American Plutocracy &The History Of American Foreign Policy

PLUTOCRACY \plu-'tok-rih-see\ n. [Gk ploutokratia, fr. ploutos, wealth]  1: government by the wealthy  2 : a controlling class of rich men and women Plutonian \plu-'toe-nee-un\ adj, often cap 1: of, relating to, or characteristic of Pluto or the lower world : INFERNAL

This is the simple truth of the U.S. government,
past and present:

American domestic and foreign policy is now, and has always been, dictated fundamentally by economics - not by moral and political values.

All the talk of "democracy" and "human rights" is just so much spin for popular consumption. It has never been "We the People," but a ruling plutocracy of ultra-wealthy landowners and corporations that have been the ultimate power behind the U.S. government from the beginning. If you're intellectually honest, if you've got a social and political conscience - especially if you have the guts to ACT on it - you discover real fast that we in America are not living in a "democracy."

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it." - Abraham Lincoln
First Inaugural Address
March 4, 1861

America And Its History Of State Sponsored Terrorism

The most horrific acts of terrorism in world history have always been committed by governments. The government and military of the United States of America have committed massive acts of international terrorism and brutal genocide - throughout the 20th century.

Official FBI definition of terrorism:
"Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives."

By its own definition the hypocrite U.S. government is guilty of terrorism - on a massive, international scale. And for over 100 years!  The U.S. government has broken international law and the Geneva Convention many times with its brutal use of force and horrific violence against persons and property, to intimidate and coerce governments, civilian populations, and many segments thereof, in furtherance of political, social and especially economic objectives.

Waking up to all of this can be quite a shock - if you've got a
human conscience. Liberating ourselves from a lifetime of brainwashing isn't easy. But the grim modern realities of American terrorism are less surprising when you realize that this ruthless mass-murder of helpless civilian people internationally is actually quite consistent with America's domestic history...

The Indian Genocide

"The destruction of the Indians of the Americas was, far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world." - David E. Stannard historian In spite of that fact, the typical, mentally-sleeping American remains only vaguely aware of the horrific holocaust of American Indians. Yet every single locality where Americans make their homes today is consecrated to the cause of cruel, racist inhumanity - with the blood of Indian people. Every single locality where Americans make their homes today is the scene of the murder, rape, torture and impoverishment of the Indian people who lived there first. But mainstream Americans would choke on their apple pie if they dared to think about that. Too many Americans would rather stick their heads in the sand about our evil history - just as they stick their heads in the sand about what is happening today. In the centuries after Christopher Columbus the Butcher, more than 100 million native people fell under the sadistic, racist rule of the invading European-Americans. $$  Land is wealth, and Americans lusted for it. They couldn't let a minor fact like the existence of millions of human beings already living on that land get in their way. So the policy of genocide, thievery, routine lying and racist cruelty was justified with whitewashes like "Manifest Destiny" - America's domestic version of "Deutschland Uber Alles."

Black Slavery

Where the native peoples were all murdered or pushed out, the European and American businessmen of that day replaced them with enslaved people purchased in Africa.  $$  The international slave trade was one of the earliest examples of international corporate evil. Fortunately, it has become impossible in recent years to hide the historical facts of this cruel, greedy American institution of slavery. The thoroughly evil abuse of African peoples took place for over 200 years, with another 100 years of virtual slavery - complete with the KKK terror tactics of lynching, torture, bombing, cross burning and general, public abuse and intimidation.

White Slavery

$$  The existence of White slavery in America is one of the most little-known facts of American history. Colonial America was initially built with the blood, sweat and tears of White slaves to a far greater extent than Black slaves. In fact, America's first slaves were White people. It's estimated that fully one-half to two-thirds of all White "immigrants" to Colonial America in the 17th and 18th centuries were actually slaves who had been brought against their will. They were known by the euphemism of "indentured servants," but in reality a great many of these people were true slaves. Their servitude was for life, and their children were forced to be slaves as well. Most of them were brought from Ireland, Scotland and the impoverished working classes of England. They were both Protestant and Catholic, victims of religious wars and the inhuman greed of the English ruling classes. Very often the victims were falsely labeled as "criminals" to ease the guilty consciences of the wealthy ruling classes. When White slaves arrived in the American colonies they were auctioned on the block just like Black slaves. White slave children were often sold and separated from their parents and White slave women were sold and separated from their husbands. A great many White slaves were forced to work under cruel and demeaning conditions. The Virginia Colony prescribed "bodily punishment for not heeding the commands of the master." Half of the White slaves died within the first two years after their arrival in "the New World." Unsurprisingly, it was common for White slaves to run away - only to be hunted down and returned to their evil masters and mistresses. To help identify runaways the courts in Virginia demanded that everyone have identification and travel papers. White slaves had no rights whatsoever and could be beaten and cruelly abused with impunity.

