On 9-11


As global citizens and citizens of this land called America Let us awaken to Greatness,... Let us indeed be great. Let us be so great that we act out of such great compassion towards the innocent others who would be killed by our revenge; let us be so great that we act with great forgiveness towards the perpetrators of this offense, both the visible ones who carried out the acts and those behind the scenes behind the scenes; let us be so great that we act with great wisdom deciding how to proceed; let us be so great that we act with great intelligence and understanding, reflecting upon our own actions on the planet and the repercussions we are now facing; let us be so great we act with great humility, also seeking forgiveness for the wrongs we have committed; and let us be so great that we act with great creativity and love, forging a new partnership amongst the diversity of our planet so that ALL LIFE may benefit.

Let the greatest war of all, the third world war as predicted (or hoax predicted) by Nostradamus be indeed the greatest war, the war within. Let compassion win the war over anger; let forgiveness win the war over revenge; let intelligence win the war over passive acceptance; let truth win the war over lies; let love win the war over hatred; let creativity win the war over continuing on a well worn and tired path of karmic "eye for an eye" belief and activity.

Let this indeed be the Apocalypse... the apocalyptic change of connecting with our brothers and sisters across the globe from heart to heart and spirit to spirit and mind to mind to end the madness of fighting and create a different world of higher vibration, values, hopes and reality. Let the greatness that was the vision that originally created this United States propel us forward into this different world; let this greatness be shared with the planet unconditionally and prove how great we really are!

On behalf of all us and all evolving life on this sacred and most beautiful planet LET THIS BE SO!!