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Facts About the Great Pyramids

31,680 Feet 1/2 Mile
3,168 Gematria Greek "Lord Jesus Christ
3,168 Gematria Hebrew The names of the Twelve Patriarchs (Jacob‚s sons) combined
3,168 Inches Perimeter Combine the Holy & Most Holy Rooms /Solomon's Temple
31,680 Feet Perimeter The Millennial City (Ezekiel‚s Vision)
316,800 Inches Perimeter New Jerusalem's cities of refuge
31,680,000 Feet Perimeter New Jerusalem
316.8 Feet Mean circumference The Sarsen Circle /Stonehenge
316.8 Feet Perimeter square drawn on Bluestone Circle /Stonehenge
316.8 Yards Circumference inner face of Inner Bank /Stoneheng
3,168 Inches one side of a square with the same perimeter as outer face of Inner Bank /Stonehenge
3,168 Inches Long side of Station Stone Rectangle /Stonehenge
3,168 Megalithic Miles Perimeter Square drawn on the Moon
31,680 Furlongs Radius The Earth
31,680 Miles Perimeter Square drawn on the Earth
316,800 Megalithic Miles Diameter The Sun
8640 Acres In six sides of the New Jerusalem /Rev.21:16
86,400 Seconds In a Day
864 Great Cubits In two sides of the Great Pyramid at rock level
0.00864 Megalithic Miles Circumference Bluestone Horseshoe /Stonehenge
86,400 Feet from Stonehenge to Silbury Hil
8640 Furlongs Radius The Moon
8,640 Mile Perimeter Square drawn on the Moon
864,000 Miles Diameter The Sun

Silbury Hill by the way is an ancient man-made hill. Beneath all the dirt on the hill lies a pyramid-like structure dating about the same time as Stonehenge.

- The Prophecies Of The Great Pyramid
Nancie Belle