Using Dane Rudhyarís Astrology.

by Carole A. Ray

Going out on a limb and determining that October 1, 1998 is one of the beginnings of the new millennium required collaboration. This article is written as validation that this theory is true. The Science of Numerology and Astrology have come to the same conclusion - independent of the other. The other beginning dates are January 1, 1999 and January 1, 2000.

The last century ended and started abruptly. The last day was officially 12-31-1899 and the beginning of the last century was 1-1-1900. However, the last millennium also began in increments. The first beginning was October 1, 999 and the second official opening was January 1, 1000. When a planet moves from masculine power of the last 1000 years and transfers the empowerment to the woman, inner and outer; this dramatic change requires gradual birthing. The statue of Liberty is another outstanding example of our founders realizing the importance of feminine leadership. July 4th, 1776's destiny is the expression of feminine empowerment leading to freedom. This article is dedicated to this vision being realized.

Dane Rudhyar ñ considered the father of humanistic astrology ñ has left the earth plane, but his legacy lives on.

In 1973, Rudhyar published An Astrological Mandala, a book focusing on the meaning of degrees in an astrological chart. A chart wheel of 360º is divided (by the Koch system) into twelve houses, with each house ruled by a sign of the Zodiac. As the planets move through their cycles, through one house to another, they create an ever-changing picture in the chart wheel, reflecting the ever-changing tendencies of life. Charts assume that whatever is being examined ñ a person, an event, and even an era ñ is an entity with a life its own. That is, as C.G. Jung put it: ìWhatever is born or done in a moment of time, has the properties of this moment of time.î The chart wheel is a ì snapshotî of a frozen moment, the initial conditions from which predictions are made.

The meaning of the symbols we are about to discuss were originally done by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones with the help of Elsie Wheeler ñ a psychic who helped channel the meanings. Rudhyar, through his meditations and knowledge of astrology, added to the meanings. Personally, I have found the symbols to be uncannily accurate both in natal astrology (the astrology of people and single events) and mundane (the astrology of nations).

Libra on the Midheaven

We begin our analysis of the New Millennium Chart with the Mid heaven point ñ the top center of the chart, which is 11 degrees of Libra . (Actually, it is 10 degrees, 54 minutes, but here and elsewhere, we round to the next degree). The Midheaven degree is important in astrology, as it relates to what we have to give the world. In this case, it is the ultimate gift of the Millennium.

From Rudhyar. (All subsequent symbol/keynote sections are from Rudhyarís Book as well)

Symbol: A professor peering over his glasses at his students.

Keynote: Problems attending the transmission of knowledge in a special cultural setup.

The professor has dealt so much with books that he has greatly strained his eyes; in days when bifocal lenses were not widely used, he had to peer over his glasses in order to see his students. The symbol thus simply reveals two aspects of the condition of ëprofessor-shipí ñ that is, of being able to transfer to the young generation the vast sum of knowledge accumulated by the past. The need to absorb this enormous amount of book knowledge affects the mind as well as the eyes: in order to meet the demands of the turbulent youth, the teacher in a sense has to look above this knowledge and to see his students simply as human beings.

This ... symbol ... deals at the intellectual level with the teaching of accumulated collective knowledge, and the problem posed by the acquisition of that knowledge. This is what INSTRUCTION means - a process not to be confused with ëeducationí.î

The way this symbol relates to the Sun (the worldís leaders) in the chart, is significant ñ it shows harmony, a foreshadowing of cooperation and effective diplomacy, a higher consciousness to overcome the power politics that characterizes earlier ages.

The Sun is in 9 degrees of Libra:

Symbol: Three ìOld Mastersî hanging on the wall of a special room in an art gallery.

Keynote: The need to return to source during a confused search for new value in a chaotic society.

The great moments of the collective past become an inspiration of new, yet sound, beginnings. The seed of tomorrow salutes the seed of yesteryear.

. . . it is suggested that in the process of ìTransfigurationî the presence of the greatest moments of the past is called upon, as Moses and Elijah were invoked in Jesusí Transfiguration. The seed of the new day depends upon the seed of yesteryear for an experience of the cyclic continuity of spirit. This is the basis for the institutionalized ideal of APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION, the guruampara (an uninterrupted chain of gurus) of Indian tradition.

