Lord Buddha and the Twelve Planetary Buddhas
Channelled through Natalie Glasson 4/08/09

The multi-coloured energies and light vibrations of the planetary level descend over and into the Earth now from the Planetary Logos Ashram. Rich and vibrant colours weave like ribbons through the dimensions of the Creator’s universe, encapsulating the Earth and humanity in the most beautiful and glorious colours of the Creator’s soul. We wish for you to feel the abundance of the Creator. To see, hear and feel the golden shower of love from the Creator’s heart cascading over your being, allowing you to manifest as an abundance of light and colour, inspiring and activating all aspects of your being.

The multi-coloured light vibrations of the planetary level surges onto the Earth, allowing us to flow forward to create a deeper connection with you. Sitting crossed legged on golden discs of light we descend floating graciously through the atmosphere of the Earth. I, Lord Buddha, lead my team of enlightened and loving twelve Buddhas towards the Earth. We travel in a large sacred sphere of light which encapsulates our high vibrational energies and a vast volume of consciousness from the Planetary Logos Ashram. Expanding our bubble of light, the twelve Buddhas sit as beacons or candles of light in a circle around the Earth. I, Lord Buddha, sit at the very top of the Earth emitting the purest light and love vibration. We are encircling the entire Earth in the sphere of light that we have travelled to the Earth within. Imagine, sense or acknowledge this wonderful vision as we allow the light, love and consciousness of the Buddha and the high vibrations of the planetary level to seep into the Earth. This is an immensely healing process as this sacred and essential energy for the Earth now, melts into the Earth’s aura, body and the soul of Mother Earth as well as into the auras, bodies and souls of humanity. A full and meaningful inhaled breath is taken by all anchoring these sacred energies deeper into the Earth in order to allow all old and stagnant energy and energy patterns to be released. Colours of golden, orange and green abundantly flow into the Earth, the energy is anchoring through the twelve Buddhas and I, and we share these vibrant colours allowing them to pour from our souls into the Earth. The light creates a golden, orange and green circle or ring around the centre of the Earth. The energy like a wave gradually encapsulates the Earth extending from the centre upwards and downwards. As the golden, orange and green light reaches the top centre of the Earth where I am currently residing, I send a beam of the light down through the centre of the Earth to connect on a deeper level with the soul of Mother Earth, while allowing the our light and consciousness to be held within the centre of the Earth emanating brightly.

The golden, orange and green energy that we are anchoring into the Earth now is akin to a preparation for the anchoring of the new energy wave for ascension on 09/09/09. This preparation energy holds the qualities of love, expansion or development and balance. Its purpose is to assist all on the Earth as well as the energies of the Earth to anchor the appropriate volume of love to support the new energy wave and its anchoring process; this is the purpose of the golden light.

The orange light is to aid expansion or development, which signifies that this light will assists you in accessing the most appropriate consciousness, understanding and energy vibration so that you are most receptive to the positive influence of the new wave of ascension anchoring onto the Earth. The orange light will assist in any confusion being dissolved and will assist you in bringing completion to certain experiences or challenges in your life that are no longer necessary or needed. The orange energy will aid a spiritual growth spurt which may not even be recognisable within you but will allow you to be able to open in a new way to the energies, qualities and teachings anchoring onto the Earth and within your being.

The green light is the energy of balance, harmony, peace and centring. It is bringing the energies of the Earth and your being to a specific vibration, balancing your past and current energies in order to embrace new vibrations of light and consciousness. It is helping to restore and heal you so that you may exist as a centred beacon of light. When you are able to experience an inner equilibrium you allow your energies to soften and so you are able to accept new energies vibrations without feeling fearful or placing blockages up because of the new challenges that may manifest. In truth by anchoring these three light qualities as colours from the Creator’s soul and the Planetary Logos Ashram, we are activating these qualities from within you so that they may materialise as your being and existence, thus ensuring that you are supported and stabilised as the new energy wave anchors onto the Earth.

The energy wave of 08/08/08 carrying the qualities of abundance was a powerful but nurturing energy which supported and enhanced the lives of many while also offering challenges that allowed and still assists many in dealing with issues of accepting and manifesting abundance in all forms. The energy of abundance is a very soft and gentle energy although it is teaching us to accept the energies of the Creator. Acceptance was the key to the 08/08/08 energy wave, this key is still extremely evident within the energy wave that is coming forth now in 09/09/09, but the energy wave holds greater power and new lessons for us to overcome. The energies are so strong that they may create an unbalance if Earth and its humanity are not sufficiently prepared. These preparations have been occurring for some time now, the cleansing and healing that both Lady Nada and Lord Melchizedek have introduced were to prepare humanity’s physical bodies for accepting this new energy vibration.

More will be explained about the new energy wave over the next few weeks but for now there is a need for you to focus on cleansing and healing your physical body by anchoring or asking for healing of the most appropriate vibration to anchor into your being each day to dissolve and disperse negative energies.

There is a need for focus or concentration to be placed on balance. I advise you to adopt the most simplest of practices and allow yourself time to meditate, focusing on your breathing and repeating to yourself in your mind,

‘ I am balance, peace and harmony; I align with the energy of balance from my soul and the Creator.’

There is also a need for you to create a deeper connection with my energy and that of the twelve Buddhas. We ask that during meditation each day that you invoke us to surround you and channel our energies deep into your being.

‘ Beloved Planetary Logos Lord Buddha, I invoke your presence and soul light to draw close to me now. I ask that you allow your twelve Buddhas to surround me in a circle of sacred and wise light vibrations. Lord Buddha, please sit before me now and allow me to accept your deep and divine meditative state to assist me in aligning with the balance, harmony and peace vibrations of my soul.

Lord Buddha, I ask that you allow the preparation energy that extends from the Creator’s soul and the Planetary Logos Ashram to channel into my being now. Allow the golden, orange and green light to wash over and through me, assisting me in advancing to the most appropriate vibration of light and consciousness so that I am able to accept the new energy wave of 09/09/09 with ease. I am balanced, grounded and centred; please assist me in manifesting this most sacred stable existence now. Let it be.’

You may imagine the golden, orange and green light flowing through your being as we sit encircling you or you may envisage the vision that we brought to you at the beginning of our communication, of our energies surrounding the Earth.

It is our wish that you focus on practicing these three tasks that we offer to you of connecting with our energies, affirming your balanced existence, while asking for healing for your physical body each day. You will find that if you dedicate yourself to these simple practices that we will assist you in preparing for your acceptance of the new energy wave, ensuring that you gain the wisdom and guidance that is appropriate for you and your reality.

We are here to support you always; you may call on our energies to channel into your being.

With the abundance of the Creator,
Planetary Logos Lord Buddha and the Twelve Buddhas

Best wishes and blessings,
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