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CNN reported a product, of 60 tablets per container for $700, may be effective against anthrax. Question how many pills would you need available for your family??? Gas masks selling for 300- 400% their retail value, it may stop being infected through inhalation, but does nothing to stop the infection through your skin!

Prospects will grow that more sophisticated weaponry, including weapons of mass destruction - indigenously produced or externally acquired," will fall into the wrong hands, the CIA said. The infrastructure to confront a mass casualty incident caused by a WMD incident isn't in place. Worse, "there is no surge capability in the U.S. health care and public health systems, or the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries," officials concluded. Are there any answers????? :


A simple mineral called Colloidal Silver is reported to be effective in killing this bacteria even in very weak strengths! In an article written by Ward Dean MD October 2001 Vitamin Research News he states Silver in both liquid and airborne-aerosol has been known since 1887 to be extremely toxic to Anthrax spores. He goes on to say although there is no clearly defined dosage, but as safe as Silver is that it would be wise to err on the higher use side, and that there are no known pathogens which have demonstrated resistance to Silver. In the same issue another author states that colloidal silver has caused remission in both Hepatitis C and HIV Virus. Germs are often killed that are antibiotic resistant.

Now that anthrax is showing up in the mail how will any of us know we are even infected? We can't take antibiotics such as Doxycycline ahead of time to be prepared, but you can take colloidal silver safely each day and have it in your system in case you are infected without your knowledge. And that way it can be killing the anthrax right away, and of course other antibiotics or cures could also follow it up, if you found out you were infected.

We must prepare ourselves, as there is only so much the government can do for us. In the Journal of Longevity, Medical Doctor Larry Doss wrote an article" Homeopathic Approach Kills More Than 650 Types of Germs," traditional mineral can eliminate internal and external bacteria. Infectious diseases are the third leading cause of death in the United States, but even worse that 150,000 people die every year from taking medications as prescribed (Tamkins 1997). He also states that silver taken orally can fight off a variety of bacteria and viruses. Dr. Henry Crooke reports concluded that there wasn't any known microbe that could survive after silver was used (Duarte 1997).

Though Colloidal Silver can be found in most health food stores, the cost of colloidal silver at $13-$27 per 4 ounce bottle is expensive, but having enough colloidal silver available is a bigger problem.

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