This suggests to me that a new world leadership would or could be led by the consciousness of a master, to give us hope in a time of great chaos, and where we are struggling with ethics and belief systems. What is even more hopeful is that the Sun (world leadership) makes a trine to the planet Uranus ñ the planet of mass consciousness ñ at 8 degrees Aquarius 56 minutes retrograde. (A trine is an aspect of perfect alignment where the energies of the planets involved are in harmonious integration.) Here is what Rudhyar says of 9 degrees Aquarius:

Symbol: A Flag is Seen Turning Into An Eagle.

Keynote: Dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential and greatest significance of these values.

All that is implied here is the vitalization of a powerful symbol, its embodiment in a living reality, i.e. in a person able to fly in consciousness to the highest spiritual realm. The archetype is given living substance and wings. The Image has become a Power.

To ìseeî the new archetype, to perceive the new standard of value with oneís mind is not enough. The seer must become the doer. The impersonal is dynamized and brought into focus. We have here the ACTING OUT of the vision.

Moon and the Masses

The Moon in this chart represents the Mood of the People, the masses ñ where they are coming from and what they represent. The People are located in unity, or conjoining, the planet Uranus at 9 Aquarius 32 minutes. So it incorporates the meaning of Uranus above, and is in harmony with the leadership:

Symbol: A Man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular ideal is made to realize that as a person he is not this ideal.

Keynote: The need to deal with human beings as persons rather than as screens upon which one projects oneís dream and ideal.

The ìstarî on the movie screen is not the actual person. The starís popularity fades away, the person remain. What has this episode of popularity actually done to the person? This is a question that can be applied to a great variety of circumstances.

This ... symbol ...brings to our attention an issue that is basic and may confront us in various forms. Person versus archetype. This can mean a critical need for SELF-REVALUATION.

This seems to represent that the people, although being in harmony with leadership, will not let the leaders lead without hearing them. Very symbolic of current times, where the polls and our ìleadersî are not in total harmony with each other. Individuals seem to demand acknowledgment and respect. We are all in this together. Values are very important here ñ again the ethics theme. Maybe we are moving to a leadership that truly represents the people.

The voice of the world

The voice of the world would be represented by the Planet Mercury at 12 Libra 31 minutes. It is predominantly placed in the chart, a voice that will be heard.

Symbol: Children Blowing Soap Bubbles.

Keynote: The cultural fantasies through which young minds dream of perfect fulfillment.

Some men work hard at acquiring knowledge and providing society with what it needs to enjoy warmth and lighted palaces; others play at imagining themselves perfect spheres of multicolored radiance ñ soap bubbles so soon proven evanescent!

It is a symbol of IMAGINATIVE PLAY, which foreshadows the idea of ìglobal man,î the man of plenitude.

ìPlenitudeî is a vision of a world where all have their needs met. There is no impediment to this in the chart so it suggests that as we can dream or imagine things, so be it. Very powerful suggestion. We simply need to have the dream.

Sagittarius rising

The Ascendant represents the projection of the entity onto its environment. In this case it may represent the theme we form around all the issues. The degree is 10 Sagittarius 56.

Symbol: In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body.

Keynote: The value of the ìreturn to the bodyî advocated by modern thinkers in order to balance the stress on intellectuality and objective consciousness.

This sequence ... confronts us with rather mysterious images, which nevertheless can be given very profound and important meanings for today. The original formulation of this symbol spoke of ìphysical enlightenment,î but what seems to be implied, in contemporary terms, is the need to rely upon ìthe wisdom of the bodyî of which so much is made in sensitivity training and Gestalt psychotherapy. This refers to the process of deconditioning a consciousness that has become a prisoner of intellectual concepts with their total reliance of quantitative values, objectivity and conformity to the official patterns of our culture.

It stresses the importance, for many individuals, of RELYING UPON ORGANISMIC RESPONSES in meeting lifeís challenges.

This certainly implies a change in consciousness of the whole. A new approach for humanity in general, although one obviously used by Mystics for eons.

