Beloved Diamonds in the Crown of God's Glory, welcome into the Universe of the Elohim. "I AM" the Transmission of God's First Cause of Creation. "I AM" now to function in the consciousness of Humanity, to fully unify the Solar Source of Cause with the principle Light Force on Earth...the Arisen Christ within every human being. And you, conscious Lightworkers, are the tangible points of Transmission for this unification, embodying the Elohimic Consciousness of God's First Cause, the continued Creation of Perfection...the Precipitation Principle of Divine Life once again flourishing on Earth.


Establishing Elohimic Consciousness on Earth involves living in the Sphere of your Electronic Pattern, your "I AM" Presence of pure Light, in the physical realm! Much is being delivered into the Earth at this time from "On High," and Its mode of transmission is purely Fourth Dimensional/electronic frequency...a limitless, unrestricted, free flow of Cosmic Light...entering, raising up and freeing the fixed patterns of the third dimensional atomic world. God's Light (Let there be Light!) contains the Energy, Matter and Intelligence to bring all life into its full Divine Plan.

Thus, it can only be Light Beings (embodied through any of the three Kingdoms) Who can create the necessary bridge of tangibly anchoring an Electronic Pattern into the physical realm! The great Devas do this by transmitting this encoded "I AM" Perfection into the physical realm through nature...Devas of the great mountains, oceans, plains, rivers, lakes, trees and all animal/insect life. This is why certain of the Angelic Kingdom have been granted embodiment as well. However, only the "I AM" Presence functioning through an embodied Christ Being can encode Humanity's consciousness with the Limitless Frequencies of Perfection patterns that are to bless the peoples of Earth during this Planetary Transformation.

Centered and poised in the Realms of God's First Cause as Elohimic Consciousness, Lightworkers can encode any and every aspect of Humanity or the physical realm with Limitless Physical Perfection Patterns. This is why Christ Consciousness is known to be the Redeemer of Earth. Being the embodied Christ Principle is Being "I AM", the Holiest Name of God...embracing the Power of God, guided by the Wisdom of God, sent forth in the Love of God. The Consciousness of "I AM" is the beginning of all Divine Encoding within Humanity's consciousness, bringing the full Presence of God into whatever follows those words. The Tone, Vibration, Etheric Energy and the actual Sound Ray within "I AM" is the Divine Declaration of the Presence of God - here God is Present in Action!

"I AM" is the Holiest Name of God because It automatically encodes the Universe to outpicture Its part of the Divine Plan. "I AM" is the gateway to Co-Creation with the Father- Mother God. If "I AM" is spoken from the Realms of Divine Cause (from the Voice of the "Great 'I AM'"), what follows is always Limitless Perfection...and on Earth, Limitless Physical Perfection. "I AM" prepares the atomic forecfield to accept any one or more of the Infinite Electronic Perfection patterns constantly projected from the Realms of God's First Cause. From the very center of the Universal Three-fold Flame comes a constant pulsation of Pure Universal Cause that flows now unrestricted in, through and around the lifeforce on this sweet Earth.

Lightworkers using the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of "I AM" through statements beginning with "I AM" (or visualizations beginning with the chant "OM") can connect their own Sphere of Influence to the Elohimic Realms and encode all involved in any situation with the Perfection Pattern it requires. This includes all Elemental Life (Earth, Air, Fire and Water have been activated to receive these Patterns), all physical matter (the atom opening up Its Solar Glory from within) and all effects of disease and distress in the flesh, the mind or in society (as the Christ steps forth to Heal all Humanity)> "I AM" must be stated with great intent...feeling, knowing and accepting only..."here is the Universal Presence of God in Action."

This intent must be more powerful than any lesser intent also acting in that situation or Sphere of Influence. This can only occur if "I AM" is spoken from a being centered within the First Realm of God's Cause. And "I AM" is most powerful when It is stated three times (emphatically and clearly), aligning the Power Center of the "I AM" Presence, the Christ Self and the physical body as One Force of God in Action on all Realms.

The Throat Center of your "I AM" Presence is one with the Realms of Divine Cause. Visualize your Throat Center (voice box) sealed in the clear Blue Diamond Light of God's Will and Divine Intent. The Arisen Christ is the complete living Three-fold Flame...radiating Divine Love from the Heart, Divine Illumination from the Mind and Divine Cause from the Throat Center. Know yourself only as the living Three-fold Flame. In this, the voice sets the etheric pattern of the physical realm into action with the fundamental Purpose of whatever the Christ chooses to create, which then settles into physical manifestation. If you change or supersede the etheric pattern, you change manifestation! You Cause Transformation!