Terrorism at the World Trade Center

Our own evil government bears the ultimate responsibility for this disaster. If the homicidal psychopaths of the United States military/government didn't have the nasty habit of mass-murdering civilian men, women and children around the world, there wouldn't be anybody who wanted revenge. But whoever the real terrorists are behind the carnage, you can be absolutely sure of one thing: they're the best friends the U.S. government ever had. This act of brutal terrorism against the American people is a propaganda gold mine for the brutal terrorists of the U.S. military/government and their corporate mass-media. Now we see the bloodthirsty hypocrites adopting public postures of patriotic "defense" while chanting "Pearl Harbor!" like a mantra. Gone are the days when the propagandists had to cobble together absurd conceptual Frankensteins like "humanitarian bombing" to sell the Pentagon's latest butchery to the American taxpayer. Though the poor people in Manhattan paid a horrible price for America's genocidal foreign policy, this terrorist attack was nothing more than a pinprick on the body of The Beast itself. The top-level war criminals at the Pentagon and the U.S. government are not honestly upset. Far from it - they've just been handed all the political ammunition they could possibly hope for! They now have a blank check to mass-murder yet more civilian men, women and children in campaigns of state terrorism abroad. With smiles well hidden, they can now ratchet up their police-state repression at home. Behind closed doors, out of view of the T.V. cameras, the strategists of American Empire must be positively gleeful. Uncle Sham doesn't honestly care the slightest bit about the suffering of people in the World Trade Center, nor of people anywhere in America. American citizens are just cash cows to be herded this way and that, and perennially lied to. Keep 'em stupid and keep those tax dollars coming in. And people around the world? Slaves and whores to be exploited to the max. If they dare attempt to be free of the American Empire, bomb them back into submission. Our evil rulers care only for preserving their own wealth and power, nothing more. The inhuman rulers of America have cruelly abused the world with genocidal campaigns of state terrorism for over 100 years. Now they are surely thrilled with the prospect of increasing their power through new campaigns of terror and mass-murder. Let the American people pay the price for our rulers' evil, they don't care. The downward spiral of carnage and suffering will never end until we're all enslaved or dead. If we want to live in peace and freedom, people must turn off their mind-controlling T.V. sets, wake up from their mass-media brainwashing and get a clue: The greatest enemy of the American people is our own terrorist government and military.

Millions of Victims: The Bloody "American Century"

Altogether, the terrorist U.S. government and military have directly slaughtered literally millions of civilian people in the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Russia (the civil war, 1918-1920), Japan, France, Germany, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Panama, Grenada, Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia and Yugoslavia. In addition, the terrorist U.S. military and CIA have trained, armed, funded, provided intelligence and direct military support for fascist puppet-regimes and right-wing death-squads around the world. America's servant-states have carried out appallingly vicious campaigns of state terrorism. With the direct support of the U.S. government they have committed the torture and genocide of additional millions of helpless, civilian people in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, China, the Philippines, East Timor, Indonesia, the Congo, Angola, Zaire, Mozambique, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Iraq, Pakistan and Iran. This page gives you summaries of America's greatest campaigns of genocide and international terrorism, with links to pages giving more information. Numerically more complete listings of American terror campaigns are on the Chronology of Terror pages. The Site Map lists pages detailing the weapons and general history of American state terrorism. Reviews of important books on American state terrorism and closely related subjects are listed by author, title and subject.