Pluto represents power- death, transformation and rebirth. It is located at 5 Sagittarius 52 minutes in the 12th house of the chart, the house of otherworldliness, the life between worlds, and spiritual essence. So this suggests that true power resides in the spiritual life. The meaning from Rudhyar:

Symbol: A game of cricket.

Keynote: The development of skill in group-situations testing collective goals.

Any society is built on the interplay between groups of people, each group united by an at least temporary aim. The individual person within the group is assigned a particular role in the play, and definite rules have to be obeyed. The game teaches not only personal skill, but fairness and cooperation. Where this symbol is found, the value of making individual-will or ego- will subservient to collective cultural patterns is emphasized.

This ... symbol ... refers to the importance of developing GROUP SOLIDARITY.

This seems pretty self evident. To access our power, we need to develop a sense of the group. There are no obstructions to this power, only the choice to move into it , accept it or be stimulated by the process of it.

The planet Venus (women, feminine love and sociability) resides next to the Sun (Our leaders ñ does that sound familiar?) and is placed at 0 Libra 39 minutes. It is fairly well aspected with one exception which I will relate below.

Symbol: In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine dart.

Keynote: The immortal archetypal reality that a perfect and dedicated life reveals.

In the yearly cycle we have reached the fall equinox, the symbolic time of bringing in the harvest in preparation for winter. It is the time consecrated to the seed, just as the spring equinox is consecrated to the germ, the new rise of life which in-forms the growth of individual organisms.

At this autumnal point, the drive toward individualization and self-assertion has lost much of its momentum, while a new trend is successfully and dynamically challenging its hegemony ñ the trend toward the formation of collectivities of individuals. But this new trend can be misunderstood if seen only superficially as the mere gathering together of individual persons. The process has a much deeper meaning, and indeed an inner source of power, for what is at stake is not merely an aggregation of separate units (*simple or already complex, as in the case of ìfamiliesî). At the core of this ìcoming together,î the ìdescentî or externalization of archetypal realities is gradually occurring. At the Libra stage, these archetypal realities are ì Formsî; at the Scorpio stage they will be ìPowers.î The symbol for this degree of the fall equinox thus describes a ìperfect formî - the result of the metamorphosis of ìwormî into butterfly, a process the symbolism of which has so often been used to indicate to man the possibility of his being transformed into ì More-than-man,î the transhuman being, the true Initiate, the Adept, the Perfect. The perfect butterfly in impaled by a fine dart; the symbol of ìdart of wisdomî was used in Marc Jones mimeographed course, while the original notation of what the clairvoyant has seen indicated ìa butterfly made perfect by a dart through it,î suggesting a process of perfection through sacrifice.

As I see it, the dart can hardly be said to have made the butterfly perfect, but it keeps it perfect by killing the living organism. The impaled butterfly is preserved by the dart which ì fixesî it in perfection for a whole cycle, i.e., it makes an archetype of it. By thus escaping the normal process of dying and decay, the butterfly form (the ìperfectionî) is kept. It is kept in the mystical Shamballah, where it is said that the Pattern of Man is kept, just as the perfect bar measuring exactly one meter is (or was) kept in a crypt in Paris, where the metric system was originally devised.

This is the symbolical Transfiguration at the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus, the Son of Man, was ìimpaledî by the ray of Divine Light, making of him a Son of God. It was at this very moment that he learned of the Crucifixion awaiting him. Thus the merely human individual is MADE SACRED, becoming the pure embodiment of an archetype.

This is in an almost perfect alignment with the planet Neptune ñ which represents the ecstasy of communion with God, taking us out of human form into the divine. Its position is 29 Capricorn 24 minutes retrograde in the 2nd house of values:

Symbol: A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs.

Keynote: The power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature discussion with those who share this power.

We are all aware now of the work of secret committees in the White House and at all levels of the government. The student of esoteric philosophy believes in the existence of what has been called an ìinner Governmentî which has the power to direct or guide the evolution of our planet and of mankind. Some people speak of ìoccult Hierarchy,î or of the ìWhite Lodge.î Here again what is at stake is a ìseeing throughî the facts of telluric processes and human history ñ assuming that these facts are at least in part the outcome of the decisions of a supreme Council of quasi-divine Beings. Obviously the symbol can also refer to what occurs at the more ordinary level of business and politics. At any level, it refers to the highest form of social interaction.