In Christ Consciousness the statement "I AM" is followed by a Declaration of the Perfection of Solar Being (inwardly or outwardly) as in "'I AM' the complete Healing of this body" or "'I AM' the fulfillment of God's Will in this situation." Then, an absolute and complete acknowledgement of that Perfection must be given form in the mind and accepted in the feelings of the Lightworker. This Creation process continues, as the Love Nature within your Holy Spirit naturally maintains the creation in Its Immaculate Concept, Concentration, Rhythm and, finally, seals it in Divine Peace. These are the Steps to Precipitation. Once the "I AM" statement is done and fully accepted in the feelings, you have encoded that situation with Divine Cause and set in motion Divine Creation. Then you simply move one to the next moment of your life...letting go and letting God!

You are an agent of the Father-Mother God's Will at any moment of Divine Cause. Thus, My Elohimic Energy, Vibration and Consciousness will also automatically maintain and sustain your statement of Divine Will, your visualization of Divine Intent, your Creation of God's First Cause! Anything you choose to encode with Perfection through your "I AM" Electronic Presence on Earth, I will maintain and sustain...for this is My Divine Plan! This is the nature of Elohimic Creation in the Name of the Father-Mother God. this is how the Earth and all the Universe was first created, and the same process continues through all Eternity. It has simply been "forgotten" on Earth, and you are to return Humanity to this Co-Creation with God. I did the same through Beloved Jesus and other Avatars before you, Who also connected Humanity with the Elohimic Realms of God's First Cause in the process of Co-Creation. The miracles of Beloved Jesus began by opening every situation He was part of to the Cosmic River of Divine Cause and then stating emphatically, within "I AM" consciousness, the Perfection so desired (Lazarus, come forth!).

In accepting your Divine Plan of functioning within Elohimic Consciousness, visualize yourself with the Crown of the Twelve Elohim shining around your head area. This full Circle of Light is the gateway for Elohimic Consciousness into the physical realm. It seals your entire Being in the Electronic Pattern of your "I AM" Presence, like a dazzling cylinder of Diamond Light around your entire Being. It is the Crown, and your Twelve-fold Solar Spine is the Scepter of your Regal, Majestic Solar Presence of God in Action on Earth. Its functioning ensures that the Cosmic River of God's First Cause of Perfection may once again flow in, through and around the physical Planet Earth. Its Twelve Points of Diamond Light fulfill the prophesy of the Sun Disc and the Unity of the Twelve Ray Types (Twelve Tribes) within the Circle of Humanity...all within the Circle of Co-Creation of the Divine Plan. Is functioning through your Christ "I AM" Electronic Presence on Earth ensures God's First Cause will once again supersede all lesser causes within Humanity. You will seed Humanity with the infinity of God's Cause, Divine Intent and True Purpose for all things. This will eventually set all thought, feelings, actions and reactions within Humanity in alignment with the Divine Plan...bringing an Eternal Peace and Spiritual Freedom on Earth.

Visualize and accept your Being as solely within the Realms of Cause...compassionate toward, but detached from the realm of effects. Yours is the realm of Etheric Light Patterns which then decide all manifestation. Lightworkers are sustained by Cosmic Faith that the effects of their Solar Service will be the myriad aspects of Perfection made manifest, with no regard to the illusion of third-dimensional time or space. It is this illusion of time and space that sets up false urgency and impatience. There are yet many effects of human consciousness flourishing upon the Screen of Life. The temptation is to be distracted by these and, thus, remove yourself from the Realms of Cause. There are many within Humanity whose Divine Plane is to alleviate these present effects as best they can. Your Divine Plan, however, is to establish an entirely new Electronic Pattern of Divine Cause within the Planet's physical/etheric forcefield...particularly within Humanity's consciousness! In Divine Order this will express as all the desired God Effects of Peace, Health, Prosperity, God Illumination, etc...all the Gifts of Holy Spirit manifest on a Planet of endless Spiritual Freedom.

Elohim work only in Pure Cause. "I AM" desirous of melding My consciousness with yours, our Flames uniting in the Realms of Cause so that I may have access into Humanity to sustain your chosen Co-Creation of Perfection, for you are the Presence of our Father-Mother God on Earth, and "I AM" sworn to manifest Their Will...which is now your Will! All of this is encoded in the Sacred Words - the Sacred Consciousness - of "I AM". You are all the Will of God in Action and embodied Gods/Goddesses of the First Solar Ray...Elohim in training!

Call and call to My Unified Elohimic Presence for Cosmic Assistance in living in Elohimic Consciousness while in the day-to-day life of Earth. Avatars before you have cleared the way for this and have proven it in daily life. It is now your time to do so...the time of all Solar Christ Selves reclaiming this Earth in the process of Divine Creation!

And So It Is!
"I AM" the "I AM"...
Three times three "I AM"...
Twelve times twelve, "I AM" Elohim.

Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.