On 9-11

Message from St. Germain, September 19, 2001
Channeled by Donna Simelunas


Each day as you awaken and open your eyes to Light of the Sun, you become aware that the world has changed and you have changed relative to it and within it.This past week you have each awakened through numerous layers and veils. Your hearts have opened and your eyes have been made to see through many of the illusions and misperceptions of the world as you have known it to be. There is a natural equilibrium that strives to regain balance at all times in this universe. As extremes are realized, energy moves in and out of that equilibrium, always attempting to level itself to a Divine quietude of peace.

For every act of darkness and destruction there is an opening for an equal constructive act of Love and Light. Embrace the love, honor, sympathy and compassion being expressed and experienced at this time. Allow it to change you and to deepen your sense of who you are. As those planes shattered the Twin Towers, so was a crystallized shield around the heart of humanity shattered. You all felt it, did you not? Those of you that work with energy understand this concept of a crystallized shield.

Through the eons of time, trials, pain and suffering, the heart of humanity became vulnerable to the outer effects of war and struggle. To protect itself and it's gentle nature it armored itself with a shield. That is of what we speak. The heart stripped of this armor is a beautiful thing, it allows the flow of love freely and abundantly, in and out, without restriction or misqualification. This is evident in the actions and feelings expressed throughout the world this week. Love has been expressed not only nationwide, but worldwide.

This opening of the heart of humanity has allowed for a tremendous in-flow of Divine Love energies from the Angelic and Ascended Realms. Never in the modern history of Earth has there been such a time when humanity, collectively, has been so receptive and inviting of this Divine Energy. So, although this event is surely tragic beyond comprehension, it has resulted in such love that your world has deeply changed because of it. Can you embrace and appreciate the balance in that? Use this opportunity to further open your heart. To further penetrate the Love and Light within you and the planet. Allow the pain to be felt and the tears to fall. Men and women alike offered their tears freely and openly this week. Allow the cleansing of the heart to continue and wash away the old hard shell that kept love hidden behind locked doors of fear and anger.

There may be a tendency for some to grip their heart in a fist of fear and anger as the days proceed and the rubble clears. It has been written and accepted in your psychology that anger is a natural step in the path to healing. Perhaps this has been so, but nothing is absolute and nothing has to result in anger or retaliation. Allow yourself to move beyond the programmed dogmas and conditioned beliefs that have held your heart static. We invite you to dwell in the open-heartedness and the good that has been felt and expressed, as this is the upward path. You may gather the crystal shards and rebuild your shield if you wish.

Or you can leave the crystals glistening about the atmosphere to magnetize and reflect back to you the Love, Light and Joy that is the True Reality shining upon you. The choice is yours. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the conspiracies and the control dramas of the "victim and the perpetrator," as that is the old way. That energy, if allowed, will run itself out and completely dissolve. Or, it can be re-energized for another round of the same, until you decide, collectively, that you have had enough. Have you had enough yet? Do not allow yourself to become prey to the distorted patterns of fear, war, retaliation and anger. Be aware of where, and to what you give your attention, as that is what will manifest. Be mindful of what you are resisting. Resistance is a powerful magnet, which attracts only that which is being resisted. Tricky though it may seem, it is the Law.

As your brother Yeshua, said, "Resist not evil." In His Divine Wisdom, He understood that evil does not exist in the mind of God; it is but a man-made construct held in the lower consciousness, made real by the power and recognition you give it through fear and resistance. It may surprise or even amuse some of you to hear this, but your "secret cabals" as they have been labeled by some, have used the strategy of resistance in their favor through out time. They intentionally feed information and ideas that serve their agendas and provoke your resistance, so that their agendas will have your added power to manifest. They know that resistance works to attract and serves no other function.

Resistance is a mighty teacher in duality,for sure. And in your efforts to avoid limitations from being inflicted upon you, you protest and resist, drawing into reality exactly that which you are resisting. Review your Earth«Äôs history and you will see a pattern of Truth in what we speak. We urge you, "resist not evil". Give it no power at all. Do not allow yourself to be blinded by false patriotism and lies. Ask within for the truth to be revealed. Seek the truth. Expect the truth. Demand the truth. Live the truth. Collectively, if you do this, you will draw to you the Real Truth. Your thoughts will create a vortex that will magnetize Truth, and the darkness in it«Äôs effort to hide the truth, will magnetize it into reality. You see how you can righteously use the Law of Resistance in service to the One.

Use Universal Law with Mastery to create Heaven on Earth, as that is how it was intended to work from the beginning. These are your tools, use them wisely, do not be used by them. Notice the words of those in influential positions. Notice what they are affirming. "A long, hard road to recovery," seems to be a common theme. We say to you beloveds - DO NOT ACCEPT IT into your consciousness. There is no absolute here. You have the ability to change it. When you hear such statements, use your consciousness to counter-act them with something constructive such as, "Recovery is swift.

Resolution is swift and peaceful. We are at peace." It does not have to be a long dark road ahead. Do not allow war to be declared for you if it is not your choosing. Use your ability to change things through inward action and there will be no need for outward action. Remember that YOU Are The Creator - so what do you choose to create? Please use discernment toward all information you receive from all sources. I assure you, there is no Master or representative >from the Higher Realms that is declaring war or proclaiming the long dark road ahead. Detach yourself from the various exploited potentials. Visualize it as you wish it to be. If pictures enter your consciousness that are not the ideal of peace, immediately hold them in the violet flame and release them into the Light, and then breathe in peace. Be in peace. Affirm the Love and Light that you are.

Affirm Peace. Affirm Ascension. And transmute anything that comes in your path or enters your consciousness that is not of the Light and Love.We urge you to guard your words and discussions, your interactions regarding the potentials of war and retaliation. Again we remind you, whatever you focus attention on is where you hold your consciousness, and is thus, what you create. Be mindful and create consciously and responsibly.

We cannot stress this enough, as so many allow their consciousness to run off by itself at times, giving power to the outer and creating chaos. It is Mastery to control and direct your thought and words, beloveds. So, be mindful of what you are resisting and what you are calling forth through your thoughts and words. Many of you seem to be looking for something "to DO" to assist or to bring resolution. Remember always that the outer projection is the illusion. The illusion is only real when you believe into reality and allow it to run you. It is empowered by your beliefs. You have the ability to run your reality and out-picture it consciously as you desire it to be. The true Reality is the Christ-Self within.

So, therefore, the only thing for you "to DO" is to focus your heart, your mind, your energy and your attention on the peace, truth, and love of the I Am Presence within you. If you join together to do this, as you have all joined together this past week, as One Heart of Love, the legions of Love and Light will band with you and manifest Once (ONE) and FOR ALL Heaven upon Earth. Can you be the Master that watches and observes, while remaining completely detached from appearances and detached from the outcome, holding firmly to your True God-Reality?

can you walk the middle way and allow the energy to run its course, holding the heart flame steady with the flow of the Mighty I AM within, without allowing the outer disruptive currents to cause you to waver?Can you accept that there is One Power One Divine Order in the universe and hold your consciousness there until it becomes manifest in your reality?

And the answer to all of the above is, of your course you can. So, will you but do it! Allow the events of the day to liberate you from the illusions of bondage and limitation. Every event, every tragedy is but another call to wake up from the deep slumber that you have allowed to capture your attention. The alarm clock is ringing it is time to awaken to the Truth of who and what you are.

Will you awaken or rollover and wait for another day? The time is now. Be in peace and share your love and so shall be the new order of the day! So be it. I AM with utter confidence in each and everyone of you. In love, peace and service,

I AM your loving brother St. Germain

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