This Law is based on the fact that there is always an infinite amount of energy and information present to create what ever you desire!

At the quantum mechanical level (spiritual) the entire universe is simply the movement of energy and information.

And on the material level everything is made of the same basic raw material carbon, oxygen & nitrogen. We are all mostly the same physically, emotionally and spiritually Namaste!

As humans... we are privileged because we are capable of training our minds to become consciously AWARE of the energy & information that we want to create or dis-create in our lives.

Since we are capable of conscious AWARENESS we can CHANGE the energy and informational content (Beliefs) of our reality and in so doing cause things to manifest or stop manifesting.

Change is brought about by conscious ATTENTION & INTENTION!

ATTENTION energizes (gives energy) to the Law of Attraction, which then pulls your desires to you!

Whatever you put your ATTENTION on increases.

Whatever you remove your ATTENTION from disintegrates and disappears.

INTENTION transforms (changes form) your quantum information and energy into what you put your ATTENTION on by organizing it using infinite correlation till you manifest your desires! This is how the Law of Attraction pulls your desires to you like a magnet!

When you put your ATTENTION on the object of your INTENTION, it will orchestrate an infinite number of events to materialize your desires.

We experience PROOF of this infinite organizing power daily in our bodies. Every second every cell in the human body must do six trillion functions to maintain life. The human body is capable of hearing music, killing germs, making a baby, driving a car, talking on the phone, breathing, digesting food, and circulating blood all at the same time! This miracle of infinite organizing powers can be consciously trained by you to manifest your desires or dis-create your F.E.A.R.S!

INTENTION lays the groundwork for EFFORTLESS, spontaneous expression of your desires!

DESIRE, without action, usually happens when your intentions are laced with negative ATTACHMENT or AVERSIONS. In the West we refer to attachment/aversions as negative programs, blocks, or beliefs! That's why dis-creation is such an important step of the conscious creation process!

INTENT is desire with strict adherence to the Law of Detachment!

YOUR INTENT IS FOR THE FUTURE, BUT YOUR ATTENTION MUST BE IN THE PRESENT! Meaning that your attention must be focused on the actions you can take today that will manifest your intentions for tomorrow!

Only the present, which is conscious awareness, is real and eternal!

A positive affirmation can produce a neurotic achiever Identity if you are attached to the outcome.

If your positive intention causes you to neurose over the manifestation of your desires just detach and surrender the outcome to God. Then focus your attention on the daily actions that you need to do to manifest your desires.

Detached Intention will prevent you from struggling against the PRESENT in the pursuit of manifesting your FUTURE!



1. Slip into the gap of MEDITATION, and identify with the infinite spirit within you!

2. While in the gap VISUALIZE yourself celebrating the manifestation of your intentions as already accomplished.

3. REMAIN CONSCIOUS to being a spiritual being having a human experience so that your old negative beliefs, and other people's opinions won't pull you down. (Keep your desires to yourself whenever possible)

4. RELINQUISH ATTACHMENT TO THE OUTCOME and enjoy every moment of your journey through life, for it is truly a precious present. The present is the only time you will ever have and the only place where you have you have creative power!

5. TRUST the universe to handle the details. Surrender Let go and let God manifest your desires! Trusting that when things don't seem to go your way there is a reason that is beyond your scope of understanding.

6. BE ALERT for the surfacing of your unconscious negative beliefs (blocks, attachments/aversions). For example, if you are affirming to build your holistic practice, but negative beliefs surface like "I don't know enough about business to succeed!" When you pray for something it will either manifest or your prayers will surface the blocks that need to be healed so that you can manifest your desires!

7. GOD GIVES YOU the soil and seed (energy & information) but it's up to you to supply the daily action of working in the fields (Attention) and the faith (Intention) that will grow the corn (The manifestation of your desires). "Knock and the door shall be opened unto you"