"God's" Will:The Philippine Genocide

It was just nine years after the United States Army Seventh Cavalry slaughtered 300 helpless Lakota children, women and men at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, in 1890: In a major yet little-known campaign of the Spanish-American war, all branches of the U.S. military committed the mass-murder of 200,000 civilian men, women and children in the Philippines. This genocide was accomplished by a viciously racist United States Army, Navy and Marines, from 1899 to 1902. $$  Why? Corporate profit. The Philippine islands were a profitable part of the old Spanish Empire. They also provided a valuable base of operations for the exploitation of China - which was far more profitable. When the Filipinos resisted us - with the curious idea that they had a right to control their own country - American soldiers, sailors and Marines slaughtered and tortured them. Heroic American soldiers even murdered ten-year-old Filipino boys. Thus was the American Empire born, consecrated with the blood of Philippine children, men and women. This was the point in American history when the emphasis shifted from the domestic abuse and exploitation of Indians and Africans to the even more profitable pursuits of imperialism and international terrorism. Mark Twain condemned the genocide in scathingly cynical terms. So did others among that small percentage of Americans possessed of a human conscience. President William McKinley, however, was of the Official Opinion that the cruel bloodshed was "God's Will." Teddy Roosevelt revelled in bloodshed and thought it was all just "Bully!" Both of them echoed the mass-media of their day: the openly racist, nationalistic, "jingoistic" "yellow journalism" of the corporate press. Just as they do today, most Americans preferred to ignore the gory, heartbreaking details. They joined their leaders and the press in hearty applause of the genocide. "Public opinion" was led by the nose then - as it is today.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In August 1945 the United States Army-Air Force committed the truly unnecessary atomic-bomb genocide of hundreds of thousands of Japanese CIVILIAN men, women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These were America's supreme two acts of international terrorism. Revenge was a secondary reason for committing these war crimes - revenge on helpless Japanese civilian people for the crimes of the Japanese military. $$  Long term anti-Soviet military-economic strategy was the primary reason the U.S. military/government abused their newfound nuclear power just as soon as they got their hands on it. By slaughtering the helpless people of Hiroshima the U.S. military took effective control of the islands on August 6, two days before the Russians had agreed to enter the war against Japan, on August 8. The Red Army was a formidable war-machine in WWII. It was the Soviets, not the Americans, who fought the greatest land battles in history against the Nazis. Even before the war ended, therefore, the U.S. government was plotting ways to neutralize Soviet power and influence in the post-war world. The use of this genocidal weapon was the greatest "psy-op" of all time, an act of psychological warfare without equal for sheer depth of criminal ruthlessness. By dropping The Bomb the U.S. Corporate Mafia Government was introducing the world's governments to their new Master - with "an offer they couldn't refuse." Such a persuasive introduction did wonders for American corporate profits in the post-war era. It won us lots of "fair weather friends" and a world of closet enemies. The era of "The Ugly American" was announced on August 6, 1945. It continues to this day:
"The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist - McDonald's cannot flourish without McDonnell-Douglas, the designer of the F-15." - Thomas Friedman
Ugly American columnist for the New York Times

The blowhards of American Empire have no shame. Bullies never do.

The Greatest American Genocides:
Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia and Laos

