Foreign Policy in Focus

New Balkan Policy Needed
By Robert D. Greenberg, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Key Points
· Recent fighting in Macedonia could represent a dangerous slide into a new Balkan conflict.
· Uncertainty over Kosovo's future remains a destabilizing factor in the Balkans
· The potential for instability in Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzigovina is growing

Key Problems
· The Bush administration has not taken an active role to help contain the dangerous escalation of violence in Macedonia
· The Bush administration has not yet clearly articulated its overall Balkan policy, especially with regard to the presence of US troops in Bosnia and Kosovo
· US verbal support for Macedonia has not been manifested in emergency material or financial support

Key Recommendations
· The US should provide emergency military and financial assistance to Macedonia
· Washington should put intense pressure on rebellious Kosovar and Macedonian Albanians by increasing KFOR's strength and boarder patrols
· The US needs to take a firm stand regarding potential border changes in the Balkans

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