The Angels of Divine Justice
Also known as The Angels of Ybario "Spiritus Sanctus"


Beloved, it is with great joy that we introduce ourselves to you.We are among the most powerful angels of Divine Justice. We are the special custodians of Divine Justice in that we control the doings of negative powers in the whole zone girdling the earth as well as on the planet in all three planes, i.e. in the mental, the emotional, and physical world. We see to it that the negative powers never get the upper hand and that no chaos is created in these spheres, because if this ever happened, this would have to be again equalized by the positive powers.

Our basic qualities are harmony and justice. To those of you who feel overwhelmed by recent revelations of negativity in current events, we point out to you that it is these very revelations that are part of the remedy and protection that we are inspiring. The earth is in a time of great change. The planet as a whole is going through a quantum leap in consciousness. This is causing a great flushing out of destructive policies that have been going on for a long time. It is similar to spontaneous remissions where great amounts of toxins and poisons are released suddenly, leaving the body renewed and more alive.

The disturbing revelations of deception are catalyzing amazing alliances among people and organizations >from very different backgrounds. These alliances are resulting in outpourings of fantastic creativity and strength. Successful efforts are being made to educate the public and create positive and evolutionary changes in laws, governments, corporations, economies, cultures, and individuals, etc..

Destruction must have darkness in order to thrive. Many of the outworkings of Divine Providence at this time are revealing the alarming facts behind disguises of 'positivity' that have veiled those who perpetrate destruction. Deception depends on secrecy, and these secrets are being revealed very quickly. We are asking those of you who are frightened by this revelatory stage of the process to look beyond at the following stages. This will give you hope and great joy.

During and after this present stage, which is the unveiling of those organizations and individuals who promote destructive policies, comes a time of great healing and pulling together. Every day people are being snatched out of the ordinariness of their lives and assuming positions of heroism and pivotal power in their immediate environment. Each person at some point is realizing that they are going through a healing and awakening together with all of humanity.

So many movements of restoration and rehabilitation of the environment, institutions, and other matters are proceeding that the family of man is finding that ancient divisions and barriers between peoples are no longer practical or desirable in the common effort to create heaven on earth.

Positive and negative forces are ultimately governed by the same Law. This is The Law of One that calls for the highest good of all concerned. This law is always in operation, which is why the Wise say ,"All things work for good to those who believe." and "Give thanks for all things concerning you." To explain what has happened: an experiment in free will concerning "delayed time" and "parallel space" has been allowed to take place to test the infinite potential of The Law of One, where time, and sometimes space, gaps were inserted between a destructive event and the eventual outcome of "Highest Good".

This has resulted in terrible suffering and bloodshed, which in an aftertime or parallel dimension was redeemed, but in the present world seemed to be only destructive at the time. The coming quantum leap in consciousness is a result of this experiment, where suddenly, like an arrow being loosed after being slowly pulled back as far as it could go, the opposite direction is quickly and suddenly attained. This is occuring because otherwise the planet would not survive, setting off a destructive chain reaction in space similar to that of destroying any part of any organic ecosystem. This quantum leap is a natural reaction of an all-pervading, or omnipresent, healthy immune system response in the organic body of Creation.

It is important to remember that energy is a continuum between negative and positive poles. Negativity is necessary for time and space to exist. Negative forces are destructive forces. They are important so that a fallen tree in the forest decays and becomes earth. Take for example the time when a person uses free will to make a decision, such as to play instead of work, or write a symphony instead of eating a dinner, then all other possible realities that energetically co-existed at the moment of decision must decay so that the chosen activity can manifest clearly in time and space.

If a person decides to turn right at a crossroads, then the energetic frequencies that existed in the possible moment in will, mind, and feeling, for turning left, going straight, stopping all together, going back, etc. are released and must decay like the rotting tree in the forest. All of these decay functions are performed by negative forces, and negative forces are equally loved by the Creator because they serve in this way. "God's love shines equally on the good and the bad alike." In the change that is coming, negative forces will recalibrate their roles so that they are the highest good of all concerned in the present moment and space.

The new quantum state will allow, as we have said before, for the highest Good of All concerned to be attained IN THE PRESENT MOMENT and IN THE PRESENT SPACE. Another way of explaining this would be the concept of INSTANT KARMA. Because human awareness is changing to whole brain [instead of half-or ñless-brain], a wrong decision that would result in harm to anything, including self, will be intuitively and INSTANTLY recognized and corrected. This will bring about the greatest harmony and justice, which is our specific angelic assignment from Divine Providence.

Delta brainwave production ensures an innate understanding of the unified field and the knowledge that when one is harmed all are harmed. Each man and woman is destined to discover within their hearts the truth that they are one with God and that other men are brothers and women are sisters. Each child is destined to discover that all adults are loving parents. Everyone will remember that the world is an actual extension of their own bodies.

Because of free will, we ask you, as many angel groups have asked you in these messages, to call on us in your prayers and meditations, to call on us in your hearts. Please ask us to help bring about the harmony and justice you desire for yourself and for all others. This will focus our attention specifically within your individual sphere of free will. It is our assignment from Divine Providence to respond to you when you ask for the Highest Good of All concerned.