From 1950 to 1953, and from 1965 to 1974 the United States of America committed the brutal genocide of literally MILLIONS of civilian men, women and children in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Korea. Unarmed women and old men were bayoneted, helpless children and even babies were blown away with M-16s and grenades, countless women and young girls were sodomized, raped and murdered by U.S. Army soldiers. These horrible things happened in many massacres like the ones at My Lai and Thanh Phong in Vietnam and No Gun Ri in Korea - while U.S. Air Force bomber crews spent years in wholesale slaughter of civilian people from the air. For sheer magnitude of evil sadism and bloodlust, the Vietnam Genocide ranks as America's greatest, most vicious campaign of large-scale international terrorism ever. The U.S. Corporate Mafia Government and military want very much for you to believe that My Lai, Thanh Phong and No Gun Ri were "isolated incidents." But the testimony of the Vietnamese and Korean people who survived, and even the admissions of American soldiers, are that these were far from isolated incidents. There were thousands of such horrible massacres. During the Vietnam Genocide there was even an official CIA program of systematic terror, torture and mass-murder called Operation Phoenix. Any politically honest psychologist in the world would diagnose the American troops who committed these crimes as racist, homicidal psychopaths. But to the U.S. Corporate Mafia Government and military they're just "our boys" and "our buddies." The U.S. government, the U.S. military - and many of the American people - protect and excuse these war criminals to this day. They live among us. Sadistic American war criminals like Lt. William Calley and Capt. Ernest Medina walk the streets of America as free men. But of course they are free in body only. They have hell to pay. Why did it all happen? $$  Maoist China and the Stalinist Soviet Union represented a limitation on greedy corporate capitalists' huge international profits. They were gargantuan markets that couldn't be controlled. But the most serious threat by far was the international socialist ideology itself. Nothing undermines capitalism's sacred creed of selfish, venal competition more radically than the "Godless" ideology of social sharing and caring. Meanwhile the Chinese and Korean peoples themselves deeply resented American use of Japanese collaborators in the post-war Korean puppet government. That government brutally terrorized its own people, with America's blessing. The majority of Korean people wanted the fascist Americans out of their country. The Chinese people had also suffered horribly at the hands of the Japanese and had likewise been betrayed by the U.S. government after the war. It was very natural for them to sympathize with their Korean neighbors against the foreign oppressor. Exactly the same pattern was followed in Vietnam. After the war the American and French governments covertly allied themselves with Japanese collaborators against the Viet Minh, even though Ho Chi Minh had worked closely with Americans during the war. When he discovered the true diabolical nature of Uncle Sham, he was forced to ally himself with the only nation that would help his people - the Stalinist Soviet Union. Corporate America knows very well that even the very idea of popular, international, democratic socialism (which the Maoists and Stalinists pretended to champion), absolutely must be suppressed. They intend to erase it from the consciousness of the world's people. They'll never succeed, of course. But the humanitarian socialist ideology is a direct threat to the profits of inhuman corporate capitalism. To survive, capitalism must slander and silence international socialism by any and all means. The massive American propaganda machine has relentlessly slandered humanitarian socialism by equating it with the genocidal dictatorships of Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin. The U.S. Corporate Mafia Government lie-machine trains ignorant Americans to dismiss it all under the label of undifferentiated "communism." Corporate America is determined to crush the hope and dream of popular, worldwide, democratic socialism - at any cost. Any human cost, that is. For corporate capitalist America the well-being of millions of Asian people was (and is) not a high priority. If Asians refused to be controlled and exploited by America - then kill 'em all! "Better Dead than Red!" was the battle cry of Americans in their genocidal wars against the Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian and Korean peoples.


The Crucifixion of Latin America

In Central America, South America and the Caribbean the U.S. Corporate Mafia Government's genocidal policies were executed throughout the 20th century, and are now continuing into the 21st century. The U.S. military, the cocaine-smuggling CIA and its fascist puppet-governments have relentlessly terrorized, tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of civilian men, women and children in those persecuted lands. $$  Why? Corporate profit, as always. Huge markets for American products, cheap labor to exploit and a whole hemisphere of natural resources under the exclusive domination of the United States. Bananas for the "United Fruit Company." Coffee. Sugar cane. Cocaine. Hard to believe? Can't be that simple? Not what they tell you on T.V.? The first thing to know is that the United States government is a Plutocracy - the rule of the rich. The U.S. is not now, nor has it ever been, a genuine "democracy". It sells itself to the world as a "democracy", of course, but in actual practice the plutocratic United States government is a corporate mafia. And a mafia will stop at absolutely nothing to protect its profits. Why do you think the U.S. government has always strongly supported bloodthirsty, fascist dictatorships throughout Latin America? Fascist dictatorships are "corporate friendly." Freedom-loving democracies, on the other hand, are very hard to control. In a democracy people can demand outrageous things - like living wages. The economic interests of the Central American, South American and Caribbean peoples are naturally opposed to the economic interests of American corporations. For over 100 years the United States Corporate Mafia Government has done everything in its power to destroy democracy in Latin America.

