On 9-11

The True Cost of World Domination

When on September 11th, terrorists destroyed the World Trade Centre in New York, we were told it would only be a matter of weeks before similar events would befall Britain. Armed police soon appeared in our town centres, the airports became places of exceptional security and everywhere there was fear. It was a carefully laid plan to evoke the greatest alarm. Only then could the government enact major constitutional changes including declaring war on Afghanistan. It has been a war without proof of guilt, a conflict that has killed thousands of people and created over a million refugees.

Six months later, the fear has proved unfounded but the world is rapidly falling into a new dark age, where all values are being lost. The American president has placed over ten countries on his target list and even considers the use of nuclear weapons. It is madness unprecedented. Where is the essence of man's compassion, his spiritual sensitivity? Where is the divine nature of man that lifts us in consciousness above that of animals and sets us on a level with our Creator?

Rarely in history has the mass of people seemed so helpless when one country has been given such awesome power; it is as if the last days were truly being acted out on the world stage. Curiously, most people are quite happy to sit back as spectators in one of the grimmest adventures in human evolution. Is there nothing to stop this downward slide into chaos?

Well there is, but at a price that may well change the well ordered lifestyle of the earth's richest nations. The idea of isolationism is no longer viable. What is happening to our brothers and sisters in far off lands has a direct impact on us. We can no longer hide from the truth and hand our future over to one man, even if that man is the president of the world's most powerful nation.

If we really believe that this life is not just a few entertaining years given to us by a chance of nature.  Then we must search out a high meaning to our purpose here. To accept that we are in reality, living Spirits drawn to this time and place to oppose the seemingly unstoppable forces of Darkness.

Most see themselves trapped, unable to change the course of events; but there is a higher law that challenges Evil. It is the law of the Creator, the law of God. To many it is a mystery, for they constantly ask 'why does God not stop these things in the first place?' It works only when humanity responds with the greatest power of all - the power of Love.

To think the present earthly condition is unstoppable one has only to look at what is happening in that other earthly kingdom - the domain of money and commerce. Wars are costly, both America and Britain are already feeling the effect. Both governments are preparing their people for heavy increases in taxation, but they won't blame it on the real cost - War.

America was ill prepared for such a venture given that its economy was already suffering from months of recession. This action by the President might well be seen as justifiable revenge. Now the only industry still making a profit is 'Defence'. All the rest are in terminal decline: telecommunications, power generation plants, chemical factories, airlines and railways just to name a few staggering under the weight of increased security. Needless to say, that when industry finds itself with its back to the wall - it is the person in the street that ultimately pays the price.

Some of the least able to stand the cost is the holiday and travel industry with many major airlines in or contemplating bankruptcy. They are worst hit with the enormous expense of hardened cabin doors, close-circuit television cameras and transponders that allow air-traffic controllers to plot with greater precision aircraft movements since 11th September.

There is something more, the one thing we most prize in the west - Freedom. Since the bombing of the World Trade Centre, there has been, especially in America, an outright control of news and communications. The Internet, that opened up the world to everyone, is now monitored by numerous secret service organisations both in the US and Britain. 'Rightly so,' I hear many people say. But is this intrusion into public liberty a need or an excuse? Who really is controlling us? Behind this wall of government is another body, far more powerful and controlling than any American president. It is the very essence that this whole business is about - it's called Fundamentalism.

The war is not about terrorism - it's one Fundamental philosophy fighting another and it's been going on for centuries. Northern Ireland, Israel - the Cold War, these are only the outward signs. They have one purpose, to control the human mind and to stop us realising that we all have a direct communication with the ultimate source - God.

Now the problem is world size.  We are no longer on-lookers but part of the plot, the only way out is to realise our own potential, to claim our own right. To do this we must accept our role as Divine Beings, to come together as one united whole. Our weaponry is not guns or missiles, battleships or fighter aircraft, but something we were given at birth, the power of unconditional love.

Next year America will spend 379 billion dollars on defence, enough money to feed all the starving millions in the world and still have plenty to spare. If there is no need, there is no greed and peace would prevail. It's so simple. Why hasn't it been tried? Just because a few powerful people do not want peace and are driven forward by a demonic power that seeks enslavement and control of the masses. Now is the time to stand together with a single aim - to protect this planet, to bring peace and harmony to all nations - and, in God's true grace to be the instruments of His unconditional love.

In the end the only difference is the colour of our skin and the way we live, underneath we are part of that divine miracle - the human family.

Robert Armstrong... bob.armstrong@ntlworld.com