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Dear Mr. Guittar:

Greetings!... It was with great interest that I read your recent article on "Chemical disequilibrium."

It is a well known fact that the U.S. military/industrial complex is responsible for creating potent biological and chemical weapons in the late '60's & '70's, which have since fallen into the hands of our sworn adversaries... In addition, there is verifiable documentation that the AIDS virus, and the resultant AIDS epidemic is man-made. Please refer to Gary Null's article "The Gulf War's Troubling Legacy" and "Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola," by Dr. Leonard Horowitz (enclosed)...

In addition to these horrific revelations, one only needs to look out upon the landscape to see how we have made a concerted effort to systematically destroy the earth's eco-system - most notably the wide spread contamination from plutonium....

I'm sure I don't have to remind you that our water, air and food has been profoundly contaminated. Yet, we continue to see our air and water (here in California) loaded with MTBE... I recently learned from a highly enlightened chiropractor/toxicologist that, in his expert opinion, MTBE is the most toxic chemical ever to enter into our atmosphere... It is a known fact that MTBE is a known carcinogen, and that formaldehyde (the end product of combustion) has a profoundly negative effect on the liver, spleen, and the immune system in general... My good doctor friend is absolutely convinced that the low-level poisoning of people in our cities is primarily responsible for the increase in depression, and subsequent use of Prozac... In completing his astonishing testimony to me, the good doctor jokingly said that our friendly oil companies would make Sadam Hussein a most happy man... The good news is that, because of tremendous public outrage, it appears that California, along with 15 other states, is about to ban MTBE...

So, here we are dealing with a profound ecological crisis, fed by ignorance, arrogance and greed... Yet, enlightened solutions are available to successfully correct the current "Chemical disequilibrium." As a wholistic physician/naturopath, I am delighted to see that more and more people are beginning to embrace and understand the vital importance of a healthy eco-system...

The Light Party, the result of a research and development project of The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation, has created a comprehensive, scientific and synergistic 6-point program, which serves to address and successfully resolve our current socio-economic and ecological challenges...

Spiritually, we are all accountable for our current state of personal and collective health. It is incumbent upon us to awaken into higher consciousness, and create a sustainable global economy - where the health of the earth and it's people are top priority. It is my awareness that, through conscious capitalism, we have the means to create a world where Health, Peace and Freedom For All prevails...

In Health, Peace and Freedom,
Da Vid, M.D.
Medical Director, The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation
Founder, The Light Party

Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.

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