Letter To The Editor
"Nail Them And Jail Them"
Sunday San Francisco CHRONICLE August 20, 2000

Dear Mr. Diaz,

Greetings! I found your recent editorial profoundly insensitive and disturbing .... "among these 2 million people, surely there is a handful of inmates who have proved that they deserve a second chance " Whoa! Half of these "political prisoners" are non-violent drug "abusers/addicts placed in prison by draconian state policies which reflect our profoundly misguided "War On Drugs". for decades, the U. S. government has waged a relentless "war' on the use of marijuana, opiates, and other substances, Yet, illicit drugs are today more plentiful than ever!

Global in scope- and costing untold billions of dollars, this war has produced mandatory bank deposit disclosures, government surveillance, civil asset forfeiture, over- crowded prisons, encryption software restrictions, rampant police and political corruption, and the wholesale trampling of constitutional liberties by the DEA, CIA, IRS, INS, and other agencies...The extraordinary human suffering these absurd and dangerous policies are creating is incalcuable...

If we are really interested in justice and the protection of people in our society why are we not placing the heads of the tobacco industry in for life and/or capital punishment for the death/disability of millions of people here and abroad... or for that matter the heads of the Pharmacuetical companies for creating drugs and vaccines which have been acknowledged by the AMA for the premature deaths of at least 250,000 people/year in this country alone., or for that matter the heads of the petro-chemical industry for the creation of MTBE (a known carcinogen), gasoline, herbicides/pesticides all of which are known to be exceedingly detrimental to human health ... not to mention the primary cause of Global Warming which is potentially catastrophic in regards to all evolving life here on Planet Earth ... Hmmmm...

If there ever is a case of major schizophrenia/denial the current War On Drugs and its attendent inhumane policies ..THIS IS IT.- You may want to watch Trading Places with Eddie Murphy...also there is hardly any mention of the fact that 100's of Billions of illegal drug monies are being laundered into International Banks... In light of this comprehensive corruption I think we should throw everyone in jail... This will be great for the booming prison industry ..In truth, we may need to build more prisons to house the new class of corporate white collar criminals once "The Truth Be Known"...

What is needed know is a TRUTH AND RECONCILATION COMMISSION in light of the fact people such as myself are fully aware of the profound injustices and perpertratons which are being enacted now against the young marginalized and disenfranchised people in our current society ... Indeed, It is Time For Some Major House Cleaning and a deep re-evaluation of our current modus operandi... It is no wonder that the "Powers That Be ", will attempt to prevent such honorable and genuinely patriotic Americans such as Ralph Nader a place at the table to debate and enlighten a confused America to some uncomfortable truths regarding the comprehensive corruption and progressive loss of democracy in this land called America ...

UItimately vve shall all know the truth as we are all becoming progressively aware of the serious psycho/spiritual/ economic/ecological dislocations which are systemically occuring here in America and abroad... The Good News is that with a genuine spiritual renewal, (compassion ,wisdom and forgiveness) and a commitment to acknowledging what is so... we can as a great nation rectify outdated thinking and policies what are being conclusively shown to be (to put it mildly), counter-productive ...


1.End The Denial: Acknowledge that The "War On Drugs" is a failure... 2. Decriminalize, Legalize and Tax Cocaine... and thus end the" War On Drugs"...

2. Turn the Prisons into Rehabiltation Centers which promote respect, compassion, and forgiveness towards those who have transgressed arcane, autocratic drug laws...

3. Create genuine and meaningful job opportunities for the young juveniles who are currently being incarcerated...


In Service To Humanity,
Da Vid M.D.
Founder The Light Party, www.lightparty.com
Director The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation

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