We see in (this symbol) the culmination of social responsibility and a reference to EXECUTIVE POWERS.

The feminine principle

The position of Venus in the chart implies that our leaders are aligned to the feminine principle, but there are difficulties or impediments. In this chart the planet Saturn is making an inconjunct/quincunz to Venus and resides in the 5th house of children and creativity.

Saturn is the protector of the earth, setting our boundaries, and with earth represents both the earth mother and spiritual mother in the chart, the goddess. When we take responsibility for who and what we are, our planet, ourselves and others, then Saturn gives us the gift of manifestation and fulfillment. The inconjunct tells us we are not clear about our feminine energy, do not respect all the symbology of Venus. Humanity does not have to endure these lessons if we all join in a consensus consciousness. The difficulty we face in not doing so, is related to the following symbol, Saturn at 1 Taurus 51 minutes retrograde:

Symbol: An Electrical Storm

Keynote: The cosmic power able to transform all the implications of natural existence.

At this second stage of the five-fold sequence we see a picture which contrasts with the one for the first stage: thus, a celestial display of power versus a clear, lovely-sounding little stream. Back of every natural self-expression stands the tremendous power of the ìSoul-fieldî, itself but one of the myriad aspects of the Creative Words that is the origin of this universe. At certain times, this power compels the natural earth-conditioned personality to accept, perhaps in awe, the spiritual potentialities of its ìhigherî celestial destiny. This experience of power can both illumine and shatter.

This is a stage of existence in which ìrevelationî is implied, at least as a potentiality. The consciousness may be deeply disturbed by THE VISITATION, but the substance of the individual being can be fecundated by the experience.

This clearly implies to me that in order to move into this new millennium, we may need a visitation of either forms from another realm or a great earth display here on the planet (maybe both) to take us into Awareness, consciousness. This will also bring a great disturbance to the powers that are responsible for executive decisions in world affairs (See Neptune). This Executive Power will be disrupted and changed through THE VISITATION. It could be a ìchanging of the guards.î I suspect we need to pay close attention to the prophecies that are being given us through different channels. Because of the location of Saturn in this chart in the 5th house of children, we need to pay attention also to our children, their perceptions and visions, and give them the care and support they need as our representatives of this new time period.

Jupiter is the planet of belief systems and in this chart is located at 21 Pisces 4 minutes in the third house of communications and environment:

Symbol: A Prophet Carrying Tablets of the New Law is Walking Down the Slopes of Mount Sinai.

Keynote: The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the clear realizations made manifest in a great ìpeak experience.î

The symbol obviously refers to Moses after he received from the God of his people the basic principles upon which a new religion, and even more a new ritual of living, should be founded. This basic ìLawî has to be brought down.î It represents a descent of formative and structuring power, a divine Revelation. This type of revealed knowledge contrasts with the kind of knowing born out of the experience of touch, of feeling, of warmth of contact.

This second stage symbol pictures a process to which a religious God given character has been attributed in the past, but which today is being investigated at the personal and psychological level. The important point here is: what do you do after you have a peak experience, an inner revelation? The Keyword MANDATE is appropriate, but the basic problem is how to fulfill it in the right spirit.

This speaks to me on several levels. One is that of our environment ñ the air we breathe, the planet we live on. We must take responsibility and guardianship of these things. Although the job seems rather large, there is help from the position of Chiron in this chart.

It suggests that by empowering everyone, we truly empower ourselves.

The position of Chiron ñ the wounded healer ñ is 17 Scorpio 40 minutes in the 11th house of groups, friends, friendly nations:

Symbol: A path Through Woods Brilliant with Multicolored Splendor.

Keynote: The exalted feeling of a work well done and a truly consummated life.

The person who has lived with faith the transpersonal life ñ the life through which spirit radiates creatively ñ can experience blessedness and peace, even though his or her cycle of experience nears its end. It has been a life full of seed. The seeds are hidden perhaps, yet they are filled with the power to overcome cyclic death. The soul is at peace. The clear autumnal sky silently intones the great message: ìWell done, little man!î

In this third symbol of the five-fold sequence we see that smile of the youth brought to a more mature, more spiritual culmination. Human nature is a magnificent symphony of warm, rich colors, now that the strictly biological green of vegetation experiences its TRANSFIGURATION.

