bound to the inherent errs of our leaders as we too often close our ears to the whispers of love infused in the hardships ;
In our own time we shall prevail
The Great Works shall not be left unfinished as many shall walk the road to spirit
The ripples of Christ reverberate my being with the knowledge that
I am the seven seals walking
No separation between you and I
We signed onto this planet together
As great cosmic alchemists amongst the ineffable.

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