Genocide of the Iraqi People

>From 1991 to the present day the United States Air Force and Navy have slaughtered over 200,000 civilian people in Iraq with Depleted Uranium missiles, cluster bombs, cruise missiles and other so-called "smart bombs." During the "Desert Storm" terror campaign the arsenal also included fuel-air bombs and napalm. U.S. Air Force, Navy and Army pilots even slaughtered Iraqi soldiers who were in full retreat. American pilots joked that it was like "shooting in a sheep pen". Of course, slaughtering defenseless people with overwhelming force is a hallowed American military tradition. $$  Why the carnage? Persian Gulf oil, of course. It had absolutely nothing to do with "Kuwaiti independence." Nor has it ever really been about "weapons of mass destruction" - the American biological and chemical weapons supplied by the U.S. government to the Iraqis for use against the Iranians. Total control of Middle East oil is always a top priority for the U.S. Corporate Mafia Government. They'll stop at absolutely nothing to keep that essential oil flowing into the vast murder-machine of the U.S. military-industrial complex. With the "Desert Storm" terror campaign, America entered a new high-tech phase of its perennial international terrorism.

American State Terrorism of the Yugoslavian Peoples

In 1999 there was the ugly spectacle of America, with its 18 NATO whores, butchering over 3000 civilian people all over Yugoslavia for 78 straight days and nights - flying over 40,000 sorties and once again using cluster bombs, depleted uranium missiles, fuel-air bombs, napalm, cruise missiles and other so-called "smart bombs." These horrible weapons of mass-destruction used by cowardly American/NATO pilots literally butchered and burned alive thousands of innocent people - children, old men and women in market squares doing their shopping, people in trains, people in cars and buses, people in television stations, people in schools, doctors and patients in hospitals, people in private homes and apartment blocks - even remote villages were napalmed and cluster bombed. Adding insult to injury, the U.S. government/military, and their corporate mass-media puppets, had the unmitigated gall to call this carnage "humanitarian intervention". But moral considerations were the last thing on the minds of the Allied Farce war criminals at the White House, the State Dept. and the Pentagon. $$  So why would the criminal U.S. government and military bother to spend billions of your tax dollars committing mass-murder in such a small, economically struggling country as Yugoslavia? It was part of a long-term, globalist military-economic strategy involving: Control of the huge reserves of oil in the Caspian basin, the related oil pipelines through the Balkans, and the final stages of the subjugation of Russia (Yugoslavia's closest ally).

Control of the $5 billion worth of lead, zinc, cadmium, silver and gold ore in the Trepca mines of Kosovo. There are also 17 billion tons of coal reserves in Kosovo. Stealing all that from the people of Yugoslavia was part of a long-term strategy for destroying their economy to the maximum extent possible, thus forcing them into complete political-economic obedience to Imperialist America.

But the most important reason for the 1999 U.S./NATO terror campaign was that it was an essential part of the American Empire's long-term strategy for maintaining total military and economic domination of Europe. The governments of Western Europe had been venal whores in America's harem since 1945. Russia was on its knees economically, and most Eastern European governments were clamoring to join the U.S./NATO harem. Only the Yugoslavian government led by Milosevic refused to be abject whores.

This came as no surprise to anyone who knew Serbian history. They have a
long and heroic tradition of rebellion against evil empires. Little Serbian-led Yugoslavia was the last, brave holdout.