This says simply to me that we contain the seed of what is needed to make the changes to our personal and earthly environment. With this seed and the sharing with all of those around us, and friendly like minded nations, we can transfigure the earth as guardians ñ with the help of those from the different planes of existence. This information is given to us freely.

The courage to bond

Last but not the least, are the positions of the planet Mars and the North and South Nodes. Mars is the planet of vital energy, our courage, our warrior and our sexuality. It is located in the 9th house of the chart at 26 Leo 18 minutes. A very courageous and bold position for Mars in a position of international bonding:

Symbol: The Luminescence of Dawn in the Eastern Sky.

Keynote: The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle.

While the rainbow marks the end of the crisis, early dawn indicates the real beginning of the new period of activity. In the Biblical symbolism Noah plants his ìvineyardî ñ he begins to teach the ìsecret doctrineî which he inherited from those Ben Elohim (Sons of god) who had not been sucked down into whirlpools of materiality. After the ìpeak experienceî in which we touch our ìdivineî potentialities comes the struggle with everyday problems. But at first the state of deep inner exultation remains within us. We are aglow with its promise.

The crisis and the blessings it has brought to us are relatively unusual events: every day has its dawn, which we should meet with a pure heart and a clear mind. Alpha (dawn) and omega (the concluding peak experience) are opposites, yet the same. The Keyword here is ILLUMINATION.

This position conjoins and unites with the North Node in the chart which represents our future. Its position is 0 Virgo 58 minutes. The position of Mars above will enhance and add energy to this interpretation:

Symbol: In a Portrait, the Significant Features of a Manís Head are Artistically Emphasized.

Keynote: The capacity to picture to oneself clearly the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation.

During the two preceding Scenes the ìfeelî of energy at work has been the dominant feature of a consciousness still strongly ego- centered yet at times eagerly and devotionally reaching up to a realization of divine or cosmic order.

... its Keyword is DISCRIMINATION. Implied is discrimination in both analysis and intuition. The mind separates and identifies ñ and unfortunately often exaggerates ñ what makes a person or a situation different from another, but the intuitive responses of the whole person to what confronts him or her is also essential, for what matters is not only my or your ìdifference,î but the place and function this difference occupies in the organic pattern of the evolution of ìhumanity as a whole,î i.e. of Man.

So here we are given our goals, our initiation and future. Infused with the Illumination we can start our journey into the New Cycle. It is not simple or easy necessarily, but with diligence, analysis and insight we begin to recreate our world.

The position of the South Node is in the 3rd house of environment at 0 Pisces 56 minutes. This contains the talents of our collective past and the problems:

Symbol: In a crowded Marketplace Farmers and Middlemen Display a Great Variety of Products.

Keynote: The process of commingling and interchange which at all levels demonstrates the health of a community.

In any 12 fold division of a complete cycle (for instance the 12 zodiacal signs and the 12 houses of a birth chart) the 12th section often has been given a negative significance. It can refer to oppressive conditions as it represents a ìclosing of accounts,î a final evaluation of the harvest of the cycle. A very bad harvest may lead to bankruptcy; a premature revolt may bring the revel to jail; the dissolute may end in a hospital. In this section of the cycle a man reaps what he has sown. But it may also be honors, social prestige, the interests of well- managed wealth ...what is stressed is the coming together, in a final experience of community, of all factors previously experienced; this means constructive interaction and an interchange of the products of social activity. In a practical sense the symbol, wherever it is found, emphasizes that the time has come to take full advantage of the social opportunities to bargain and to trade.

It refers to all that can be gained from social interplay and especially, in the broadest sense of the word, from COMMERCE.

No further interpretation needs to be done with this definition.

All in all, a very optimistic chart for the New Millenium!

Carole has been studying astrology and instructing since the early 70s. She works as a professional astrologer, seeing client, lecturing and instructing throughout the Michigan area, into other states and Canada. She can be reached at 517-323-4582 or EMail at Seagoat22@Aol.com.

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