On 9-11

Anthrax and Natural Healing Remedies


I agree with Dr. Ward.

I have developed a Bio-Defense Kit that has been clinically proven to absolutely kill Anthrax, smallpox and other infectious organisms.

It has seven products:

(1) Lavender oil,

(2) lavender soap,

(3) fossilized coral mineral complex,

(4) liquid silver protein,

(5) olive leaf extract,

(6) super echinacea compound and

(7) master tonic with garlic, horseradish, ginger, habenaro and onion juice.

For about $110, more than half the price of Cipro, people can stop worrying about dying from a bio-terrorism attack using Anthrax or smallpox.

The time to be taking these immune enhancers is before we need them, not after we get sick.

Good luck to you my friend..........

Dr. Jim and Nicole