The Geopolitical Strategy of Imperial America

The brutal punishment of the Yugoslavian people for their attempted independence from American Imperialism was an essential part of America's overall geopolitical strategy. The U.S. made an example of them as a warning to the other nations of Europe and the world. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, America's Western European harem has been seeking, demurely of course, to become economically and militarily independent from their American Master. But only a sufficiently large alliance of European states will make independence from America possible. That is why, from 1945 onwards, the United States government has been engaged in a permanent campaign of covert subversion of all tendencies toward European unity. The whoring government of Britain is a close ally in this endeavor for three basic reasons. First, the cultural and linguistic ties with America make an alliance very natural. Secondly, the island nation has always seen itself as separate from the rest of Europe anyway. Thirdly, the British government seeks to profit, economically and politically, from it's close relationship with American state terrorists. The political "profit" is the illusion of national prestige. Because Britain gave birth to the American Beast, this pompous and increasingly techno-fascist island government cherishes feelings of parental superiority. But it also suffers from an addiction to basking in America's reflected "glory". By craven loyalty to their child-turned-Master, the British government and military can still savor a small taste blood and lost Empire. The other Western European concubines are not quite so depraved in relation to their Master. Uncle Sham knows this very well, of course, and he keeps a close and distrustful eye on all of them. With no common enemy like the Soviet Union to use as a propaganda scapegoat, the U.S. government is very concerned that increasing numbers of Western European people are beginning to get a clue that Imperial America, with its corporate McCulture, is their worst enemy. In fact, plutocratic America seamlessly followed the Nazis as Europe's greatest, most insidious enemy after the end of WWII. After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, the U.S. government and its closet-Nazi allies in the German government and military openly encouraged the breakup of independent-minded Yugoslavia - while covertly arming, training and funding the ethnic warfare that resulted. The U.S. and Germany supported every ethnic group against the Serbians for two reasons: The aforementioned fact that the Serbians, true to their historical tendency, sought freedom from Imperial American domination. The Serbians fought the Ottoman Turkish empire, the Austro-Hungarian empire and the Nazi German Third Reich. The Yugoslav government under Tito maintained a high degree of political independence even from the Soviet Union.

The Serbian people have close ethnic, linguistic and historical ties with the Russian people. So the fact that the United States and Germany formed an alliance to mass-murder Serbians has reopened deep wounds among the Russian people. The memory of Nazi German atrocities is very much alive within Russia. 20 million Russian, Ukranian and Byelorussian people died horribly at the hands of the Germans in WWII. The U.S. government knew exactly what it was doing by using Germany as an ally against Serbia. It did so for the express purpose of reopening these old wounds among the Russian people. There is one thing which the geopolitical strategists of American Empire have feared above all else for over 100 years: a strong and enduring German-Russian alliance. Such an alliance would not only dominate Europe, it would be powerful enough to check American Imperial ambitions around the globe, just as the Soviet Union did. After Otto von Bismarck united Germany, the possibility of an alliance between the Kaiser and the Czar was a major threat to the British Empire. It became a serious potential threat to the American Empire too, after it was founded in the blood of Philippine women and children in 1899. Then the feudal Czarist regime was overthrown by the Bolsheviks in 1917. There was strong socialist movement in Germany also, and therefore a very real possibility that the German working class would liberate itself and form an alliance with the Russians. The U.S. military intervened in Russia's civil war from 1918 to 1920, supporting the forces of feudalism. Meanwhile, the political-economic support of American corporations for the Nazi Party helped to destroy the German socialist movement. That would seem to have guaranteed that capitalist Germany and Stalinist Russia would form no alliance for the foreseeable future. Adolf Hitler had many friendly connections with the American corporate plutocracy. His rise to power was politically and financially supported by corporations like the Ford Motor Company, the Union Banking Corp. of Prescott Bush (grandfather of "President" G.W. Bush), and IBM. These were just three of the wealthy and powerful American corporations that made a lot of money by quietly doing business with the Nazi Third Reich. Hitler was a staunch capitalist, and the pro-Nazi segment of the American plutocracy knew that if Adolf could be controlled he would serve American interests well. To their dismay, however, they discovered that Hitler was about as controllable as a rabid dog. When he made an alliance with Stalin just prior to WWII, it looked like the plan had backfired in a big way. Intense American political-economic pressure was undoubtedly behind Hitler's sudden backstabbing of Stalin with the apparently irrational decision to invade Russia in 1941. As the bestial German armies burned and raped and butchered their way east, many a sigh of relief was heard among the corporate rulers of America. The animalistic atrocities committed by German soldiers against helpless Russian and Serbian women and children guaranteed that there would be deep animosity between the German and Russian peoples for many generations to come. And then the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Russia mutated into a venal capitalist mafia state, and the Russian people finally had something politically in common with America, Germany and the rest of Europe. Contrary to the public breast-beating by American politicians about the "death of socialism" and the "triumph of capitalism," however, the more intelligent elements of the American plutocracy were actually not at all happy with this development. Not only had they lost a political scapegoat and primary reason for the gargantuan military budget, but they knew Russia would forge closer economic ties with its European neighbors. And this would inevitably lead to the sort of powerful alliance which American geopolitical strategists have always feared.


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